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About Shell Launcher

T-UI is an innovative launcher, which emulates a Linux Shell and its interface, which is fitted to be used on mobile devices. It also implements a lot of commands.

Installed application can be launched simply by typing their name. T-UI uses the CompareString library, so it will know what you're meaning although you made typing error. --> Google+ Community --> XDA Thread --> Source code

all Linux Shell commands
Android-Specific commands
aliases, a few characters which contain entire commands, which can be used in every moment
double tap closes the screen
hide/unhide apps
music player
fully customizable
Linux Shell interface, fitted to be used on Android
simple to use launcher
useful file view to keep your files under control

Some commands:
search: search something you want in your Browser or Play Store
flash: toggle flashlight
player/next/listen: music player commands!
uninstall/install: uninstall an applications, or install one from an apk
call: call someone, by its number, or its contact name
move/cp/mkdir: move or copy a file, or create a folder
and many others!

The best android Shell launcher, with a lot of functionalities:
• navigate through your file system using cd command
• files are referred with their relative path
• preview of the current directory content in the lower part of the screen

Tip: use help to get a list of all available commands, or help commandname to get informations about how a command works.
This app is suggested for those who understand the advantage of using the Linux Shell.

Thanks to Luke Winward for the original idea, and help during development.

If you have an idea for a new feature, or you found a bug, or if you like this Shell Launcher, leave a review, or write me an email!

If you like my work, offer me a coffee:

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Android package: ohi.andre.consolelauncher, download Shell Launcher.apk

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Changelog (4.5)
- fixed the ugly bug-on-reboot
Version update Shell Launcher was updated to version 4.5.b1
More downloads  Shell Launcher reached 10 000 - 50 000 downloads
Name changed  Name changed! Linux Shell Terminal Launcher now is known as Shell Launcher.

What are users saying about Shell Launcher

by Z####:

It is crashing when the music folder is located on the sdcard and I try to play a song.

by A####:

This is almost exactly what I wanted as my launcher, but the constant crashes is rendering my phone unusable with this. Had this launcher been more stable, it would be the perfect launcher for me.

by R####:

Most settings follow the OPPOSITE of the statement (ie. true=false) and some settings when changed make commands not work at all, especially anything to do with the compareString function. I love the launcher but things like not being able to disable the 'keep in memory' notification make me constantly want to switch back to my GUI launcher. 5 stars if my problem is resolved.

by J####:

Personally, I don't know enough about this form of operating devices. I've never really used a terminal, or, whatever they're called. However, even if you're not the type of person this would be practical for, it still makes opening apps a hell of a lot faster, and, let's be honest, it looks pretty damn cool.

by Y####:

I never think that command line interface suits Android, but this launcher just make it possible in the most intuitive ways possible!

by F####:

I am imaging if there running text for incoming notification. Like free ram text. So i dont need swipe notification bar to see that.

by C####:

thr unique launchet i ever use i just wanna ask can i call number like this *123# for example but its come out without hastag its only *123 i hope can be fix soon

by E####:

Has worked for me flawlessly and only 'downfall' is the learning curve if you haven't used terminal cmd's before. But it's fairly easy to learn and once you do its totally worth it!

by N####:

But it keeps crashing some times when i use the restart command

by H####:

im going to make it mainstream anyways ;) btw is there any ways to remove the "T-UI is running" sticky notification?

by K####:

Just what I have been looking for. Please I would like to know if their is a way I can prevent the app from opening application when that full name is typed. I want it to respond to only the alias. Is that possible? Also, the listen command needs debugging. My phone

by O####:

I love Linux and wanted to make an app like this but I don't yet have the knowledge. Wish I had found this before!

by X####:

Awesome launcher so far, but how can i add some system status like cpu usage, storage usage? And how about removing suggestion while executing app, and change aliases like whatsapp to com.whatsapp, just want to make phone more personal

by P####:

Hey, i love ur launcher and if you give more feature like a terminal app like other else that can do anything like ping, telnet, and doing something, I will very happy and give u 5 stars.

by M####:

Cool little launcher. I am using this on my nexus 6p android N. Working mostly fine except some times the launcher hangs. Hope the launcher gets some updates for android N.

by B####:

GUI, touch, swipe, transition anim',Google's white BackGround; free of them. Grateful. Real Relief.

by Q####:

I has been searchin' for this kind of app for very long time...its can make more suit if u also create the lock screen one...

by G####:

