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About Out There Chronicles - Ep. 2

The next chapter in the highly-anticipated Sci-Fi saga inspired by Out There, the multi-award-winning space exploration game.

After fleeing America in a ramshackle ship, Darius and his ragtag crew crash on a desert planet. He wakes in a sorry state, alone on the purple desert planet.
In this chapter, Darius must survive on a planet almost as unwelcoming as a local population that worships a mysterious Winged God. What happened to his crew? Did Nyx survive? And most importantly, how the hell can he get off this cursed planet?

Out There Chronicles is a unique adventure set several million years before Out There. Where do the Arks come from? What are the Cubes? Fans of the original game will find answers to some questions, but others will remain a mystery.
You’ll also meet various alien races and get the opportunity to learn more about their people… If you can master their language, of course.

In this universe that is so far from your own in distance and in time, a sharp mind and an instinct for survival are your only weapons. Friendships can be forged and ancient rivalries re-emerge through your encounters with almost-human and less-human races. Will you be able to distinguish friend from foe?
As in the original game, a single human is unable to face the forces of the universe alone. Achieve your goals by exercising diplomacy when needed, and seizing opportunities when they present themselves.

Written by FibreTigre, author of the original game, Out There Chronicles offers an epic story that will delight science fiction fans in search of new experiences.
Brilliantly illustrated by top French SF artist, Benjamin Carré, and equipped with a simple interface, Out There Chronicles will take you on a journey of adventure, even if you’ve never played a video game before.

• 50+ achievements
• An interactive sci-fi graphic novel written by FibreTigre (Out There)
• A complex dialogue system: your choices can have consequences later in the adventure
• Master the alien language and discover their cultures
• Stunning, varied environments
• Develop relationships with an array of complex characters
• Revelations on the Out There universe
• A dead simple, accessible interface
• Magnificent illustrations by Benjamin Carré, the French master of science fiction
• Captivating music composed by Siddhartha Barnhoorn (Antichamber, Out There…)

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Download and install Out There Chronicles - Ep. 2 version 1.0.0 on your Android device!
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Android package: com.miclos.outtherechronicles2, download Out There Chronicles - Ep. 2.apk

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Checkpoint bugs fixed

What are users saying about Out There Chronicles - Ep. 2

by M####:

Just got this episode and havent played through it yet, but seeing in the comments that there will be more episodes coming I am a bit disappointed. Unless developer publishes them sooner. Anything MiClos do is a jewel and piece of art and would highly recommend it. Also, having episode 1 out for free was a very nice gesture too. <3 Out There <3

by Z####:

The game has too few checkpoint, meaning the player somtimes has to replay several minutes of gameplay. There are multiple ridiculously difficult parts, including the final battle which I have been trying for two hours. Game would be great if it were beatable.

by Q####:

The artwork and music are great as always, but the story much weaker than Ep 1. Dialogues less natural, some fast forwards / less detailed sections closer to the end, less player's choice, and bad checkpoint design - if you do something wrong you die and need to rewind a lot of gameplay. I liked the linguistic puzzles though.

by A####:

Awesome game. It's shorter than ep1 but more difficult. Every choice has huge effect on outcome. Now I'm waiting for ep3

by Z####:

Hot dayum was that good; the saves being that far apart is a bit of a drag but I can understand why they might have done it. I can't wait for episode three! Do let us transfer saves somehow!

by Z####:

I loved Out There Omega with all my heart, and I'm happy to support the developer by purchasing this game. That said, there are bugs--the sound glitches every time I restart, so it is often all-but-muted. Very sad, as Siddartha Barnhoorn's music is one of the selling points of the game! Although I didn't get stuck on the part where you play as Jack (For those who are, make sure to -distract- Yennega when Darius is sneaking past her) I'm finding it impossible to survive the final battle with Horatio. I feel like it's bugged--even if I have Nyx wait to specifically protect me, she never makes it in time. I don't mind the difficulty, but I feel absolutely stonewalled, and I'm wondering if it's meant to be that way.

by Z####:

There should be more checkpoints, you are forced to repeat same parts over and over if you make a mistake, and there are some punishing parts of the game, where you have to choose perfectly or you die.

by Z####:

J'ai essayé de faire traîner mais c'est déjà fini. Après le 1er épisode offert j'ai voulu supporter en payant le 2ème et c'est sans regret. Hâte d'avoir la suite (un peu plus long ?). Niveau bug j'ai seulement constaté des latences dans l'affichage entre les séquences (écran noir, les points de suspension en bas à droite visibles mais pas de réaction pdt quelques secondes). Après pour les checkpoints c'est toujours rageant de refaire une fois mort mais c'est équilibré dans l'ensemble (sauf peut-être la longue séquence avant d'aller chasser). Mais ça a peut-être déjà été réglé par la maj au vu de son détail.

by Z####:

Great story! There's a few bugs here and there and some really harsh segments, but it's cool!

by Z####:

Stuck at part where winged god meet jack and darius. Played 20 times everytime i got killed. So many bugs

by Z####:

Glitched. Every choice I make when playing as Jack leads to death. How can I get past this?

by Z####:

The game has some technical issues but is still great fun and a nice continuation, and you can do nothing right for Nyx!

by Z####:

Awesome game! Have patience and you'll finalise the gameplay regretting that it's too fast! A+

by Z####:

How do you pass the cartographer point where you're Jack and darius is caught? Tried at least ten play throughs. I know out there series can be brutal in choices, but shouldn't be impossible. Episode 1 was like this at the point where memory scan timing. Although there are many choices, there are often points where only one choice works...

by P####:

Excellent story. I've immersed myself in every possible way. It's a bit short though. Can't wait for episode 3.

by Z####:

Amazing game, engaging story, impressive illustrations. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

by N####:

How does this not have more great reviews?

by Z####:

Finally part two is out. Long wait but totally worth it!

by Y####:

Final battle is bugged

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