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360 Flower live wallpaper 3D by App Basic360 Flower live wallpaper 3D

Rated 4.12(992) — App Basic

*360 Flower Live Wallpaper 3D has stunning vibrant flowers with magnificent visual effects thatrespond to touch gestures, & rotate when you swipe the screen.*Download and install this amazing app for free for an intuitive experience on your smart phone.*A

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3D Photo Frames by App Basic3D Photo Frames

Rated 5.00(6) — App Basic

Find here New 3D Photo Frames. Create collage photo with 3D Frames, 3D Photo Frames help you to create excellent photo collage with New 3D Photo effects. In this 3D Photo Frames, you’ll create a picture frame completely in 3D. It will be photo...

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Air Call Answer by App BasicAir Call Answer

Rated 3.81(8,535) — App Basic

NOTE : The app uses in-built proximity sensor to detect whether you have waved your hand infront of the device. NEW : Based on the Light sensor to prevent auto-answer when the device is kept in your pocket . It shows alert, there is no light sensor in...

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Animal face photo maker by App BasicAnimal face photo maker

Rated 3.82(832) — App Basic

Ever wanted to try to express your anger or humor in a different way?? Bored of using stickers to portrait your emotions?? Animal Face is a photo editor specifically made for those moments where you want to express your inner emotions and funny thoughts..

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Anti theft alarm screen lock by App BasicAnti theft alarm screen lock

Rated 4.03(636) — App Basic

Do you have a habit to leave your phone and forget.Anti theft alarm is a perfect app to keep people or thieves away from your phone.Anti theft alarm has a mechanism to enable alarm when somebody other then you tries to open or use your phone.Anti theft...

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Aquarium Photo Frames by App BasicAquarium Photo Frames

Rated 4.08(466) — App Basic

Come give your image a fresh and pleasant look by wrapping your image in the Aquarium PhotoFrames. Dive deep into the fun! Be a part of a amazing sea world and add the beauty of the fishes toyour pics and selfies.Get realistic look of fishes fishes in...

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Auto Call Answer by App BasicAuto Call Answer

Rated 3.50(328) — App Basic

This application allows you to automatically answer a call after receiving an incoming telephone call. This is very useful when it is not possible to be distracted, to accept the call.Download auto call app for your android device and tap on icon to...

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Autumn photo frames by App BasicAutumn photo frames

Rated 4.08(7,596) — App Basic

Do you like walking down the forest in the fall? Hello autumn! Enjoy the autumn by creating happyand fun photos. Nature lovers... Here you go... Experince the magic of autumn. Frame your special moments with fantastic nature photo editor and enjoy the...

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Beach Photo Frames by App BasicBeach Photo Frames

Rated 4.22(893) — App Basic

Beautify your beach holidays in multiple creative frames with free app for Android, “ Beach Photo frames.”Create the magical glow effect with beautiful Beach Photo frames. Memories are forever, use this family photo app to create your own Hawaii...

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Before After Collage by App BasicBefore After Collage

Rated 3.41(17) — App Basic

Before and after results pictures can be pretty shocking. These are in a whole other category of mind boggling.…See before after collage for Cool designs.Which are very Useful and even fun for everyone.We're not entirely sure how many ways to have...

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3D Balloons Live Wallpaper by App Basic3D Balloons Live Wallpaper

Rated 4.15(178) — App Basic

With 3D Balloons Live Wallpaper you can have vivid and colourful hot air balloons rising on your mobile screens.Hot air balloons in brilliant colors lay joy and excitement upon us just as they fly by the sky.Create an enjoyable background for your phone..

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Air Balloon Photo Frames by App BasicAir Balloon Photo Frames

Rated 4.23(690) — App Basic

Air balloon photo frames has awesome frames with HD air balloon wallpapers. A free app thatoffers beautiful photo frames with air balloon wallpapers and will surely give you an extraordinary feeling. Instantly apply any air balloon frame to your photos...

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Alphabet Photo Frames by App BasicAlphabet Photo Frames

Rated 4.18(11) — App Basic

Frame Photos with Alphabets in a Funny Way!Introducing latest New Photo Looks with Alphabet photo frames to explore non-stop editings at free of cost!Get ready to combine colorful letters and photo editing features to meet amazing photo art as never...

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Animal Sounds by App BasicAnimal Sounds

Rated 3.89(683) — App Basic

This app comprises of different animal sounds Want to teach your Kids about Animal 3D Sounds? Then download this 'Animals & 3D Sounds' app for free and have fun.“Listen to the quality sound of different animals”.“Set your favorite picture as wallpapers...

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App 2 SD Card by App BasicApp 2 SD Card

Rated 3.50(1,476) — App Basic

App 2 SD card is a powerful app to manage apps perfectly.You can easily move apps to SD card by marking them.Designed with a great user interfaceIt notify when a new movable app is installed.Can easily move apps to sd card and sd card to your android...

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Archery 2D by App BasicArchery 2D

Rated 3.91(193) — App Basic

This game is free and really fun! Play Archery 2D for an immersive shooting experience.The game play requires readiness, & good aiming skills.You will have 20 arrows to make the best possible score.Aim and shoot arrows at the target board to make high...

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Auto Change Wallpaper by App BasicAuto Change Wallpaper

Rated 3.97(7,204) — App Basic

Auto change wallpaper swiftly and automatically changes your mobile wallpaper according to your wish in seconds.This wonderful app gives an enticing look to your phone with your favorite images sliding on your mobile screen.This awesome app lets you...

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Autumn Photo Live Wallpaper by App BasicAutumn Photo Live Wallpaper

Rated 4.16(600) — App Basic

Add your favorite pictures to the rich and refreshingly beautiful Autumn Photo Live wallpaper backgrounds.Autumn Photo Live Wallpaper app has 20 best HD autumn backgrounds to choose from.Feel the blissful nature with mesmerizing and beautiful backgrounds.

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Beautify Plus Photo Makeup by App BasicBeautify Plus Photo Makeup

Rated 3.98(181) — App Basic

The best Beautify Plus with high-fashion looks for street-style snaps. Find out about the hottest beauty trends, filters, and effects for your pictures..Find everything you need to give your picture. Discover great beauty stroke on Beautify Plus. Instant.

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Beggar Photo Suit by App BasicBeggar Photo Suit

Rated 4.07(27) — App Basic

It’s time to get a new dose of Homeless pictures that are funny, wild and weird!There are lot of such photo edits in our Application of Beggar Photo suits.If it seems like your friends are always making fun of you.You can tease your friends in a nice...

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