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Actions Games Hub LLC published 8 applications on Google Play, 128 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.36!

Action robots Destruction machines by Actions Games Hub LLCAction robots Destruction machines

Rated 5.00(2) — Actions Games Hub LLC

Step into the future, time to enjoy elegant destruction by robots. It’s age of advance military weapons and defense system. Without wasting actual soldiers, robots are sacrificed. Ultimate contest of technology and superiority in defense strategies...

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Candy Fest Christmas by Actions Games Hub LLCCandy Fest Christmas

Rated 5.00(2) — Actions Games Hub LLC

Swap & match 3 candies to crush sugar. Candies of Stripes & rainbows coloring are pleasant to eyes. Candy fest swap combos make the multiple candy layer crushing possible. Stacked Candy moves downward as you destroy the candy. Extra moves, extra lives...

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Furious Assault Enemy Shooting by Actions Games Hub LLCFurious Assault Enemy Shooting

Rated 4.67(6) — Actions Games Hub LLC

Take the control of the battle and win against dangerous enemy. Best shooting game, classic fun of the furious assault enemy shooting has no bounds. Crazy sniper and men with missions of destruction are there to stop the furious assault of our commando...

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Rogue Assassin : Civilian Rescuer by Actions Games Hub LLCRogue Assassin : Civilian Rescuer

Rated 4.47(40) — Actions Games Hub LLC

Time to pull best action campaign against most heinous enemy. These enemies of public have abducted a lot of citizens for the money & prisoners’ release. Take action to kill them, use sniper scope for killing from a distance. Waiting on rooftops for...

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Border Army Russian Sniper Striker 2018 by Actions Games Hub LLCBorder Army Russian Sniper Striker 2018

Rated 4.25(20) — Actions Games Hub LLC

Time for the compelling sniper shooting and perfect assassination, enjoy the nonstop action and show the speed of execution. Uncover secrets in the Border army game, reach to up to the higher killer ranks of silent assassination. Russian sniper is equippe

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Elite Gun Dinosaur Hunter by Actions Games Hub LLCElite Gun Dinosaur Hunter

Rated 3.00(3) — Actions Games Hub LLC

Fight the dinosaur herd and hunt the predators, elite gun action of huntingSurvive into big dark jungle with elite guns like sniper and assault machine guns. Wild animals will attack without any regard. Use battle learned hard skills of shooting and...

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Last Shooter Standing: Enemy Invasion by Actions Games Hub LLCLast Shooter Standing: Enemy Invasion

Rated 4.52(50) — Actions Games Hub LLC

Snowy war fields, battle ridden areas with enemy obsession over occupation of last shooter’s homeland. Acclaimed as enemy territory, thrilling gunfire and a party of enemy shooting is waiting for you. Last shooter can use the Vantage points, hiding...

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Sniper War Action Shooting in Jungle by Actions Games Hub LLCSniper War Action Shooting in Jungle

Rated 4.00(5) — Actions Games Hub LLC

Assassin mission struggle and sniper shooting in the jungle environment. Commando shooting against brutal enemy forces. Hub of the terrorist activities & ultimate evil headquarters. Dark & dense jungle is completely off the grid and an easy choice for...

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