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Goddess of epics. Kalliope! by 10000-Lab, IncGoddess of epics. Kalliope!

Rated 2.86(168) — 10000-Lab, Inc

Extremely beautiful and fantastic graphics. Sounds that arouse potential imagination endlessly. Easy to play. Stimulating curiosity by game Scenario. ◇ Extremely beautiful and fantastic graphicsKalliope is a puzzle game which extremely dreamy and full...

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Money:Zombie-Show me the money by 10000-Lab, IncMoney:Zombie-Show me the money

Rated 4.70(142) — 10000-Lab, Inc

Get rid of the zombie and take the money the zombie has! You can acquire even more money by researching zombies! The world has been destroyed by the zombies. You must get rid of all the zombies in order to bring back peace to the world. How? Just touch...

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Luna's Story by 10000-Lab, IncLuna's Story

Rated 0.00(0) — 10000-Lab, Inc

Luna's Story는 사전에 퍼즐게임 모뉴먼트밸리의 개발사에 본 게임의 제작에 대한 내용과 게임의 시나리오와 게임의 스크린샷, 테스트를 위한 실행파일을 공유하며 오마주의 커뮤니케이션을 함께...

칼리오페 For Kakao by 10000-Lab, Inc칼리오페 For Kakao

Rated 3.27(3,974) — 10000-Lab, Inc

◇ 극단적으로 아름다운 몽환적인 그래픽감성을 자극하는 극단적이고도 몽환적인 아름다움이 가득한 퍼즐 게임. 고대 그리스 신화에 등장하는 대서사시의 여신. 칼리오페에서 스토리의 영감을...

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