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Keep Your Account Safe, Stay Away from Game Hacks

Keep Your Account Safe, Stay Away from Game Hacks
The immense popularity of specific Android games among mobile players has created new problems for game developers. An increasing number of apps and sites started offering cheats and hacks for getting the currencies available in the games for free. But are they real and what can happen if you decide to use such a tool?

For the sake of this article we decided to investigate and do a little test trying a few hacks for some of the popular games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.
Since we did not want to risk our own accounts and we had some old phones lying around, we created new accounts for both these games and started searching Google for the holy grail of all players, unlimited free gems.

The first thing we noticed was that almost all the sites had a homepage outlining how their tool works and how the hack can generate unlimited amounts of gems. Apart from this landing page, some had contact pages with simple forms, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use build from a "insert site name here" templates and what was very interesting the same texts were copied among 90% of the sites. To make things even worse, the English level of the content was a disaster. Half of the time, We were not able to understand what they tried to say even in their opening statements. All in all it looked like a caveman tried to write a poem.

The first impressions made us very skeptical to the whole idea that there could be something like a hack, since these people could not write a simple sentence without any mistakes. But again, We are writing an article about this so... We will have to try it and see what happens.

We tried a lot of Clash Royale hack tools and the idea in general is the same, enter your username, select the number of gems, something spins and tadaaa you need to complete some surveys which require entering your phone number, email address and other information.

To be sure that we do not miss something, in the last week we have tried a lot of these hacks and completed the surveys with dummy information and we waited, waited and waited for the 999.9999.9999.9999 gems to appear in our game accounts.

Did we get the gems? No, just a whole lot of NOTHING!!!! We waited and waited, tried to contact the site owners via the contact forms, but no one bothered to answer.

The conclusion

Using these sites is against the TOS and policies of the game developers and even though these sites do not work or provide any real hacks and cheats, you still could be putting your account at risk.
Our advice is to stay away as far as you can, cos even if you do not harm your account, entering your personal information into sites like these can have serious consequences. You do not know who is behind them, what they will do with your information and what kind of problems might this cause with your game accounts.


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