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Genie sudoku Baseball by Answer of GODGenie sudoku Baseball

Rated 4.00(4) — Answer of GOD

This game is puzzle baseball like sudoku.detail you run this game you can see 2 button. Main has 'Play ball'button and 'record' buttonIf...

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Running (jogging&walk&bicycle) by Answer of GODRunning (jogging&walk&bicycle)

Rated 4.36(11) — Answer of GOD

This app is for jogging.This app show the timer, distance,calorie..& record to database.[Use]First tab is Main.You will watching summary data.Running, walking and calorie data.Click to item for watching chart data.Second tab is running tabyou will input..

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우리 동네 날씨 with 미세먼지 by Answer of GOD우리 동네 날씨 with 미세먼지

Rated 4.44(16) — Answer of GOD

Genie Weather ver4 (우리동네 날씨 with 미세먼지)우리동네 날씨와 미세먼지를 한번에~앱을 실행하여 한번에 확인하실 수 있습니다.자세한 설명은 에서 확인해 주세요^^ Genie Weather...

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Labor pain Timer by Answer of GODLabor pain Timer

Rated 3.80(10) — Answer of GOD

This labor timer useful for expectant mother.If you see red line, your pain period is shorter.You will meet to baby soon, if your pain period shorter than 5 min.And you can your pain timer share to your husband.If you found bug, visit my blog and send...

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에너뷰 by Answer of GOD에너뷰

Rated 5.00(1) — Answer of GOD

에너지 모니터링 기기 에너뷰의 어플리케이션입니다. Energy monitoring devicesThe application of energy view.

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주민번호 검사기 (주민등록번호 진위 여부 검사) by Answer of GOD주민번호 검사기 (주민등록번호 진위 여부 검사)

Rated 4.63(16) — Answer of GOD

미성년 여부를 검사한다던지 주민번호 진위여부를 검사해야 할 때가 있습니다.주민번호 진위여부 조회를 위해서는 보험사나 정부기관을 이용해야하나 시간이 오래걸립니다.이제는 손쉽게...

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