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About Wakfu Raiders

*It has come to our attention that Android 6.0 users are experiencing problems with the recent update. We advise all players to refrain from updating to Android 6.0 in order to avoid compatibility issues with the game as we try to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Game Description:
WAKFU Raiders is an engaging and tactical mobile role-playing game based upon the popular massively multiplayer online title WAKFU. Immerse yourself as you explore the World of Twelve to solve the mysterious anomalies happening within the Etatim Dimension.
Discover, collect and evolve over 30 colourful, distinctive & powerful characters. Get hooked by WAKFU Raiders’ unique real-time fighting mechanics with many layers of strategy thanks to its intricate combo battle system. With multitudes of quests & bosses to conquer, and online Player Versus Player mode for more replay value, aim to become the master of WAKFU Raiders!

Game Features:
• Unique Fast-Paced Real-Time Combat System: Players can strategically combo their attacks for maximum damage and trigger Ultimate Skills to unleash awesome cool moves!

• Epic Characters & Adorable Monsters: Collect and evolve over 30 unique and different characters from the unique WAKFU universe. Fight epic bosses, each with their own custom abilities.

• High Quality Audio & Visual: Experience immersive battle animations & effects, as well as quirky trademark WAKFU visuals and sound bites.

• Competitive Tournaments & PVP Arena: Create the best party you can and outshine the competition.

• Ongoing Content Updates: Create new weapons of war with the Crafting System, participate in Daily Events for exclusive loot, and stay ahead online with the VIP System. More features to come post-launch.

Minimum requirements:
• At least 1GB RAM
• Android 4.0.3 and above
• 500MB of FREE space on internal memory to install the game including all downloadable contents (DLC)

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Download and install Wakfu Raiders version 2.4.1 on your Android device!
APK Size: 48 MB, downloaded 500,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package: sg.gumi.wakfu, download Wakfu Raiders.apk

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Game History & Updates

What's Changed
Patch 2.4.1 Xmas Update
-Use Wakfu Pass in the Crypt!
-Selector Bundle
-Elemental Summoner’s Key
-Chapter 10 – Brakmar 2
-Chapter 11 – Chillberg Island
-Level Cap raised to 80
-Hell Difficulty Unlock for Crypt
-New 3 Element Combo – AOE Attack
-Xmas Presents for all! Find presents around the world and get some attractive rewards!
-Xmas Vortex: A vortex appears randomly, enter and be ready for some fun and rewards!
-Exclusive Xmas Hero – Father Kwismas
-New Heroes:
o Rubio Goldgun
o Mhandal

What are users saying about Wakfu Raiders

by Z####:

After one of the more recent updates I can no longer open the game at all, it claims I'm not connected to the Internet. Game is now unplayable. Edit: after several updates I am still stuck at 46% loading as I have been now since October.

by A####:

Good game but still have some bugs

by R####:

I dont play to many phone games but this one is alot of fun with out a lot of effort

by J####:

Huge fan of wakfu and I love the game

by Y####:

I think this game is ENOUGH

by F####:

I cannot play it anymore, it crashes every single time I start the normal battles. arena fights work 2 out of 3 times. siege does not work either. I'm using moto g 3rd generation.

by C####:

I fell in since I loved the show plus it gives me something to do in class

by E####:

After last update can't open the game.

by N####:

Nice game

by H####:

Keeps crashing in battle since Christmas update.

by K####:

Fun at all times

by O####:

I love it

by X####:

But the arena it's really unbalanced

by P####:

Goodgame male more

by M####:

Wht the hell. .After updating content inside game, it constantly crash all time at loading screen...pls fix it or this game will be in a list to be deleted..

by B####:

Its "We Heroes" one to one, lags and crashes a lot but at list its addicting

by Q####:

Loving the game but you need to fix the constant crashing issue.

by G####:

Laggy, crashes often, and heats the device a lot. The bugs need to be fixed before anyone can legitimately play this game.

by S####:

The game is fun and I like the fact that all the characters can level up equally, there are a few issues, but the major one being is the lag during game play where the screen freezes and the buttons don't respond to the touch.

by L####:

The game is good and graphics is nice, but can you make auto skill avqlable before you complete the stage?

by T####:

Pls fix the bug at loading the game it always crashes

by I####:

Well on OCT 5th I wrote em an email stating there was a bug. They informed 15 or so days latter to Uninstall. I bought gems so I used them. Then they rewinded the game and I list everything. I've been emailing them ever since to be told I'm screwed my lose even tho they screwed up and made everyone lose progress. Can't run a business in America when you screwing paying customers and laughing in there face I hope you all see and read this is highly unethical.

by U####:

My units screen won't show any of my units and in pvp I can't see what units I have our change them...

by T####:

I just download this game, but after download lot of data, then using facebook login the app keep closing no matter how many i was tried ..

by I####:

Not much to criticize, it's a solid game.

by U####:

Great, with the latest update it became an even bigger glitchfest than ever! Its now basically unplayable, no matter if its siege, quests or even portal it crashes! Close a window like forge or units tab and it will go into an infinite animation loop until it crashes! ITS NOW AT ITS WORSE!!! MORE THAN EVER!!! UPDATES/PATCHES ARE THERE TO FIX PROBLEMS NOT PILE ON MORE!!! START PLAYTESTING THOSE B-E-F-O-R-E YOU RELEASE THEM!!!

by V####:

If you love the world of 12 you will waste your life with this one

by D####:

The team building and the gameplay itself is fun. I wanna summon the sadida dolls... haha

by W####:

Coma Joe wins

by K####:

The game is great, but ever since the new update, the game won't stop crashing when I choose a mission. It crashed a lot before, but now the game is literally unplayable. The only reason I'm keeping the game is in the hopes that this is fixed.

by O####:

Excellent game, can be a little laggy at times but there is so much going on in each fight screen it is to be expected. If you love Wakfu and Dofus this game is for you! A little disappointed there isn't a Sacrier to choose as your main character. There is so much to do each day you might just become addicted!

by X####:

I just found this game and i really enjoy it. But the question is why this game just have 500k+downloader? I mean this is one of the best collect heroes rpg game! You should play it!

by P####:

It at first seems rather simple and passive but when you look deeper you will find a fun and challenging strategy RPG. My only problem at the moment is an issue about not receiving an advertised bonus while spending money on the in game currency called gems. And let it be known that though you can have fun playing it completely free it is much more enjoyable with gems. If the issue I mentioned gets resolved soon I may call the game a 5 star but until then I can't do that with a good concience.

by M####:

I am running this game on a Samsung S4 active. My phone has plenty of free space and the game runs quickly and has no problems/crashes. Overall, the game is beautiful. The battle system has second round auto-run, which I prefer, with only minimal attention needed for special moves. It is a very good fight and collect style rpg.12-15 update:Still good. Developers have been fixing bugs that I have seen. Enter my ID for a bonus at level 15: QSRCTL

by B####:

Love the game but with new update it keeps force closing can't go past the main screen

by Q####:

Thank you for the update its a lot easier to get into the game now but I would like to report that you can no longer play campaign levels such as brakmar and sufokia and so on it appears to crash during level loading screens if you happen to see this please respond thank you p.s. crypt missions still seem to work so the passes can still be used to complete heroic missions that were beaten pre patch thank you.

by G####:

I love this game why did we not get to have the guys that fought agenst the first boss man wicth was the dark and powerful boss. Huge fan of Wakfu the episodes are amazing please make another Wakfu Game You Guys

by S####:

The latest update crashes it a lot on missions which leads to loss of stamina, otherwise itl be 5 stars

by L####:

Another hit for the gumi team

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