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Baby Elephant in love by Carlo LolloBaby Elephant in love

Rated 3.75(60) — Carlo Lollo

Baby Elephant in love is a brain and puzzle game and is based on the stories of two small elephants. It all begins when the two elephant, who lived free and in love are closed, to avoid danger, in two precincts waiting for them to become adults. In the...

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Blow Up The Squares by Carlo LolloBlow Up The Squares

Rated 3.83(66) — Carlo Lollo

Blow Up The Squares is a fun pastime in which your objective is to destroy all the bricks necessary to achieve the target set for the current level (shown in the top left corner), avoiding the bricks themselves come to fall off the cliff with reported...

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Bouncy No Stop by Carlo LolloBouncy No Stop

Rated 4.19(78) — Carlo Lollo

Bouncy No Stop is an addicting game that will captivate bringing you into the world of bouncing balls. A game mechanics that has proven successful in capturing gamers who like challenges where you have to seize the right moment to advance the bouncy...

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Car Race Turbo Speed On Desert by Carlo LolloCar Race Turbo Speed On Desert

Rated 4.00(1) — Carlo Lollo

If you like high-speed race this is the game for you. Guide your car along an infinite desert in a path that is constantly changing. How much you can go without crashing into the barriers? Watch out why if you do not go at the maximum speed the path...

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Clean Up! by Carlo LolloClean Up!

Rated 3.80(247) — Carlo Lollo

Clean up is a very simple game where your goal is to clear the playing surface eliminating the circles present. Each click on a cell reverses the contents of the neighbor cells. The neighbor cells are one above, one below, one on the right and the left...

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Cookie Destroyer by Carlo LolloCookie Destroyer

Rated 3.28(205) — Carlo Lollo

Cookie Destroyer is an addictive logic game where the goal is to get rid of / destroy all cookies on the grid in a challenge game last move against the system. Initially, the device creates a grid of cells in which randomly places cookies in pairs leaving

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Falling Eggs by Carlo LolloFalling Eggs

Rated 3.74(300) — Carlo Lollo

You are in the hen house and you must take the eggs on the fly.In Falling Eggs are two game modes: Arcade and By Level.In the arcade mode the objective is to collect as many eggs as possible to gain access to the next level and beat the overall record...

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Fat Bird Stars by Carlo LolloFat Bird Stars

Rated 3.30(30) — Carlo Lollo

Fat Bird Stars is a fun pastime in which your goal is to do survive as long as possible the clumsy bird with the aim to collect the largest number of stars by forcing it through the obstacles as they arise. To make it fly, simply click on the screen...

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Flood It by Carlo LolloFlood It

Rated 3.82(127) — Carlo Lollo

Color the grid with the same color! In the game of colors you against the device! At the beginning is generated an array of colored cells. Each cell is painted one of nine colors shown in the right panel. After generating the grid, the system solves...

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Fruit Drop by Carlo LolloFruit Drop

Rated 3.91(70) — Carlo Lollo

You are in the countryside and you must take on the fly the apples falling from the tree.Fruit Drop is available in two game modes: Arcade and By Level.In the arcade mode the objective is to collect as many apples as possible to have access to the next...

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Beautiful Landscape Puzzle by Carlo LolloBeautiful Landscape Puzzle

Rated 3.99(75) — Carlo Lollo

Beautiful Landscape Puzzle is a puzzle game that includes a set of beautiful landscape. The structure of the game is very simple. At the beginning of the level is showed the image to be reconstructed before being divided into sixty cards. Subsequently...

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Bomber Elephant by Carlo LolloBomber Elephant

Rated 4.00(50) — Carlo Lollo

Bomber Elephant is a puzzle game where the goal is to find the hidden objects behind the bricks. To overcome the various levels you must find the exit door and its key, trying to survive the various ghosts. To unravel the cells, you must place bombs...

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Bubble Blower by Carlo LolloBubble Blower

Rated 3.89(53) — Carlo Lollo

A dip in the fun for all the 'children' with the game of soap bubbles that are going away in the wind! The objective of the game is to pop as many bubbles as possible to pass to the next level and beat the record! There are only two rules to follow...

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Catapult by Carlo LolloCatapult

Rated 3.10(417) — Carlo Lollo

Catapult is a war game that takes you back in time making you relive the epic battles with catapults in a hostile scenario. The objective of the game is to destroy your opponent by throwing with the catapult, primitive bombs. Initially, you create a...

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Connect by Carlo LolloConnect

Rated 3.95(21) — Carlo Lollo

Connect is a strategy game with a variety of artistic images. The game is based on a set of cards to be removed from the game board. To finish the game you must connect all cards in pairs. Two identical images can be connected if the path there are no...

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Cronum Puzzle by Carlo LolloCronum Puzzle

Rated 4.11(75) — Carlo Lollo

Test your math skills! Cronum Puzzle is a logic game similar to the classic math puzzle. Consists of a square grid of eighty-cells (like Sudoku) filled with numbers and mathematical operators. The objective of the game is to find the number in the grid...

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Fat Bird by Carlo LolloFat Bird

Rated 3.93(15) — Carlo Lollo

Fat Bird is a one touch game, in which your goal is to do survive the clumsy bird as long as possible avoiding the obstacles. To make it fly, simply click on the screen every time you think necessary. The level is different every time you play. Incrementa

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Find The Path by Carlo LolloFind The Path

Rated 5.00(5) — Carlo Lollo

Find The Path is a puzzle game where the objective is to find the best way to turn all the lights on the grid with the exact number of dots shown in the box at the top left. The path must be build starting from the large red dots. When the dots added...

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Four Cubes by Carlo LolloFour Cubes

Rated 4.00(4) — Carlo Lollo

The objective of the game is to capture all the cubes that fall by setting the corresponding color on the cubes in the bottom.To change the color of the cube receiver simply click on right or left screen.The color cube must be corresponding to the falling

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Gravity Cave by Carlo LolloGravity Cave

Rated 4.18(51) — Carlo Lollo

Gravity Cave is a modern game in retro style, space shooter that involves aliens and spaceships. You are in a hostile environment populated by strange monsters that tend to throw against your ship to destroy it. The aliens have found their habitat in...

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