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Rated 2.13(16) — asimapps

Do you not know what your dog was asking? Don’t worry. We have build dog translator system for this problem. It listen the voice of dog and translate it for you. Care the needs of your dog and translate what it was asking to you. Try this app to translate

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Blood Pressure Checker Prank by asimappsBlood Pressure Checker Prank

Rated 3.46(13) — asimapps

An amazing application for pranksters “Blood Pressure Checker Prank”. This is a must have prank application if you want to do fun and entertainment with friends. Check blood pressure of friends they will think that it is real blood pressure. It calculates

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Break Screen Prank by asimappsBreak Screen Prank

Rated 3.62(13) — asimapps

This broken screen app let you break the screen in front of friends and family. Download and open app then touch screen with figure. Daaat, screen will break. Your friends will think that your mobile screen is broken.* Different broken screen sounds*...

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Electric Screen Colors Prank by asimappsElectric Screen Colors Prank

Rated 3.31(13) — asimapps

Another wonderful app for pranksters!Install this Electric Screen Prank app and make it as Live Wallpaper. Then try to touch your screen! Oops! It’s some short circuit. Give a great prank and entertainment. Ask your friends to touch screen of your...

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Fake Call Free by asimappsFake Call Free

Rated 3.95(20) — asimapps

Fake Call Free is free in marketPretend like someone is calling you. Have a fun! Your friends will suppose that some one special is calling you but it is fake call! gives much enjoyment and entertainment.Fake Call Free allows custom Name, cell number...

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Mobile Cleaner simulator by asimappsMobile Cleaner simulator

Rated 4.30(10) — asimapps

Clean your mobile with mobile cleaner app. If your mobile is dirty or have drooped in the dust so u don’t worry and use mob cleaner app your mobile will become new within short time. Just have fun to your friends and companions. Use funny prank app...

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Solar Charger Prank by asimappsSolar Charger Prank

Rated 3.62(26) — asimapps

Solar charger is just a wonderful app to charge you phone in the sunlight prankly. To recharge battery, place phone in sunlight then see your mobile start charging its battery.This solar charging app give great fun to pranksters. See your friends, your...

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T Password Hacker Prank by asimappsT Password Hacker Prank

Rated 1.57(7) — asimapps

Searching for password hacking app? Download this password hacking app and hack friends and family private accounts in front of them. Hacking password is a great fun when used for fun purpose. Please do not temper their private data. This password hacking

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Traffic Signals by asimappsTraffic Signals

Rated 3.21(14) — asimapps

This traffic signals app is a simulator of traffic signal.Set your own delay between lights.Override time by TOUCH on light ;) enjoy ;)Traffic signals hack by touch of finger ;)

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WiFi Password Hacker Prank by asimappsWiFi Password Hacker Prank

Rated 3.58(12) — asimapps

Missing WiFi? Don’t worry. Download and install wifi password show app and hack a wifi password. Use wifi free. This app shows list of available to hack wifi networks then click on one network, app start hacking. Within some seconds you will get password.

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Age Scanner Prank by asimappsAge Scanner Prank

Rated 2.11(35) — asimapps

Age Scanner app let you scan the ages of friends and family. Just install and put thumb on scanner tray. App will scan your thumb and tell your age. Do this with friends and let them think that your phone has feature to scan the age of a real person.-...

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Blue Password Hacker Prank by asimappsBlue Password Hacker Prank

Rated 3.67(6) — asimapps

Do you want to hack an account Then install the password hacker app and hack the account in front of a friend.Password hacker app allows you to hack an account and gives more fun and entertainment. Hack private accounts of friends and family in front...

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Doorbell Loud Prank by asimappsDoorbell Loud Prank

Rated 2.86(29) — asimapps

Ring door bell from your phone. New great app for pranksters! This app allows you to ring deferent door bells using android phone. Download and install then try to prank with households and enjoy their expressions.Disclaimer: This app rings doorbell...

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Fake Call by asimappsFake Call

Rated 3.51(829) — asimapps

Fake Call App is free to download and use from marketPretend that someone special is calling you. Have a fun! Everyone will suppose that some celebrity is calling you but it is fake call! It gives others much excitement that what he/she was saying you...

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Ghost Calling Prank by asimappsGhost Calling Prank

Rated 3.22(41) — asimapps

Ghost call app is basically ghost calling prank app. Scare your friends like a ghost is calling. Play this ghost calling game, at night specially, and scare your friends and family. A fake ghost call you, prank your friends. Use ghost call app and enjoy..

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Prankbook Prank by asimappsPrankbook Prank

Rated 3.00(2) — asimapps

Prank Book is a wonderful app for pranksters! View latest statuses of international celebrities. See your friends, and enjoy by reading what’s in their mind!Disclaimer: The Statuses in this prank app are just prank. These do not belong to any celebrity...

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Super Fart Sounds by asimappsSuper Fart Sounds

Rated 2.59(17) — asimapps

Fart sounds are really funny to listen in front of friends and family. Download free app in market. Play different fart sounds and get much fun and entertainment.Features:- Play different fart sounds- Very funny animations with fart sound- One-Click-To-Fa

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Time Bomb Prank by asimappsTime Bomb Prank

Rated 3.12(25) — asimapps

Time bomb screen break app gives wonderful feeling to pranksters. Just install bomber app and how it blast and break screen of your mobile in front of everyone after some count down.Warning: It will not bomb actually and not crack your screen. This is...

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Voice Lie Detector Prank by asimappsVoice Lie Detector Prank

Rated 2.98(115) — asimapps

Here lie detector app revealed free in market. Now you can detect truth level of your friend. Just install this lie detector app and analyze voice of any friend to see either he/she are speaking truth or not.Lie detector app gives much fun if used with...

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WiFi Router Free by asimappsWiFi Router Free

Rated 3.18(130) — asimapps

By using this Wifi Router app, you can use mobile Internet on your laptops and other mobiles.Wifi Router allows you to convert your phone into a hotspot router on just one tap. You mobile will release wifi signals that you can use it on other devices...

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