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Easy Set Alarm by oxdb.netEasy Set Alarm

Rated 3.44(80) — oxdb.net

Easy to set alarm time. With notes function.

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EE holidays calendar widget by oxdb.netEE holidays calendar widget

Rated 0.00(0) — oxdb.net

EstoniaIncluding holiday all of 2013 and 2014.The widget displays day, date, month and year.Date will be updated daily at 0:00.You can set application to launch by click.

Electric Rate Calculator by oxdb.netElectric Rate Calculator

Rated 3.59(56) — oxdb.net

The cost at hour and the time at cost.

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Expense Mail by oxdb.netExpense Mail

Rated 2.50(2) — oxdb.net

Enter the amount and notes (date and time will automatically inserted). Simple household account book you can email easily.

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Fahrenheit thermometer by oxdb.netFahrenheit thermometer

Rated 3.47(38) — oxdb.net

View temperature sensor or battery temperature in Fahrenheit (for normal accuracy).

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fl oz / gal conversion by oxdb.netfl oz / gal conversion

Rated 3.71(21) — oxdb.net

U.S. fluid ounce, imperial fluid ounce, U.S. gallon and imperial gallon unit conversion.

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FR dates on status bar by oxdb.netFR dates on status bar

Rated 0.00(0) — oxdb.net

FranceDay and date in the status bar including holidays in 2013 and 2014.

Gauss Meter (MicroTesla) by oxdb.netGauss Meter (MicroTesla)

Rated 3.58(40) — oxdb.net

The North is maximum, s-pole of the magnet is plus.

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GPS altimeter (ft) by oxdb.netGPS altimeter (ft)

Rated 3.75(60) — oxdb.net

Display the altitude (feet) by GPS surveying.

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GPS ON / OFF status bar by oxdb.netGPS ON / OFF status bar

Rated 2.60(10) — oxdb.net

Switch and display the GPS status in the status bar.

Easy Set Seconds Timer by oxdb.netEasy Set Seconds Timer

Rated 4.31(13) — oxdb.net

The timer keeps the notes and the time in the seconds. With the vibration. The free app.

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Elapsed Time Notes by oxdb.netElapsed Time Notes

Rated 4.38(8) — oxdb.net

Display the elapsed time from the time you register a note.

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Every second on status bar by oxdb.netEvery second on status bar

Rated 0.00(0) — oxdb.net

Every second on the status bar (every 1 sec)

Expense management by oxdb.netExpense management

Rated 1.88(8) — oxdb.net

Simple personal finance with amount and note.

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FI dates on status bar by oxdb.netFI dates on status bar

Rated 0.00(0) — oxdb.net

FinlandDay and date in the status bar including holidays in 2013 and 2014.

Flick Bass(eight notes) by oxdb.netFlick Bass(eight notes)

Rated 3.00(4) — oxdb.net

One octave Bass sound by flicking the screen.

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Fuel Efficiency by oxdb.netFuel Efficiency

Rated 3.30(40) — oxdb.net

Calculate and convert the fuel consumption.

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Glycemic Chart Calendar by oxdb.netGlycemic Chart Calendar

Rated 2.21(14) — oxdb.net

Fasting and postprandial blood glucose level graph.

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GPS Altitude Meter (m) by oxdb.netGPS Altitude Meter (m)

Rated 3.51(608) — oxdb.net

Display the altitude (meter) by GPS surveying.

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GPS Speedometer (km / h) by oxdb.netGPS Speedometer (km / h)

Rated 3.71(4,934) — oxdb.net

Display the speed (km / h) by GPS surveying. The maximum speed will be retained.

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