It is definitly one of a kind. Idk of any other shell launchers except for yandex. Its simplistic and easy for beginners

by S####:

Would give 5 stars but apps don't launch.. otherwise great work

by L####:

I like the shell, but I stopped using it because it will stop working when I type it in the call command.

by T####:

Really thanks to the author, now, i have a gentlman phone.

by I####:

The idea is really nice, and it works well. But I really wish it acted more like a bash terminal.

by U####:

I've tried a ton of different launchers in the past, but this takes the cake. Does everything I've wanted and then some. Thanks so much for creating this!

by V####:

I really liked it, but does it support bash files?

by D####:

This is a nerds wet dream. When I'm less poor, expect a donation.

by W####:

Pls add copy and paste option . I love it. And it's must like by all hackers

by X####:

I wish I had known this launcher earlier. I have tried almost all launchers in the Play Store. I couldn't settle with even the most elite launchers with loads of customization options. This one is simple yet beautiful. A simple command line interface seems to have hit the sweet spot against so many other effects-filled launchers. As someone else has written that its a huge sense of relief from GUI, transitions, widgets etc. Very true. The RAM usage on top is a good info. for the user. I wish there could be

by P####:

Just one thing as a foreigner and not that much into pcs and programing what is the "alias" and what can it be used for. Just one more suggestion "being able to open apps from the history (journal) on the main screen would make things alot faster than typing them or even hitting the backwords button. Tnx still great app

by M####:

Yea it has some bugs, at least they are working on it. I am very new to cmd/shell commands this is a basic launcher that allows you get a handle on things with your phone that you might use more than your Linux commands or Windows commands. It is easy to understand even if you've never seen CMD before.

by B####:

This is the coolest launcher I've ever had. One thing right now is that when I use "listen" the launcher stopped and closes out. I've got mp3's in my /sd card/music folder so not sure what causes the problem. Waiting for fix and looking forward for more features. Thanks!

by Q####:

I love this launcher to death. There is some slow-down and freezing when typing commands, or anything really. I feel it may be using a little too much ram. I'm not sure if it's just my phone, or if others are having this problem. That doesn't mean I won't fiddle with it once in awhile, but once this is fully operational and running smoothly, I may make it my full time launcher. Good work, mate.

by G####:

Three annoying bugs: even when I restart or refresh the launcher, new apps are not found(don't come up on my screen, even on "apps"); sometimes the launcher just freezes while the keyboard is coming up; and lastly, when launching Google Play apps, there is an issue where, since you've typed " play", the launcher says "error play play store". thanks, otherwise this app is great :) well done and ty

by S####:

Love this launcher. I prefer using cli on my linux machine, and this interface looks good too, plus light on resources. (error: status command was workig earlier but after a reboot it's giving a null pointer error)

by L####:

I love this Terminal user interface, I've never felt so comfortable with a launcher since I'm using android. But I'll appreciate your help more, if i can load credit from the terminal, hide the android notification bar and also display my ROM. Thank you. And also a security pass lock before operating the terminal will be very welcome

by T####:

This app was amazing overall, but there were a few annoying bugs that I faced. First, the rectangles where the auto complete text options are located in do not change length to accommodate the length of the text. Second, when I type listen followed by a space the app crashes. Also, some commands aren't supported like pwd and I can't use options for the supported arguments. Hope you could work on these!

by I####:

Is there a way for us to launch apps with arguments? It feels like some of the features (like call ) are "hardcoded" into the app. I would pay for greater flexibility :3

by U####:

Out of all the pretty looking launchers, this one is the fastest and fairly nice looking when you turn on background. As long as you use a mostly uniform background it works nicely. There is a visual bug where the suggestions aren't fully surrounded, and a bug where multi-word apps will only replace one word when you tap the suggestion.

by V####:

Great app with great control. The only thing is that I experienced random freezes stalls and crashes upon just typing in commands, had to quit the launcher in order to get it in normal state.

by D####:

Very simple, very customizable. I love this launcher, though there is still some bugs like the "listen" command crashing the launcher. If the dev's profile is correct and that he's 16., I am very impressed with your work. I'm 18 and I haven't done anything that impressive so kudos to you Francesco! Keep up the good work.

by W####:

This is what I've been waiting for since 2012. It works properly, I haven't found any bugs, runs smoothly, looks great (IMO) and you even have the option to use a live/wallpaper behind it. This is my all time favourite launcher.

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