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by D####:

When creating something like a character, if you don't have all the fields right the page still closes but doesn't save the results. The error message should come up first and let you change you inputs without closing the page. Very frustrating within the first 30 seconds of using the app. I'm afraid to use it much past this. ----------------- Edit: the error handling has been fixed in this spot so I changed my review to a 3 star instead of a 2 star. Thank you for fixing that.

by W####:

Thank you for creating such a handy and useful tool. The fact that it's free makes it all the better. One small error I've found, is that pictures will not load for character portraits. Please rectify this, and I'll be happy to re-submit and even higher rating!

by Z####:

Is there a function to roll for damage done when I attack? If there is, I can't figure it out. Otherwise, great app

by A####:

Would like the option to half create a character, and be able to save it. I got some of the information in, then had to do something else, clicked save, then a box popped up saying I needed something filed in and deleted all the stuff I put in.

by R####:

This isn't bad. But I do have one issue. My group goes to great measures to create an image for our characters. I typed in all the info, then went to add the image. Once the image was chosen the app goes back to the create a character page and my character is gone.

by J####:

I can't use this. The app crashes my work when I try to add a character picture

by Y####:

The only thing it needs is a way to add Race Modifiers, Class Modifiers, and Feat Modifiers!

by F####:

I like having back-ups in case my current character dies and this is a great app for storing all of my character sheets. The only thing I would love to see added is a database that had all of the features and spells

by C####:

A stat of 9 should have a modifier of -1, not zero. Other than that is awesome. And all my abilities disappeared after closing the application if I change the Characters name.

by E####:

It does not apply dexterity Bonus to AC, Str bonus to weapon damage (Dex for finesse weapons), and it doubles Dex initiative bonus. It looks like it would be a great app with some debugging.

by N####:

A lot could be easier. At the moment you type everything in. Almost no content, just forms. It's the only usable free one though. Great dice roller, for that you get 5 stars!

by H####:

This app only has character creation, and a sheet that only shows your base stats and modifiers. I saw none of what was shown in the preview images besides the dice roller. UPDATE: Played with the app; found those otger features. Only one problem: I can't find a way to change my character's level.

by K####:

Nice start man... Needs some more basic functions. For example I didn't see a way to level, or pick multiple classes. Or a way to change stats. No real way to advance the character.

by O####:

I've just found my new favorite thing fur DND

by X####:

When opening the app and filling in the information, it's hard to tell which pieces of information are being used for calculations and what is taken as straight info. Also, when inputting cantrips, it keeps defaulting them to abilities and not displaying all the relevant information like casting time.

by P####:

No place for cantrips and no place for feats. It's ok by all means but it runs slow

by M####:

Then it erased all my skills spells and inventory.

by B####:

So this needs a bit more work. You can be in the middle of inputting your characters info and the character sheet will essentially reset causing you to loose everything you added. Also if used on a tablet tapping on the side of the area were you are not editing will do the same thing as well.

by Q####:

It doesn't allow for missing fields, instead of showing you it just deletes the character.

by G####:

Loading weapons is impossible. It deleted them after saving. No ability modifier table.

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