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About Call of Champions

Call of Champions is the most intense real-time multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) on the phone and tablet. Choose a Champion, recruit a team, smash the enemy, and compete against millions worldwide!

The heart-pounding five-minute matches in Call of Champions distill the best of old-school MOBA mechanics like lanes, minions, and item shops into fast-paced tactical brawls, game-changing power-ups, and a tug-of-war with an Orb of Death.

Featuring over 15 Champions with fully customizable talent trees, as well as an innovative A.I. that fills in if you need to take a call or text, Call of Champions is the MOBA perfected for mobile devices.

Game Features:
- Compete around the world in lightning fast strategic five-minute matches.
- Receive a FREE Champion in your first week of play ($4.00 USD value).
- Unlock and command over 15 Champions spanning five iconic classes and eight unique Realms.
- Push the "Orb of Death" on a track in a thrilling tug-of-war to take down towers. No waiting on minions.
- Grab power-ups for yourself or fight for board control to share power-ups with your team. No item shop required.
- Customize your Champion to suit your playstyle through a novel Talent Tree.
- Watch friends and pros duke it out in Spectator Mode. Follow players, Pause, and Instant Replay. You control the playback!
- Never lose a game to drops. A.I. instantly fills in for players who need to take a call or reply to a text.

The reviews are in, and here's what people are saying about Call of Champions:
- "First mobile MOBA that does something super clever" - Touch Arcade
- "Feels like the first true mobile MOBA" - PocketGamer
- Best Mobile Game, Pax Prime 2015 - MMOGames
- "Incredibly gorgeous" - AppRumors
- "The 5 minute timer makes this game perfect for mobile devices" - MMO Games
- "More accessible, more interesting, and a lot more fun" - PocketGamer
- "Arena is so good, it’ll leave you wanting more" - Trusted Reviews

Built on Spacetime Studios' innovative Spacetime Game Engine, Call of Champions delivers high quality real-time action at a silky 60 frames per second. It's small download size (80 megs) and low bandwidth requirements (synchronous over 3G and faster) make it the ideal MOBA for an on-the-go competitive experience. With high resolution graphics, external display support and a suite of stream-friendly features, you can bring your battles to the big screen and share your triumphs with the world!

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What's Changed
+ Cardboard Modus is now available for purchase! Get the latest Call of Champions skin!
+ Players can now invite more spectators to their practice matches!
+ Reduced memory usage. Players should see increased stability.
+ Zaar (Black Ice): Fixed issue where Zaar would teleport to the center of the map when using Black Ice
Version update Call of Champions was updated to version
More downloads  Call of Champions reached 1 000 000 - 5 000 000 downloads

What are users saying about Call of Champions

by B####:

Call of Champions is hands down the best MOBA on mobile, it perfectly blends all the elements of a great MOBA with a few clever twists. A game could be won in a minute, while others playing the full time, this is a game that truly earns the words short and sweet. It isn't too long to get bored in an instant but definitely isn't too short to finish in a heart beat. There is a galaxy of Champions to choose from, fitting the play styles of the 'rusher' and the 'tortoise' and everything between, around, below and above. Overall a true MOBA, cleverly designed and definitely worth you playing.

by M####:


by P####:

it's awesome moba game, it has low space, great graphics, and dont take too much time but, it will be perfect if you change the touch screen movement into virtual joypad system, and there is new mode for unlimited time and 5v5... great work anyway

by X####:

When it decides to work it's good, but most of the time it doesn't work. Fix the God damn "contacting server" issue!

by O####:

It had all the potential to be the number 1 moba game but there is one thing .it is hard to control.can you included to hud settings the joy stick control.thanks.!!

by K####:

Love the game. But now there is a new email sign in thing? I had paid money into game now all is lost. Thumbs down

by H####:

WOW...the game is amazing I love it so much runs smoothly even if your data is 4G ..but Gobi is so op... But it doesn't gameplay very intense,very quick and nice controls...and please make more updates..

by N####:

This could be a good game but every game i get at least one teammate who disconnects or worse just walks into the enemy and dies making it impossible to win no matter how well you play. Good platform design, bad game design.

by E####:

The price of champions is too expensive. Every champion cost around 400 thousand. The reward after match is low too. I appreciate it if you will lower the price.

by C####:

i love to play this games... but this games hard to connect with server since i am from malaysia. I only can play this games at the morning. start evening until midnight, there are problem to connect to the server...

