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Arrange Marriage Tips(Marathi) by Amy81Arrange Marriage Tips(Marathi)

Rated 5.00(1) — Amy81

तुम्ही स्थळ शोधत आहात पण प्रत्येक मुलगी तुम्हाला नकार देते ? अरेंज मेरेज मध्ये मुलीला कसे इम्प्रेस...

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Bhavani Talvariche Rahasya by Amy81Bhavani Talvariche Rahasya

Rated 4.62(60) — Amy81

Bhavani Talvariche Rahasya is a 100% fictional novel. It is based on a fictional historical era where a young Marathi King and his mother rebel against the Mughals and Adilshahi. But before they can build their kingdom they are forced by destiny to do...

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Gender Prediction For Pregnant by Amy81Gender Prediction For Pregnant

Rated 0.00(0) — Amy81

For any expecting parent there is always an element of surprise to know the baby's gender. It is an important part of pregnancy. Over years people tried to device various methods to judge a baby's gender before she was born. We have collected this tips...

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Hindi Crime Stories (हिंदी) by Amy81Hindi Crime Stories (हिंदी)

Rated 4.08(24) — Amy81

This app contains collections of several great real life crime stories. Crimes that took years to be solved but got solved eventually either by persistent efforts of police or by pure accident. This app also contains crime stories across the world that...

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Hindi Shayari and Forwards by Amy81Hindi Shayari and Forwards

Rated 4.80(5) — Amy81

Do you like to share shareworthy hindi shayari with your friends ? Do you know from where all those interesting jokes an poems come from ? Now you too can share interesting stuff from this app. This app contains interesting hindi shayari and poems and...

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History of India in Marathi by Amy81History of India in Marathi

Rated 3.73(33) — Amy81

We bring to you a fantastic marathi app with entire history of India from Vedic period till Maratha empire in marathi language. Unlike other history books we have given great importance and detail to relatively unknown kingdoms such as Ahom, Pallav...

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Marathi BookStore by Amy81Marathi BookStore

Rated 4.27(3,070) — Amy81

Finally you can read some of the most popular marathi books in history on your phone without the need of internet. Marathi BookStore is a very simple app focused on marathi story readers. I has got around 12 popular books which you can read even if you...

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Marathi Horror : Ghost Ships by Amy81Marathi Horror : Ghost Ships

Rated 4.07(150) — Amy81

Oceans are full of mysteries. Over history of mankind sailors have recorded sightings of mysterious creatures, mermaids, ghost ships and what not. This is a Marathi app about collection of real stories of ghost ships in the ocean. Most of these stories...

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Marathi Mystery Stories by Amy81Marathi Mystery Stories

Rated 2.44(25) — Amy81

Marathi Mystry Story- कॉम्प्युटर वर अनेक प्रोग्राम एकाच वेळेस रन होत असतात, त्याप्रमाणे मानवी आत्मा हा एक प्रोग्राम...

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Marathi Thriller Story by Amy81Marathi Thriller Story

Rated 3.90(29) — Amy81

Escape from down under is a World War 2 based war thriller story in Marathi.In this brilliant marathi novel you will go on an amazing journey as Germany, UK, Japan and USA fight it out for world dominance. First of its kind in Marathi literature.Acknowled

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Bajirav Mastani (Hindi) by Amy81Bajirav Mastani (Hindi)

Rated 4.33(6) — Amy81

Bajirav Ballal was a great Maratha commander. He was known for his battles none of which he lost. He fell in love with Mastani. She was his paramour and caused a lot of stir in the Royal family. Bajirav is a subject of lot of admiration and research...

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Buddha Sahitya बौद्ध साहित्य by Amy81Buddha Sahitya बौद्ध साहित्य

Rated 4.55(99) — Amy81

We are proud to bring you Marathi and Hindi books about Buddha and Buddhism which are already in public domain. These books cover life of Buddha and his philosophy of non-violence and victory of human suffering. We hope these books will help you find...

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H.G. Wells Selected Works by Amy81H.G. Wells Selected Works

Rated 4.33(6) — Amy81

HG Wells is known as one of the greatest science fiction author ever lived. His books like Time Machine, Invisible Man, War of the World are not only considered classics but have also been inspiration for many other books, movies and forms of art. This...

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Hindi Horror Stories by Amy81Hindi Horror Stories

Rated 3.82(71) — Amy81

We are bring to you some really good and high quality Horror and Mystery stories in Hindi for you. These stories include things like - Reincarnation- Ghost sightings- Alien encounters- Murders and Serial Killers etc.Acknowledgments:We have either purchase

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History of India in Hindi by Amy81History of India in Hindi

Rated 3.87(53) — Amy81

History of Indian civilization as a Hindi book. We are glad to publish the two volume exclusive work on India's history in Hindi. This is app cover's India's history from ancient Vedic period till start of India's freedom struggle. It covers some of...

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Marathi Horror Experiences (मराठी भयकथा) by Amy81Marathi Horror Experiences (मराठी भयकथा)

Rated 4.50(18) — Amy81

We have compiled a list of horror experiences in Marathi sent to us by our readers and converted them into stories. These stories were originally published on our Facebook page and now being published as an app.

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Marathi Detective Novel: Alpha by Amy81Marathi Detective Novel: Alpha

Rated 4.31(131) — Amy81

Sourabh Wagale is a young author bringing a new Detective protagonist Alpha and his bookworm friend Prabhav to the world of Marathi literature.Alpha and Prabhav are on trail of the mystery of an expensive knife. What is the mystery behind this exquisite..

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Marathi Mahabharat Katha by Amy81Marathi Mahabharat Katha

Rated 3.85(20) — Amy81

We are bringing before you a new fresh set of brilliant stories from Mahabharata penned down by Mythology expert Prabhakar Fadnis.Shri Fadnis takes us on an amazing journey of brilliant stories in mahabharata and explains to us the finer details.Acknowled

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Marathi Offline Bookstore by Amy81Marathi Offline Bookstore

Rated 4.67(3) — Amy81

We are proud to bring a collection of 50 awesome marathi books which are available offline in our app. You will not need internet connection to read these books and enjoy these stories like Nagmani, Bramhachaitanya maharaj, horror stories, ghost stories..

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Punha Navyane Suruvaat by Amy81Punha Navyane Suruvaat

Rated 4.14(237) — Amy81

अमेरिकन नेव्ही २० वर्षे कोणते रहस्य जगापासून लपवून ठेवते? अशा अनेक प्रश्नांची उत्तरे 'पुन्हा नव्याने...

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