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Air Time by ActionXLAir Time

Rated 3.52(27) — ActionXL

You jumped the headwall and caught sick air. But how much air exactly? Now you will know. Air Time will tell you how long you were in the air to the hundredth of a second. Track all the jumps on an entire run. Snowboards, Skis, Motocross, BMX, Skateboards

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Bubble Level by ActionXLBubble Level

Rated 4.06(646) — ActionXL

Bubble Level is a free application for Android phones. The application creates an image of a spirit level bubble vial on the screen of the phone. Bubble Level works in all three orientations: flat phone (surface level), horizontal phone and vertical...

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Cosmic Trails by ActionXLCosmic Trails

Rated 4.21(85) — ActionXL

In Cosmic Trails, players tilt the phone to send their ship soaring across the screen. Celestial, geometric comets streak through the space leaving deadly trails. Players must strike each comet's head (represented by one of five colorful shapes) while...

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Dairy One Forage App by ActionXLDairy One Forage App

Rated 0.00(0) — ActionXL

An app aiding submission of forage samples to the Dairy One Forage Lab in Ithaca, NY.

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Johnson Visual Level by ActionXLJohnson Visual Level

Rated 3.52(188) — ActionXL

1.5: Smoother splash behavior.1.4: Fixed Hold.1.3: Now available on Android 1.6+.1.2: Added Hold button.1.1: Fixed force close.Use the camera to see instantly if surfaces are level or plumb, like a virtual laser level. Digital level display shows angles..

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Mast Tuner by ActionXLMast Tuner

Rated 4.38(8) — ActionXL

Mast Tuner is a simple application for a quick check of your mast. Use it to check for proper alignment, and to measure the rake of the mast. Uses the camera view finder and accelerometer to create some augmented reality (level lines on the screen and...

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Rubble Sort by ActionXLRubble Sort

Rated 2.95(40) — ActionXL

In Rubble-Sort, players tilt the phone to catch falling rubble in its appropriate storage bin, trying to keep up with a cataclysmic landslide of rainbow rubbish.

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ShoutShout by ActionXLShoutShout

Rated 3.00(5) — ActionXL

Got something to say? ShoutShout is like digital graffiti. Leave your thoughts on a map for up to an hour, and you can communicate anything from speed traps to a great musician in the park. Shout about traffic, lunch specials, street fairs, anything...

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Zig-Zag by ActionXLZig-Zag

Rated 3.19(437) — ActionXL

A psychedelic arcade experience where players keep their electric-orb vehicle balanced on an increasingly ziggy zag. Warning: Trippy.

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Black Box by ActionXLBlack Box

Rated 3.00(10) — ActionXL

Android Blackbox (Recorder) for your car. If you are in an accident, you will have a video of what happened.If you use your Android phone as your car navigation system, you can run Blackbox in the background to:* Record your drive. Blackbox records drivin

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Cluster by ActionXLCluster

Rated 5.00(2) — ActionXL

Tap + Tilt your way around the 360* world, blasting apart spherical drones before they cluster together and overpower your lone defense. Store bombs to destroy over 10 unique bosses at the end of each area.


Rated 3.66(147) — ActionXL

CRADAR (CRAsh Detection And Response) is a man-down application that uses the accelerometer to detect a fall and sends a text message alert to a specified emergency contact, using the GPS to include a link to a map with your exact location. Great for...

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Johnson Bubble Level by ActionXLJohnson Bubble Level

Rated 3.68(25) — ActionXL

*Multiple Unit Display*Product Discounts*5-Direction LevelSponsored By Johnson Level, Johnson Bubble Level is a simple level application. Use it to straighten shelves, adjust hanging pictures, or cheat on your golf putts.

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MapApp: Ithaca by ActionXLMapApp: Ithaca

Rated 5.00(6) — ActionXL

Cornell and Ithaca College Parents! Find any building, dorm, fraternity or sorority on the Cornell and Ithaca College campuses.•MapApp is Free•MapApp uses Google Maps and Navigation•Provides voice turn-by-tun directions•You can add your own points...

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Mobile HERO 24-7 by ActionXLMobile HERO 24-7

Rated 1.00(1) — ActionXL

Mobile HERO 24-7, an Android™ Mobile PersonalEmergency Response App For Active Seniors, Adults, College Students, Teenagers and Younger Kids* Operates in the background on any Android™ Mobile Phone* Free Download to your Phone* Automatic Fall Detection...

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Save My Spot by ActionXLSave My Spot

Rated 4.00(2) — ActionXL

Use Save My Spot to mark your location. When you want to find your way back, Save My Spot gives you a Google Map satellite view that shows where you are, the spot you want to return to, an arrow that points the way, and the exact distance to your destinat

Treestand 9-1-1 by ActionXLTreestand 9-1-1

Rated 5.00(1) — ActionXL

An essential addition to your safety checklist for hunters, bird-watchers, and anyone that climbs trees alone. Treestand 9-1-1 detects if you fall out of your treestand and sends a text alert with your location to a list of emergency contacts.Calibrate...

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