by F####:

Great game for killing time. The combat is fun and visually pleasing and the touch controls make the gameplay that much more fluid. Please fix the long waiting times when the game is "contacting server" though

by Y####:

I SUPER LOVE THIS GAME 10/10 for me, I' m playing this game for almost 1 year and I notice some players need this game some improvements they want to add some 5v5 battle, a new map for a new generation add more heroes for excitement add some new modes that can excite peoples players so that many players are willing to play this game I've recommended this game in my classmates and they playing it actually but they said this game needs more improvements add more champions and game modes please read this thank you :)

by J####:

Nice App!!! Its Like LoL but Better and have its own gameplay rules not like other LoL based games...I suggest to Add an option that we will pick a time when will the Match end like 5-20 Mins. And add More Champions as you can!!, EVERYBODY WHO READ THIS DOWNLOAD THIS APP NOW!

by R####:

I went to log in and it said my account was wrong when I did correctly. That's stupid because I can't play now and it's a stupid game

by A####:

Could you tell me what's wrong? I seem to have a delayed connection when playing this game. My internet speed is fine when I play other games.

by Z####:

The game is really good. But i kinda hate how expensive the heroes are, but i guess it makes sense. its a great game

by W####:

I really love this game, characters are amazing & all different with all new styles which make things interesting. But I just wish you guys can add more characters, and make them a bit easier to get. Different modes would be cool as well instead of moving the ball all the time. But it's a really good game. Well done ^-^.

by D####:

The controls are like vainglory but different and it needs more maps,champions,skins for champions,more modes like 5 v 5 and in modes like 5 v 5 it needs 3 lanes and a jungle. I play this game because my phone doesn't have much space but I highly recommend it. This game would probably be the best if it had been updated with many things that are needed.

by V####:

Good game.Almost like league of legends.You should replace the balls with minion and kill them to earn money to buy items to make your champions stronger.Also when I open the game it remains the same saying contacting is very annoying and I cannot play anymore due to this and it remains loading like forever

by U####:

Tap controlls are the new hype, thats killing mobile moba games. I love this developper and the games they make, but they went ahead and jumped on the wagon of "innovative tap controlls", which makes playing fast paced games a torture. You have to tap on a direction, then tap on an ability, then hope you can manage to tap at a fast moving target. And the whole time your hand and fingers are abstracting your view, because "innovative tap movement". Look at Mobile Legends and Heroes Evolved. Cheep, unoriginal copies of League of Legends, with the most slick and fluid controls. Guess what they did? They didn't reinvent the wheel when it came to controlls, they just put virtual D-pad on the left and abilities on the right and abilities target the closes target to you. I love your game and I don't play it because of the horrible control system. Same as Vainglory - great game, but the worst controlls.

by I####:

I love this game! Its a mobile moba wich i like , it has different gameplay styles then other mobas wich i find unique . The gameplay and graphics are just WOW. I like that there is also a ton of heroes to choose from and in battle i like that you have to push a ball to the towers in order to destroy them much more easely. Its different then other mobas and that why i love it. 5 Stars from me devs!

by T####:

It's a great game but you get no currency in the game. It's 400,000 for a champion yet you only get 2,500 a game with out premium!it's ridiculous

by L####:

It doesn't work. When I open the app a black screen comes up and then the app closes. I've tried opening the app multiple times and even tried restarting my phone but it still doesn't work. If possible I'd like someone to fix this because it looks like a really fun game and I'd like to play it.

by S####:

Loved the graphics more than ever. But there's this issue I want to be fixed. First, can you show the tier level of every champions before/while the battle is going? I just found out that the randomisation is kind of unfair. Especially, when I don't have party, like using a tier 6 cobal and when the battle starts, I interact with a tier 10 cinder. I knew because of her skills. Also, my allies were kind of like beginner, but my enemies were pro. So please FIX this UNFAIR gaming. I'm looking forward to your next update.

by G####:

Awesome game. Deserves a full 5 stars. Only problem is after my initial play period, I can't get back into the game. Gets stuck on contacting server. Tried reinstalling, didn't work. I hope the server issue will be sorted soon!

by Q####:

