Factions: Raids of the Divided

Factions: Raids of the Divided Free Game

Rated 2.38/5 (24) —  Free Android application by Hosted Games

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by B####:

The writing is awful. I don't feel invested in the story at all, my character is just a flat cardboard who one day woke up from a nap and HAVE to go investigate this REALLY IMPORTANT raid that doesn't actually feel important, because the game only tell you without making you believe. Everything is spoon-fed, the setting, the importance of raid, the game literally started with information dump that I just.. can't bring myself to care. I know this is a free game, but that's no excuse. It even has ads!

by Q####:

The story is not well written and jumps alot. the caracters are flat and are only there to fill pages. The only reason i don't give it one star is because there are worse multiple choice story games.

by G####:

I enjoyed this game a lot. The riddles and puzzle were very fun. I feel like this game is set up perfectly for an awesome sequel. I can see more dimensions being added. Overall...very nice game.

by S####:

I had fun playing this. Will try other games from this game maker.

by L####:

I had a good time playing this game, I wish there were more puzzles because those were fun but overall nice game.

by T####:

Grammer and spelling mistakes, no background depth at all, no real choices to make, and an amazing lack of a story.

by I####:

The story kept me involved the whole time! Nice app

by U####:

the story is okay, but lots of tyos and errors and there is only one path!!!. But atleast its completely free onlike those ones that make you pay for the 2nd half, so it gets 2 starts for that.

by V####:

The story was very short and very linear compared to most of the Hosted Games/Choice of Games that I have played and enjoyed.... the writing wasn't that great, the story characters really weren't really developed and the mc was a very flat character; and the replay value wasn't very great.The best part of the game was the riddles which took me a minute or so to think through. I'll give this game 2 stars for letting you play it through without making you buy it

by D####:

I have played every single hosted/Choice of games, game, minus 3 and while I will admit this has some decent parts to it such as the puzzles and the art aspects of the game such as the maps were great, the rest of the story just fell well flat, while I will encourage this writer to try again, I would ask him to put more time into the story of the next game they make, I believe in giving second chances and ask all who think this is a failure, to give the author another chance and please put out a beta test.

by W####:

I enjoyed playing this story like game. Was quite interesting :)

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