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Argentina Calendario 2017 by AsyncByte SoftwareArgentina Calendario 2017

Rated 4.38(81) — AsyncByte Software

* Argentina Calendario con la Fiesta Nacional 2017 , 2015, 2016 , 2018* Calendario de las hojas con Argentina 2017, 2015, 2016 , 2018* Argentina Calendario 2017, con días festivos nacionales y salir juntos en 2017, 2015, 2016, 2018* Argentina Calendario..

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Brasil Calendário 2017 by AsyncByte SoftwareBrasil Calendário 2017

Rated 4.42(736) — AsyncByte Software

* Brasil Calendário 2017 com o feriado nacional de 2016, 2017* Calendário Nacional (calendário gregoriano), Calendário Mês* Calendário perpétuo (ano 1 - ano até 1 milhão)* Brasil Calendário 2017 com o (visão simples) simples* Interface agradável*...

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Calendario Festivos Colombia 2018 by AsyncByte SoftwareCalendario Festivos Colombia 2018

Rated 4.32(31) — AsyncByte Software

* Calendario Festivos Colombia 2017, 2018 * Nota Calendario* Agregando notas diarias* Fácil de usar* Mes Calendario* Calendario perpetuo* Calendario con la simple (Vista simple)* Pase a la izquierda / derecha para cambiar el mes* Añadir un diario (nota...

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Fifteen Puzzle by AsyncByte SoftwareFifteen Puzzle

Rated 4.64(11) — AsyncByte Software

The Fifteen puzzle / 15-puzzle (also called Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square and many others) is a sliding puzzle that consists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random order with one tile missing. your objective is arrange...

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ImagTex - Text On Photos by AsyncByte SoftwareImagTex - Text On Photos

Rated 3.67(40) — AsyncByte Software

ImagTex is a simple tool to add text on your image / photos. features :- add images / photos from sd card or from your camera- add text with different type font- there are 67 best selected font available- apply font text effect : shadow, stroke, or glow..

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Kalender Indonesia by AsyncByte SoftwareKalender Indonesia

Rated 4.46(2,343) — AsyncByte Software

* Kalender Indonesia dengan Libur Nasional 2017, 2018 , 2019* Dilengkapi dengan Cuti Bersama 2017 , 2018 * Fitur tambahan adalah Pasaran Jawa ( Wage Kliwon Legi Pahing Pon ) * Selain itu kamu juga bisa melihat kalender bulan* Kalender Abadi ( dari tahun..

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KnockDown by AsyncByte SoftwareKnockDown

Rated 4.29(35) — AsyncByte Software

*pull the rubber slingshot, aim and shoot the target. *shot all jars of candy using slingshot*knockdown all can of candy*use 2d physics simulation*30 level , 30 challenges*each level have a limited stone.*train your precision and patience*free slingshot..

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Mexico Calendario 2017 by AsyncByte SoftwareMexico Calendario 2017

Rated 4.30(43) — AsyncByte Software

* México Calendario 2016 con la fiesta nacional 2016, 2017* Calendario Nacional (calendario gregoriano), el calendar* Calendario perpetuo (1 año - año hasta 1 millón)* México Calendario 2016 con el (visión sencilla) sencilla* Interfaz de Niza*...

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PDAM Surabaya by AsyncByte SoftwarePDAM Surabaya

Rated 4.58(26) — AsyncByte Software

+Aplikasi untuk mengecek tagihan PDAM Surabaya tiap bulannya. +Gratis tanpa iklan.+Mudah digunakan+Desain simple ( new android material design )catatan:aplikasi ini dibuat untuk mempermudah xedi mengecek tagihan PDAM nya, dibuat tanpa jaminan :) .

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TransJakarta Busway Navigation by AsyncByte SoftwareTransJakarta Busway Navigation

Rated 3.86(664) — AsyncByte Software

*mencari rute dari halte asal ke halte tujuan*penggunaan maps optional*penggunaan GPS optional*koneksi internet optional*mudah dan simple*12 koridor busway Transjakarta ( as per 2015 )*bus tracking (beta)info :app ini masih menggunakan rute tahun 2015...

