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1941 Air Combat by Angelo Gizzi1941 Air Combat

Rated 3.47(1,120) — Angelo Gizzi

The year is 1941 and top Russian pilot Natasha Ivanova, Code Name: Night Witch, has been given orders to fly deep into the Volkhovsky Forest and take out as many German planes as she can. How many will she be able to take out before going down in a blaze.

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Adult Sex Test
Adult Sex Test by Angelo GizziAdult Sex Test

Rated 3.39(6,053) — Angelo Gizzi

Hi, I'm Ms. Mona Lott and I'll be your teacher for today. I have put together a test filled with some of the funniest and most bizarre questions about sex you have ever seen. Let's see how much you really know about sex. Are you ready to take the ADULT...

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Alice in Wonderland - Hidden Object by Angelo GizziAlice in Wonderland - Hidden Object

Rated 1.00(1) — Angelo Gizzi

Join Alice on her journey through wonderland. as you search for different hidden objects. There are no timers or points to score, just AMAZING images of wonderland. Find all the hidden objects at your own pace!FEATURES:- Hidden Object adventure game-...

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Animal Stickers by Angelo GizziAnimal Stickers

Rated 2.39(18) — Angelo Gizzi

Your little ones will have lots of fun creating their very own Farm or African Savanna. There are 26 different animal stickers and 2 different scenes to keep your child entertained. THE FARM: Stickers include - Bird - Bumble Bee - Bunny - Cat - Caterpilla

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Assault Rifle Builder by Angelo GizziAssault Rifle Builder

Rated 3.21(448) — Angelo Gizzi

Customize your very own assault rifle, and then shoot it in this fun gun builder app.You can choose from OVER 120 items in 9 different categories to create THOUSANDS of different custom rifles. Categories are: - Barrel - Front Sight - Handguard - Magazine

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Baby Doll Dress Up by Angelo GizziBaby Doll Dress Up

Rated 4.71(7) — Angelo Gizzi

Girls will have lots of fun dressing up their very own adorable baby doll. Pick out her clothes, change her hairstyle and eyes and dress up this super cute doll the way you want! Choose from a wide range of items to create the perfect baby doll.FEATURES:•

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Baby Unicorn by Angelo GizziBaby Unicorn

Rated 3.56(427) — Angelo Gizzi

Baby Unicorn is a fun game that little children will love. Create your very own Baby Unicorn with items in 8 different categories. Categories are: - Body Color - Eye Color - Hair Color - Tail Color - Shoe Color - Horn Color - Wings - Friend Tips: - Touch.

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Beach Feet Nail Salon by Angelo GizziBeach Feet Nail Salon

Rated 3.00(8) — Angelo Gizzi

Summer is finally here, so it's time to get those feet ready for the beach!!!With Beach Feet Pedicure you can use your imagination to create 1000's of different cool nail designs. Choose from many different nail polish colors and designs to create all...

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Beach Party Shark Attack by Angelo GizziBeach Party Shark Attack

Rated 3.30(546) — Angelo Gizzi

Sara and her friends wanted to have one last night to party at the beach before the end of summer. What they didn't know was that they would be sharing the water with hundreds of hungry GREAT WHITE SHARKS! It's up to you to save Sara and her friends...

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Catch The Gifts by Angelo GizziCatch The Gifts

Rated 0.00(0) — Angelo Gizzi

Get ready for a SUPER fun and INSANELY addicting CHRISTMAS game. You need to control the right and left arms separately and try to catch the gifts. It's not as easy as you think!Help Santa catch the presents. You need to time it just right or you will...

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3D Ball Toss by Angelo Gizzi3D Ball Toss

Rated 2.62(26) — Angelo Gizzi

Finally! A 3D game for your android device.Please note: You need to use red/cyan 3D glasses to view in 3D. 3D Ball Toss is a fun game for people of all ages. Use your finger to flick the ball into the bin, but pay close attention to the wind speed and...

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Airplane & Helicopter Builder by Angelo GizziAirplane & Helicopter Builder

Rated 2.56(288) — Angelo Gizzi

The little airplane and helicopter lover in your family will have lots of fun building their very own airplane or helicopter. Build different types of airplanes and helicopters including, airliners and even a military UAV aircraft.Features:- Build differe

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Angry Truckers
Angry Truckers by Angelo GizziAngry Truckers

Rated 3.50(12) — Angelo Gizzi

Angry truckers are trying to run you down with their rigs. Lucky for you, you brought along your M16 assault rifle. Can you take out the angry truckers before they turn you into roadkill? Features: - Beautiful graphics and awesome sound - Fast paced...

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Aquarium Maker by Angelo GizziAquarium Maker

Rated 2.61(238) — Angelo Gizzi

Your little ones will have lots of fun creating their very own aquarium. There are 13 different fish to keep your child entertained, including Clown fish, Butterfly fish, Angel fish, and more. Double tap on a fish to change its direction. Drag a fish...

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Baby Dentist - Games For Kids by Angelo GizziBaby Dentist - Games For Kids

Rated 3.89(9) — Angelo Gizzi

Always wanted to be a dentist? Well now you can with Baby Dentist.This cute baby has been eating way too much junk food and needs to go see the dentist. Drill cavities, remove plaque and brush the baby's teeth to get back his healthy smile.Game Features:-

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Baby Hospital - Doctor & Nurse by Angelo GizziBaby Hospital - Doctor & Nurse

Rated 3.86(7) — Angelo Gizzi

This cute baby girl is feeling sick and needs to go the hospital to see the doctor. She is a little nervous.Can you help the baby with her check up at the hospital. Check the baby girl's height, weight and body temperate. Put a bandage on her scrape...

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Balls And Blocks by Angelo GizziBalls And Blocks

Rated 0.00(0) — Angelo Gizzi

Tap to guide the ball and break the blocks!Try and get as many points as you can by breaking the blocks. Collect other balls to make your ball bigger, but be careful not to hit a block with a higher number than you.Easy to play, but hard to master! What..

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Beach Girl Dress Up by Angelo GizziBeach Girl Dress Up

Rated 3.50(62) — Angelo Gizzi

Summer is here and Madison needs help choosing the perfect look for the beach. Can you help her out! Create 100's of different looks using items in 5 different categories: - Skin Color - Hair - Bikini Tops - Bottoms - Sunglasses Tips: - Touch the right...

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Burger Maker by Angelo GizziBurger Maker

Rated 3.14(74) — Angelo Gizzi

Create REAL LOOKING BURGERS! Build your burger BIG or small, you decide. You can use many popular burger toppings to create the perfect burger including, bacon, onions, cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mayo and more! Features: - HD graphics (you can almost...

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Catchy Football by Angelo GizziCatchy Football

Rated 3.00(3) — Angelo Gizzi

Get ready for a SUPER fun and INSANELY addicting football game. You need to control the right and left arms separately and try to catch the footballs. It's not as easy as you think!With the crowd cheering you on, catch as many footballs as you can. You...

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