30 Para Quran القران الكريم Colour Coded 16 Lines

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About 30 Para Quran القران الكريم Colour Coded 16 Lines

30 Para Quran القران الكريم ''Colour Coded Tajveed'' 16 Lines

Including Surah with Names & Numbers:
78. Surah An Naba, Surat An Naba, Surah Naba, Surah 78
79. Surah An Naziat, Surah 79
80. Surah Abasa, Surat Abasa, Surah Al Abasa, Surah 80
81. Surah At Takwir, Surah Takwir, Surat At Takwir, Surah Al Takwir, Surah 81
82. Surah Al Infitar, Surah Infitar, Surat Al Infitar, Surah 82
83. Surah Mutaffifin, Surah Al Mutaffifin, Surat Al Mutaffifin, Surah 83
84. Surah Inshiqaq, Surah Al Inshiqaq, Surat Al Inshiqaq, Surah 84
85. Surah Buruj, Surah Al Buruj, Al Buruj, Surat Al Buruj, Al Buruj Surah, Surah 85
86. Surah Tariq, Surah At Tariq, Surah Al Tariq, Surat At Tariq, Surah 86
87. surah al ala, surat al a la, surah aala, surah ala, sourate al ala, surah al alaa, Surah 87
88. Surah Ghashiya, Surah al Ghashiyah, Surah Ghashiyah, Surah Al Ghashiya, Surah 88
89. surah fajr, surah al fajr, sourate al fajr, surat al fajr, al fajr surah, surah al fajar, Surah 89
90. Surah Balad, Surah Al Balad, Surat Al Balad, Al Balad Surah, Sourate Al Balad, Surah 90
91. surah shams, surah al shams, surah ash shams, surah as shams, Surah 91
92. surah al lail, surah layl, surah lail, salatul layl, surat al lail, surah al layl, Surah 92
93. surat ad dhuha, surah ad dhuha, surat dhuha, surat adh dhuha, Surah 93
94. surah alam nashrah, surah al insyirah, surah inshirah, alam nashrah surah, Surah 94
95. surat at tin, surah tin, surah at tin, surah al tin, surah watini, at tin surah, Surah 95
96. surah al alaq, surat al alaq, surah alaq, surah e alaq, sourate al alaq, Surah 96
97. surah qadr, surah al qadr, surah e qadr, surat al qadr, sourate al qadr, Surah 97
98. surah bayyinah, surah al bayyinah, surat al bayyinah, sourate al bayyinah, Surah 98
99. surah zilzal, surah al zalzalah, surah zalzalah, surat al zalzalah, surah zalzala, Surah 99
100. surah adiyat, surah al adiyat, attahiyat surah, surat al adiyat, Surah 100
101. surah qariah, surat al qoriah, surah qaria, surah qariyah, surah al qaria, Surah 101
102. surah takathur, surah takasur, surah al takathur, surah al takasur, Surah 102
103. surah al asr, surah asr, sourate al asr, wal asr, surah wal asr, al asr surah, Surah 103
104. surah humazah, surah al humazah, al humazah, surat al humazah, Surah 104
105. surah fil, surah feel, surah al fil, surah al feel, surah al fiil, surat al fil, Surah 105
106. surah quraish, surah al quraish, surah e quraish, surah quraish ki fazilat, Surah 106
107. surah maun, surah al maun, surah maoon, surat al maun, surat al ma un, Surah 107
108. surah kausar, surah al kauthar, al kawthar, surah al kausar, Surah 108
109. surah kafirun, surah al kafirun, al kafirun, surah kafiroon, surat al kafirun, kafirun, surah al kafiroon, qul ya ayyuhal kafirun, sourate al kafiroun, sura kafirun, kulya ayyuhal kafirun, surah e kafiroon, al kafirun surah, ayat al kafirun, kafiroon surah, surah qulya al kafirun, surah kaafiroon, qulya al kafirun, qulya ayyuhal kafirun, tajwid surat al kafirun, sura el kafirun, al kafiroun, surat kafirun, surah qul ya ayyuhal kafirun, Surah 109
110. surah nasr, annasr, surah an nasr, surah al nasr, surat an nasr, surah e nasr, al nasr surah, an nasr surah, nasr surah, surat al nasr, surat nasr, sourate al nasr, Surah 110
111. surah masad, surah al masad, al masad, sourate al masad, surat al masad, Surah 111
112. surah ikhlas, surah al ikhlas, al ikhlas, surat al ikhlas, ikhlas, surah ikhlas benefits, eikhlas, surat ikhlas, sourate al ikhlas, sura ihlas, sorat ikhlas, surah ikhlas arabic, al ikhlas surah, surah al ahad, surah e ikhlas, qul hu allah hu ahad, surah ikhlas ki fazilat, surah ikhlas in arabic, ayat al ikhlas, qul hu allahu ahad, surah alikhlas, Surah 112
113. surah falaq, surah al falaq, al falaq, surat al falaq, falaq, sourate al falaq, al falaq surah, surah e falaq, surah naas and falaq, surah falaq and naas, Surah 113
114. surah nas, surat annas, surah naas, surah an nas, surah al nas, sura nas, surah annas, sourate al nas, sure nas, Surah 114

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