Its definitely not like DOTA or LoL, coz its different! Its a new kind of MOBA, designed really for phones. Its actually cool that you didn't imitate the other games in PC and mobile, there are no minions to support you, or a lord to be your ally. Instead, you made orbs, to lessen the tower's damage. Its a really good idea! Also you made the game to be played for only 5 minutes and it works! Im really amazed. Lastly, the graphics are really good even though i have a low end phone. I gave it a 4 star rating coz just like what many players comment about your game, is that its hard to aim. Also, sometimes the game is so laggy even though im the only using the wifi. Please fix those problems, and it will be better if theres a D Pad controller and the skills are aimed automatically. I know its too much to ask for, but can you please try? Best moba game for me so far. Give us updates and surely, soon, this game will be the best game in the playstore!!!

by B####:

Very fun game. Definitely recommend downloading. It's cool to play with other players. Controls are smooth and concept of game is easy. BUT the game will get boring quick since it's the same map over and over and over....if they want this game to last long then add new maps, game modes, or other means to obtaining champions

by M####:

Well, the game is great, unique control and epic gameplay, a mixed art between RTS and MOBA being well served, but there is only one thing, the heroes are so expensive, with only a bit amount of money we got is quite hard to get OR upgrade our heroes, i think you guys NEED to think about the freemium users, because not all of us can afford credit cards or money

by P####:

I've been playing this game well over a year now. It's a must have game for all my devices. Love playing it on my tablet. Very smooth with very few problems. Looking to see how they'll improve on the game to take it to the next level. Maybe a different battle field. I highly recommend this game.

by X####:

thank you for making this game, i love it, nice graphic, smooth and easy play. but, i think it will be nice if we can play use a joypad in screen so we dont need tap everywhere, and will be good if the points are reset every month, so a new and good plyer can fight in leaderboard, and the last, after i register account, why do i always should enter email and pass EVERYTIME i want to in the game ??? please, fix this please

by O####:

Guys, it was so cool game till your last heroes. Gobi and Eloia. Eloia is kinda OK but Gobi is so unbalanced hero. Tank with unbelievable power. Please nerf him or we will quit. It was my favorite game after work but now it's like torture because of Gobi.

by K####:

Hi spacetimestudio,the awesomeness of the game takes down by the bitterness of your server not the main menu but at the game, when the battle starts the bugs begin and the lag! And im starting to wait for 1-2mins..or waiting for the battle to end... the game gets boring guys and the awesomeness is getting to fade,hoping that this will be fix...

by H####:

OMG gobi is op af!!! I'm waiting to see how long it takes you to fix this minor issue to decide if I wanna spend cash dollar pound money. Ain't I a stinker.

by N####:

The game is good overall, but it has one issue and that is getting reliable allies. Being only three players at a time, people playing the game consistently and well, is a hard combo to get. Most times you find that a player stops mid game and goes AFK and forces the attack lane to pull to struggle a defence. Thusly destroying your K/D/A and quality of game experience. It happens every casual game with non-partied allies. When I search for a party it's all but inconsistent except for my off line friends. Overall, the game is good when you factor out player variability, it's fairly well balanced and is fun to play. Though I main Modus and kind of hoped for a different skin then the cardboard box, but okay XD

by E####:

The graphic is good but it need more improvement... And please add joystick... Make 5v5 mode please.... I'll give 5 star until the improvement... Before i forget please add minions so it will be like other moba game..i will always support the game

by C####:

Good mobile moba. Very slick and fun. Would like if the "report griefing" function was actually effective. I have had times where the same afker is on my team several games in a row after I report them.. 2v3 isnt so fun.

by F####:

It's okay but they dont release enough heros because I own them all so my gold just stacks up. Skins overpriced and there is a handful of glitchs

by Y####:

The worst controls ever. The matchup i bad too, because you get matched up against players with higher champion level and sometimes all your team consists of tanks. better match me up with 2 other people and then pick, so i could see what the team needs.

by J####:

Amazing Quick, intense gameplay, original champions, easy to control. I really enjoy it - best mobile game I ever played. The only problem is one of the new champions: Gobi. It's said it's a fighter class but actually it's tank with horribly unbalanced power. I hope they gonna fix this soon but game is awesome anyway.

by R####:

Eazy controls, but targeting is harder than it can be. Matchmaking is good, not too OP opponents, but sometimes its look like. Great graphic for game that only take 66Mb. Realy good game. 5min rounds makes this game perfect for phones, but 2-3 more maps should be added. Just one is just boring. Really addicting. Realy love it. Probably best moba on android.

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