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384 Puzzles for Preschool Kids by Abuzz384 Puzzles for Preschool Kids

Rated 4.04(19,628) — Abuzz

After the huge success of our puzzle games and 1000+ positive reviews from parents, we got busy and made an extra large, mega, jumbo, giant pack of all the "Puzzle 4 Kids" games, this time with NO ADS. That's right, now you can have a bundle of 180+204...

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82 Animals Dot-to-Dot for Kids by Abuzz82 Animals Dot-to-Dot for Kids

Rated 4.23(13) — Abuzz

Go on an adventure and play with Aquatic, Farm, Savannah and Jungle animals. Learn numbers and letters with this unique Connect the Dots Animal Encyclopedia. Master your alphabets and practice counting skills and be rewarded with animal sounds, pictures..

Animals Blocks Puzzle for kids by AbuzzAnimals Blocks Puzzle for kids

Rated 3.91(1,368) — Abuzz

Watch your children learn all the names and voices of numerous farm animals, jungle animals, insects and other animals that can be found in the zoo through fun and play. Your little ones will enjoy playing and learning with these free HD virtual 3D block.

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Animals Puzzle and fun games for Kids by AbuzzAnimals Puzzle and fun games for Kids

Rated 4.45(29) — Abuzz

Learn and play with the farm and jungle animals in this free puzzle game. A combination of puzzle along with cute mini games will make your learning journey easy and enjoyable. This game is appropriate for kindergarten kids. It will help them to improve..

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Balloon Pop ???? - educational game for Kids by AbuzzBalloon Pop ???? - educational game for Kids

Rated 4.43(7) — Abuzz

Balloon pop-pop-pop! Learn animal names and what sound each animal makes; get familiar with the fruits and vegetables that you eat; learn your alphabet letters and count the numbers. Your baby will love playing this educational balloon game, while learnin

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Car & Vehicles Puzzle for Kids by AbuzzCar & Vehicles Puzzle for Kids

Rated 3.89(5,440) — Abuzz

Cars puzzle is a fun and educational game for toddlers, specially young boys. Learn names and sounds, while playing 60 different transportation puzzles – some of them are planes, train, police car, school bus, truck, ship, space rocket, fire engine...

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Cars Blocks game for kids by AbuzzCars Blocks game for kids

Rated 3.44(727) — Abuzz

Have fun while playing; learn the names of various transport objects that you have as toys; listen to the unique sounds of each. Best educational building blocks for children – free virtual 3D cubes which can be flipped and matched to assemble each...

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Cars Memory Match 4 Kids by AbuzzCars Memory Match 4 Kids

Rated 3.68(146) — Abuzz

Food has been immensely popular with small kids and on popular parents demand we are releasing Cars. "Memory Match 4 Kids" is a fun and educational HD game for your baby or toddler, specially designed to be appropriate for autistic children. This free...

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Christmas Coloring Book 4 Kids by AbuzzChristmas Coloring Book 4 Kids

Rated 3.39(538) — Abuzz

Merry Xmas and a Happy New 2015 Year! Christmas time is near, jingle bells are ringing, lights are lit up on the Christmas tree and snowflakes are dancing up in the sky, kids are happy making their first Snowman. With Santa Claus & his gifts just around..

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Food Blocks game for Kids by AbuzzFood Blocks game for Kids

Rated 3.65(614) — Abuzz

On huge parents demand we release this 2nd set of fruits, vegetables and breakfast objects. Toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners will enjoy playing with these free HD virtual 3D building blocks puzzles and along the way they will learn words and...

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384 Puzzles for Preschool Kids - bonus games ???? by Abuzz384 Puzzles for Preschool Kids - bonus games ????

Rated 5.00(7) — Abuzz

After the huge success of our 384 puzzle game and 20000+ positive reviews from parents, we have now made this bonus game with the same objects. We have added jigsaw puzzle, memory game and placing the objects in a scene. All these three modes gives the...

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Alphabets Puzzle for baby kids by AbuzzAlphabets Puzzle for baby kids

Rated 4.32(57) — Abuzz

Best educational game to teach alphabets to little children of 1 to 4 years of age. This preschool puzzle game will help your small baby learn the letters of the alphabets - with pronunciation, phonics, cute animations, fun "slice it" game. While playing.

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Animals Coloring Book for Kids by AbuzzAnimals Coloring Book for Kids

Rated 3.72(368) — Abuzz

FREE - 35 cute animals drawing pages for Children that enjoys finger painting with 100% realistic crayon, paintbrush, color pencil and marker effects. Kids enjoy coloring funny cartoon animals and so we created a separate educational learning fun game...

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Animals Puzzle for Kids by AbuzzAnimals Puzzle for Kids

Rated 4.14(52,801) — Abuzz

This Free jigsaw like puzzle game helps your kids develop matching, tactile and fine motor skills while playing 100 different Animals Puzzles - horse, cow, pig, sheep, duck, chicken, donkey, dog, cat and rabbit, bee, butterfly, mouse, peacock, monkey...

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BLOW mini games for Baby Kids by AbuzzBLOW mini games for Baby Kids

Rated 3.80(16,065) — Abuzz

A dazzling, extremely-entertaining, super-fun FREE game for toddlers and kindergarten children: 1. Blow soap bubble balloons: hearts, stars or even animal shapes, it's your call :) You can also pop the bubbles with a single tap for even more fun. Pop...

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Car Racing game for Kids - Beepzz Dogs by AbuzzCar Racing game for Kids - Beepzz Dogs

Rated 3.63(8) — Abuzz

Beep-Beep or should we say Woof-Woof. Get ready for the best new racing game for small kids. Featuring the most cute puppy that you have seen - and they are driving and jumping around both indoor and outdoor places. Our cartoon dog cars are ready to...

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Cars Colouring Book for Kids by AbuzzCars Colouring Book for Kids

Rated 3.74(372) — Abuzz

Oh boy! this is a treat for all the Children that simply love Cars. If your kid loves airplanes, trains, trucks, motorcycles, police cars and space ships, then this is the best learning painting app for them. Finger Painting helps them to express their...

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Cartoon Jigsaw puzzle for kids by AbuzzCartoon Jigsaw puzzle for kids

Rated 3.76(827) — Abuzz

A beautiful remake of the classic jigsaw puzzle game for preschool and kindergarten children aged 2-6 - toddlers have fun while playing 60 colorful cartoonish creative puzzle pictures - while they also learn the pronunciation of those words (names) and...

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First Coloring book for kindergarten kids by AbuzzFirst Coloring book for kindergarten kids

Rated 4.47(40) — Abuzz

A creative toddler game that helps young children develop their imagination, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Coloring with this color game will enable your kindergarten kids to create their own unique world of creativity and imagination...

Food puzzle for kids by AbuzzFood puzzle for kids

Rated 3.96(12,939) — Abuzz

Puzzle for kids series (8) are one of the best fun and educational games for young kids, toddlers and preschool children. This top free game will help your child develop matching, tactile and fine motor skills while playing and exploring 100 different...

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