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Ancient Empire: Strike Back Up by StatlexAncient Empire: Strike Back Up

Rated 4.86(7) — Statlex

The fantastic thrilling turn-based strategy sequel, Ancient Empire II, Strike back. Based in the fantasy realm of Thorin, you control two royal brothers: King Galamar and Valadorn, as they seek to save their kingdom from an evil shadow demon. What this...

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Ancient Empires Pro by StatlexAncient Empires Pro

Rated 1.83(6) — Statlex

The game takes place in a fantasy medieval kingdom of Thorin ruled by the benevolent King Galamar. The game begins with Galamar barely escaping a bloody coup by his younger brother Valadorn, who has taken control of the kingdom and declared a hunt on...

$1.69 Updated
御龍霸業 - 御龍無雙3D國戰動作手遊 by Yu Long御龍霸業 - 御龍無雙3D國戰動作手遊

Rated 4.04(180) — Yu Long


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1944 Burning Bridges by HandyGames1944 Burning Bridges

Rated 4.25(20,380) — HandyGames

Duty calls: Experience an exciting strategy gameplay and master challenging military missions! Storm the beaches of Normandy with the Allied troops or take command of the Axis and defend the Atlantic Wall. History depends on you!TOTAL WORLD WARThis is...

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Card Three Kingdoms by MANASTONECard Three Kingdoms

Rated 4.13(1,432) — MANASTONE

Card Three Kingdoms is a strategy card game made of intuitive user interface and automatic turn battle methods.* Simple hero card- You can check your military branch, strategy,and battle power information at once.*Easy battle preparation-If you choose...

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Kings of Sanctuary by DMI Inc.Kings of Sanctuary

Rated 2.67(467) — DMI Inc.

■Game outline■In this MMO Strategy, players all over the world connect to our server to play simultaneously, advancing in real time.You become a king, taking charge of construction, research, and training, and making your country stronger in preparation..

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HeapHeroes by FinesoftHeapHeroes

Rated 4.20(207) — Finesoft

Please use newest Version(1.53)This game is new type battle game.Rule is Simple. Swipe same color panel in 3x3 tiles.Feature:・Over 60 Free stages.・Over 40 Kinds charactors.・Friend battle for Bluetooth.・Network Virtual User Battle.

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Dungeon Warfare by ValsarDungeon Warfare

Rated 4.78(407) — Valsar

Dungeon Warfare is a challenging tower defense game where you become a dungeon lord to defend your dungeon against greedy adventurers.As you successfully purify your dungeons throughout the world from the pesky invaders, you will gain access to more...

$3.09 Updated
Alexander - Strategy Game by Alexander RTS GameAlexander - Strategy Game

Rated 3.80(9,001) — Alexander RTS Game

Alexander is a Strategy Game (MMO RTS) - it’s FREE!ENTER the WORLD, FIND your FRIENDS, JOIN your ALLIANCE, FACE with your ENEMIES!● Alexander is a Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy Game in Ancient AGES!● Your ancient KINGDOM and WARRIORS are waiting...

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Shark Number by LousoftShark Number

Rated 5.00(2) — Lousoft

Shark Number es un juego en donde tu objetivo es poner todas las casillas vecinas a cero, tendrás que saber donde tocar para no restar de mas, si crees que te has equivocado siempre podrás volver hacia atrás.Nunca toques en ninguna casilla que este...

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Castle Battle by easygame7Castle Battle

Rated 4.61(1,787) — easygame7

Elester Dragon Castle was attacked and occupied by unknown magical creatures! The castle is in chaos every corner! You are named the king of Dragon Castle. Duty of Defend Dragon Castle undoubtedly fell on your shoulder, take your brave soldiers with...

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Turret Defense Premium: TD Battles by Ruby EntertainmentTurret Defense Premium: TD Battles

Rated 0.00(0) — Ruby Entertainment

Your main goal is to resistance our urban communities and strongholds. Additionally, guarding the city will fundamentally enable nationals in the city to reclaim their territories and opportunity from threatening foe. Taking summon of warriors, towers...

