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About Jamaican Dominoes

At JamDom.com, we play Jamaican Style Dominoes, in the REALEST, most authentic way. If you are looking for a challenge against REAL LIVE players in 6 different Game Styles and Tournaments, then log on to JamDom.com from your laptop or desktop to see how you Rank among the best players in the Caribbean and the rest of the world!

If you want to Learn How to Play or just want to conveniently Dash out Dominoes from your mobile device while on the go without an internet connection, then try out this practice app.

If you are new to the Jamaican/Caribbean style of playing, then here is run down of the rules to get you up and running...

This App Features the Cut Throat Game Style, where the Player who Drops SIX LOVE is the winner!

There are a total of 28 Dominoes, and they are labelled in 7 different suites or series as follows:
6-6, 6-5, 6-4, 6-3, 6-2, 6-1, 6-0
5-5, 5-4, 5-3, 5-2, 5-1, 5-0
4-4, 4-3, 4-2, 4-1, 4-0
3-3, 3-2, 3-1, 3-0
2-2, 2-1, 2-0
1-1, 1-0

At the start of each Round, the 28 dominoes are shuffled and distributed randomly to the 4 Players at the table. Each player draws 7 dominoes from the shuffled pool of dominoes.

In the First Game of the Set, the player who draws the Double 6 domino is the Player who will POSE. The Poser is the Player to play the First Domino at the start of the game.

After the Pose, the Turn moves to the player to the right (counter clockwise) of the Poser. The next play is made by playing any card of the 6-suite, for example 6-5 or 6-2, to connect with the Double 6 that was already posed.

If the Next Player does not have a domino with a "6" in their hand, this player will PASS, which simply means the turn skips to the next player.

Let's say that Player #2 decides to play 6-5 on the 6-6 (Double 6) pose. Now Player #3 has the choice of playing either a 6 or a 5. If they don't have a domino belonging to the 6-suite or 5-suite, they PASS, and the turn moves to the next player.

This same pattern of matching or connecting dominoes continues until a player is able to play all their tiles first.

The first player to play all their dominoes is the winner of that game. The winner receives 1 point added to their score or 2 points for winning with a KEY CARD!

A key card is a Two-Faced Domino, for example, 4-3, that connects with both ends of the board, as the last card played by a player as their winning card. In order for it to be a Key Card, it must also be the 7th (last) member of the suite for both suites that it belongs to. So if 4-3 was the player's winning domino, and a 4 was exposed at one of the board and a 3 at the other, and 6 pieces of 4 and 6 pieces of 3 were already played, the 4-3 is deemed to be a key card.

The winner of a game becomes the Poser of the next game.

In some cases, the game may also be BLOCKED, meaning that every player passes and no player has yet played all their cards. This happens when all 7-members of a suite have already been played and these are the only exposed values to play on at either end of the board.

The winner of a blocked game is the person who has the LOWEST COUNT of all the pips/dots on ALL of their dominoes, collectively. Meaning, if you have 3-2 and 5-5 remaining in your hand when the game is blocked, the total count of your hand is: 3 + 2 + 5 + 5 = 15.

If there is a TIE for the lowest count, then the game is a DRAW and the next game is played for 2 points. Since there was no clear winner, in the next round, the player who draws Double 6 (6-6) will pose.

In the 6-LOVE style of Cut Throat, the Set of Games is over when a player reaches a total Score of 6 while at least one other player remains at a score of 0 (6-0).

Alternatively, the game is said to be "BRUCK" or broken if every player scores at least 1 point before any player is able to reach 6 points.

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What are users saying about Jamaican Dominoes

by K####:

....it absolutely sucks that if you accidentally back out of the game by pressing the back button, because you make the dominoes in your hand lay RIGHT by that button, you lose your entire game. That's so stupid. And annoying. If I don't intentionally back out, WHILE THE GAME IS STILL ON MY SCREEN MIND YOU, it shouldn't start the entire session over. What's that all about? Happens ALL THE TIME. It's so frustrating. Fix asap please. Then it'll get a higher ranking from me. Thanks.

by K####:

Why do the players not play their doubles and make me kill the doubles. Game too easy as a result.

by W####:

Each time I try to place a domino where I want it to go by dragging the domino to where i want it the dame game put it at the other end... This is stupid... How am I to win of I don't have proper handling of how I want to play the game

by K####:

U have no control when u want to play a found. That's stupid

by K####:

Everytime i blocked the game..it freezes up..have to uninstall and re install the game to play

by K####:

The game freezes when u win key or block game.

by O####:

Fix the damn app it's not right u would make a half working dominoe game

by K####:

Lovely games. As Jamaican as it gets. Where is the menu option to exit the game? Had to reboot in order to exit game. Please work on that.

by K####:

Very fun game

by W####:


by H####:

Love it

by V####:

I uninstalled this game simply because it does not give you the option to play at the end you want when you have the option. It automatically puts the card on the end it feels like which is not always the option you would choose. I think an update is needed to correct this issue

by K####:

Unruly rude love it Randi rude

by Q####:

Up up up

by Y####:

The best

by K####:

The jamdom lobby used to freeze up and you'd get kicked out . Lol messing up my stats. Now you have an app on Android; big up to that. All this is missing is levels and stats. I need to increase difficulty level..

by K####:

Big up and thanks to Admin for this awsome, fun, and for some people adicting site .Nuff respect I say 5* all the way.

by K####:

Just need some online and it's lit

by K####:

I would give 5+++++ if it didn't freeze when the game is blocked or a Key Domino. (BLU 6.0 HD)

by K####:

Needs no special permission and game is reasonable paced...easily a 6 star oops i meant 5 star app!

by K####:

JamDom reach the App Store?! Big Tings!

by K####:

Love it!!!

by K####:


by T####:

Give Dem Full Hundred.......!!!!!!!!

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