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Brain Rush : Math and Memory by AsyncByte SoftwareBrain Rush : Math and Memory

Rated 4.07(14) — AsyncByte Software

Brain Rush : Math and Memory is designed to be lightweight , simple, fast, and fun game. This is the perfect game to have a good time with your phone. There are 4 game inside this app. 2 memory game and 2 math arithmetic game . this game can be played...

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Calendar Notes by AsyncByte SoftwareCalendar Notes

Rated 4.13(183) — AsyncByte Software

An very easy app to save your idea and your notes in a calendar date form* beautiful & simple application without any pretension/requirement* add a note, idea, personal agenda, diary into calendar* perpetual calendar * swipe left and right to change...

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Deutsch Kalender 2017 by AsyncByte SoftwareDeutsch Kalender 2017

Rated 4.16(25) — AsyncByte Software

* Deutsch Kalender mit dem deutschen Nationalfeiertag im Jahr 2017, 2016 * Deutsch Kalender 2017 nationale Feiertage und lassen zusammen im Jahr 2017, 2016 * Monats-Kalender* Ewiger Kalender (Jahr 1 - Jahr 178 956 970)* Kalender mit der einfachen (einfach

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Français Calendrier 2018 by AsyncByte SoftwareFrançais Calendrier 2018

Rated 3.90(20) — AsyncByte Software

* Français Calendrier avec la fête nationale en 2015, 2016, 2017,2018* Français Calendrier 2016, avec les fêtes nationales et partir ensemble en 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018* Calendrier Mois* Calendrier perpétuel (année 1 - année 178 956 970)* Calendrier...

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Italia Calendario by AsyncByte SoftwareItalia Calendario

Rated 4.48(89) — AsyncByte Software

* Italia Calendario con una festa nazionale nel 2015, 2016, 2017* Italia Calendario lascia l'Italia con 2015, 2016, 2017* Italia Calendario Italia 2016, festivi e lasciare insieme nel 2015 2016* Mese Calendario* Calendario Perpetuo (anno 1 - anno 178...

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Kalender Jawa by AsyncByte SoftwareKalender Jawa

Rated 4.46(1,290) — AsyncByte Software

+kalender jawa+kalender umum nasional+kalender dengan pasaran jawa+libur nasional, hari penting dan libur cuti bersama 2017 , 2018+desain yang menarik+menambahkan catatan +kirim catatan ke e-mail+navigasi mudah, dengan geser ke kiri kananwood background..

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Memory Game by AsyncByte SoftwareMemory Game

Rated 4.06(63) — AsyncByte Software

Memory Game is game to improve your brain memory. You need to remember object picture and it position then find matched object in different position. Playing this Memory Game, you will get fun and your memory ability improved- Challenge yourself to break.

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Monster KnockDown : Slingshot by AsyncByte SoftwareMonster KnockDown : Slingshot

Rated 4.13(280) — AsyncByte Software

Complete interesting challenges here :" Knock down monsters to the ground. don't break the precious bottle! "-shoot the monsters with slingshot-monster died when it knocked down to the ground-this game use real physics 2D slingshot-each level has differen

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Photo Puzzle by AsyncByte SoftwarePhoto Puzzle

Rated 3.80(55) — AsyncByte Software

Photo Puzzle is brain game puzzle with high resolution photo inside it. to solve puzzle you need compose piece of image by touch and drag on to correct position. It is easy to play but hard & challenging to solve. this puzzle applicable for all ages...

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USA Holidays Calendar by AsyncByte SoftwareUSA Holidays Calendar

Rated 4.38(129) — AsyncByte Software

*(US) United States Calendar 2017, 2016,2018 with Holidays and Observances*add daily notes*simple and nice view calendar*perpetual calendar*lunar calendar ( you can enable it in app setting )*easy to use, user friendly calendar*export your notes via...

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