砂漠の狐V3 - KEMCO by KEMCO砂漠の狐V3 - KEMCO

Rated 4.42(12) — KEMCO


Clash of Lords 2: حرب الأبطال by IGG.COMClash of Lords 2: حرب الأبطال

Rated 4.56(3,643) — IGG.COM

مُصنّفة ضمن أقوى 10 ألعاب استراتيجية على مستوى العالم حاصلة على تقيم 4.6 نجوم عالميا مع بزوغ عصر جديد فى لعبة حرب الأبطال وانضمام الملك الغازى...

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Calc Royale by MyVocables.comCalc Royale

Rated 2.33(3) —

Calculate how much cards and gold you need to upgrade your cards in Clash Royale.

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なつかしの駄菓子屋さん by char roomなつかしの駄菓子屋さん

Rated 3.75(3,200) — char room


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Jachtseizoen by MakerTimJachtseizoen

Rated 3.99(73) — MakerTim

DIT IS NIET DE OFFICIËLE APP VAN STUKTVmaar je kan er hetzelfde mee, zonder account te makenen je kan met meerdere groepen verstoppen en meerdere groepen zoekenDeze app heb ik ontwikkeld zodat je het kan spelen met je vrienden, waarbij je hetzelfde...

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Het Jachtseizoen by StukTVHet Jachtseizoen

Rated 4.67(892) — StukTV

Weet jij te ontsnappen?Reallife GPS actiespel gebaseerd op de succesvolle StukTV serie 'Het Jachtseizoen'.In 'Het Jachtseizoen' stel je je eigen team samen dat op jacht gaat naar één ontsnapte boef. De boef krijgt een aantal minuten voorsprong opde...

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Deck Heroes: Великая Битва! by IGG.COMDeck Heroes: Великая Битва!

Rated 4.82(108,405) — IGG.COM

Война пришла в мир Deck Heroes! Армии Неандеров, Людей, Эльфов и Мортий маршируют на встречу друг другу.Собери свой личный отряд, выступи на стороне...

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Classical Lode Runner by PushAll.StoresClassical Lode Runner

Rated 3.40(10) — PushAll.Stores

Escape from monster, collecting gold on the way. As soon as you will collect all gold at level, you will be able to get on the following level. Available all 150 levels.Let play to enjoy!

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App Of The Day

App of the day - Oct 23, 2014: Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail by Google Inc.Inbox by Gmail

Rated 4.23(376,094) — Google Inc.

Your email inbox should help you live and work better, but instead it often buries the important stuff and creates more stress than it relieves. Inbox, built by the Gmail team, keeps things organized and helps you get back to what matters.• HIGHLIGHTS...

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Audax - Icon Pack by kovdevAudax - Icon Pack

Rated 4.77(1,149) — kovdev

We've crafted a bold and colorful set that demands your attention. These icons deserve to be displayed as large as possible. With unique designs and a brilliant palette, your home screens will be treated to a whole new world of style. Harness the power...

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team by ELECTRONIC ARTSFIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Rated 4.32(5,270,305) — ELECTRONIC ARTS

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team by EA SPORTS features over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams. Plus, over 30 real leagues and stadiums! Build a dream squad of footballers and put them to the test. From the English Premier League, La Liga, and MLS, to...

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Camera FV-5 by FGAECamera FV-5

Rated 3.87(14,651) — FGAE

Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips. Tailored to enthusiast and professional photographers, with this camera application you can capture the best raw photographs...

Photo Lab Picture Editor FX by VicMan LLCPhoto Lab Picture Editor FX

Rated 4.44(867,866) — VicMan LLC

Photo Lab boasts one of the vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects: more than 500 effects to date! Fantastic face photo montages, photo frames, animated effects and photo filters are here for you to enjoy. Make your image look creative...

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