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Baby Photo Frames by AppsForIGBaby Photo Frames

Rated 4.38(21) — AppsForIG

Baby Photo Frames for Instagram is a cool app which enables you to insert your baby photos into different picture frames, thus creating personalised picture frames for your beloved ones. Download the app and check it out!FEATURES- Choose a photo from...

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Birthday Photo Frames by AppsForIGBirthday Photo Frames

Rated 3.98(369) — AppsForIG

Listening to your friends singing Happy Birthday to You and eating your birthday cake; there is no better day of the year than your birthday! Let's make that day even more interesting by making unforgettable memories with Birthday Photo Frames for Instagr

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Camera and Photo Filters by AppsForIGCamera and Photo Filters

Rated 3.77(1,262) — AppsForIG

Camera and Photo Filters is an app with the best photo filters and camera filters! After a detailed research, we found the most popular photo effects that you use and put them all in one app.Download Camera and Photo Filters now!Photo editing has never...

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Cartoon Camera by AppsForIGCartoon Camera

Rated 3.88(6,990) — AppsForIG

Want to be seen on Instagram or Facebook? Cartoonize your photos with Cartoon Camera photo editor, create the coolest cartoon pictures and faces, and pile up likes for your cartoon photos. Turn your life events into a cartoon – have fun!Use your selfie...

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Cute Photo Frames by AppsForIGCute Photo Frames

Rated 3.79(39) — AppsForIG

Your cute photos are about to look absolutely adorable! Cute Photo Frames for Instagram is an app full of lovely photo frames and cute picture frames, which will make your sweet pictures truly beautiful! Have fun framing those lovely pictures of yours...

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Funny Camera by AppsForIGFunny Camera

Rated 3.78(4,514) — AppsForIG

Do you want everyone to see your sense of humor? Use Funny Camera photo effects like photo warp or fish eye effect to make hilarious pictures. Be the one among your friends who always has funny pictures on social networks, with a huge number of likes...

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Hip Hop Photo Frames by AppsForIGHip Hop Photo Frames

Rated 4.04(24) — AppsForIG

Hip Hop Photo Frames for Instagram is the most recent free photo frame app with unique picture frames for all hip hop and rap music fans! Use personalised photo frames with modern photo frame design to take a cool picture with friends and post it to...

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Islamic Photo Frames by AppsForIGIslamic Photo Frames

Rated 3.92(24) — AppsForIG

Show your love for Allah even in the picture frames you choose for your best photos! Now, you can get free photo frames and frame all your nice photos, family pictures or kids photos on your cell phone with Islamic Photo Frames for Instagram. Create...

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Kids Photo Frames by AppsForIGKids Photo Frames

Rated 4.20(70) — AppsForIG

Have new kids pictures on your phone? Now you can frame them without having to print them! Download Kids Photo Frames for Instagram and you'll get personalised photo frames for your children pictures. Why is this app better than others?- Cool and unique..

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Photo Captions - Insta Square by AppsForIGPhoto Captions - Insta Square

Rated 4.39(14,126) — AppsForIG

Have you tried to add text to photos? With the right caption maker photo editor app, adding text to photos can be both easy and fun. Download Photo Captions - Insta Square and give your photos a deeper meaning.PHOTO CAPTIONS - INSTA SQUARE FEATURES:????..

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Best Photo Frames by AppsForIGBest Photo Frames

Rated 4.17(46) — AppsForIG

????Welcome to one of the best photo frames in the world! Best Photo Frames for Instagram™ is a collection of unique picture frames! We did a research to find personalized photo frames for all of you. You asked for the best photo filters app for Android™.

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Black and White Camera by AppsForIGBlack and White Camera

Rated 4.11(2,177) — AppsForIG

If you are a fan of black and white photos, and you would like that vintage look on your pictures, Black and White Camera app is what you need. Download it & have fun!The photo effects and camera filters this app has will bring your lovely photos to...

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Camera Effects by AppsForIGCamera Effects

Rated 3.98(564) — AppsForIG

Feel like your awesome pictures aren't what they used to be? Why don't you play around a bit? Use photo filters from Camera Effects app and your beautiful pictures will get just a bit better! With the cool photo effects this app contains, you can turn...

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Christmas Photo Frames by AppsForIGChristmas Photo Frames

Rated 4.09(69) — AppsForIG

Don't you just love Christmas? The whole world gets shinier. And so do your holiday photos! Christmas Photo Frames will make your lovely photos look absolutely adorable!This app has lots of unique picture frames with snowman, reindeer and snowflakes...

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Flowers Photo Frames by AppsForIGFlowers Photo Frames

Rated 4.21(73) — AppsForIG

Let these colourful flowers photo frames make your lovely photos absolutely adorable! If you like flowers and you would like to have a beautiful garden full of roses and daisies, then this app is something you should have. You won’t get your beautiful...

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Funny Photo Frames by AppsForIGFunny Photo Frames

Rated 4.20(15) — AppsForIG

Funny Photo Frames app is here to save the day! These funny picture frames and cool photo frames turn the most boring pictures into awesome funny photos! You must have a lot of hilarious pictures you wouldn't dare to share with your friends, because...

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Hipster Camera by AppsForIGHipster Camera

Rated 3.90(250) — AppsForIG

Want your friends to like and share your best photos more than ever? Hipster Camera has so cool photo effects that you'll wish to hang those awesome pictures. Don't be shy. Be different and show your amazing pictures.Put your cool nerd glasses, apply...

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Kaleidoscope Camera by AppsForIGKaleidoscope Camera

Rated 3.72(214) — AppsForIG

Feel that selfies are getting boring? Why don't you try a new way of taking them? Make kaleidoscopic photos! Awesome photos become a masterpiece with Kaleidoscope Camera!The best thing about this app is that you can experiment before any of your crazy...

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Love Photo Frames by AppsForIGLove Photo Frames

Rated 4.06(87) — AppsForIG

Wouldn't it be great if romantic pictures of you and your beloved one could become even more romantic? With Love Photo Frames for Instagram that is possible! This app offers a variety of beautiful photo frames and love picture frames for all your lovely..

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Photo Editor for Android by AppsForIGPhoto Editor for Android

Rated 4.34(10,507) — AppsForIG

Need a fun photo editor app for free photo editing and cool filters and effects? Free Photo Editor for Android is the best picture editing app you can find to enhance and adjust your photos taken with an Android device and make them look like they were...

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