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by L####:

Great Start! The emulation from what I can tell is flawless or near so on the Nvidia Shield handheld. Unfortunately that is where the flawless part ends. The controls need work. First it doesn't support physical controls of the Shield controller which makes many games unplayable (not to mention button control graphics overlaying the game screen). It seems to not like more than one button at a time either. Hopefully this will be fixed. I would give 5 stars if it supported the Shield controller. It would be nice to be able to shut off the blurry screen filtering too. Should you buy? Well it is cool to see 3DO on mobile and if you play slower games on it like RPGs it is good and no other 3DO emus exist on Android. Otherwise I would wait for real controls unless you play only on phone. It also needs an internet connection license checks,. The hard part of emulation is done well, now please fix controls and remove internet check and it will be the best!

by T####:

There needs to be a way to move the buttons around. In Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, the L & R buttons are punch, and since they're at the top of the screen, punching is difficult to do. Otherwise, THIS APP RUNS PERFECTLY! Definitely worth the $2.30

by I####:

Well I guess I'm stuck with touch controls. Too bad the emulator performs well. .

by U####:

Bought and can already see the emulation itself is absolutely sound. However, it desperately needs gamepad support. Bought for use on the Shield TV, and after sideloading was a little dismayed to find my pad worked great in the menu, but not at all in game! Any ETA on an update to allow external controllers?

by V####:

It keeps telling me to move the Bios to the SD card and make file named 3DO. Have a Samsung note 10.1 tablet and Samsung note 3. Any help would be highly appreciated.

by D####:

The controls are flawed. Only seems to respond to one button at a time. Steering cuts the accelerator on need for speed, etc

by W####:

Works great on my PIPO M9 Quad Core Tablet .. i agree with others that the controls need fixing (and also adding native controller support) ... i would like to suggest as well video screen sizing eg. stretch,zoom,crop etc Keep up the great work !

by Z####:

The only emulator of its kind. Sadly it lacks controller support, landscape view, or settings of any kind.

by A####:

The fact that it only has on screen control display and no bluetooth support. Would give it a 5 star if it had that.

by R####:

The control layout is horrible. A vertical column for the abc buttons? If the space is limited at least angle the column at 45 degrees, or allow user to modify interface. The emulation is top notch, but that's not enough. This is a paid app, please listen to the people that have purchase it.

by J####:

So far so good! Would really like more emulation options, better controls, external controller support, and the ability to remove screen buttons for devices like the Shield Portable.

by Y####:

Great emu but tried to play my favorite 3do game Twisted and it keeps freezing. Otherwise I would have gave 5 stars. To the creator Twisted doesn't require 2 controllers. Zhadnost the other game like twisted does.

by F####:

But its needs a few things. 1. File browser 2. External gamepad support, 3. Multi disc support.

by C####:

Awesome to see a new emulator supporting a console that doesn't get a lot of love. Hoping to see some user interface tweaks, but so far so good.

by E####:

Please fix the controls and add the function to use a real controller

by N####:

And works very well, needs external controller support and landscape view but awesome emulator.

by H####:

Great start... 3DO on Android platform. Works extremely fast on my shied portable. Only downside: does not support physical controls, hope this issue will be soon fixed by the developers on a future update.

by K####:

I got it to work. I was putting the bios on a external sd card. lol! Thanks.

by O####:

I'm amazed how well CPU Bach plays. Some clicks and pops, but overall excellent. The ability to have CPU Bach play in the background and landscape mode would both be appreciated features.

by X####:

The mere existence of this is unbelievable. The UI definitely needs more work, though, such as landscape support, external controller support, etc, but I'm sure that's all to come. Glad to use my Google Rewards credit on this awesome app!

by P####:

I never thought that some day I would play 3DO like a gameboy. Very proud to be supporting this project. Please keep it up! My childhood thanks for this.

by M####:

Great core - and a good start on the UI portion. Needs external controller support, the ability to remove the overlay and the ability to pick your own folder for storage - but this is a great start!

by B####:

Very bad app. One of the worst emulator I have seen. You can't even access to some settings or anything to configure, not even gamepad support. Refunded.

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