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Fantasy Paradise Hidden Object by Awesome Casual GamesFantasy Paradise Hidden Object

Rated 3.97(442) — Awesome Casual Games

Open your eyes and step into the paradise.Explore 20 different utopias as you see deeper into the story of each place as you discover their connections one by one. Solve the mystery of the fantasy world as you search for various hidden objects that may...

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Far Eastern Temples Hid. Obj. by Awesome Casual GamesFar Eastern Temples Hid. Obj.

Rated 4.43(7) — Awesome Casual Games

Uncover the secrets of the temples. Take a journey through the ancient shrines as you find the hidden objects concealed in the far Far East! Be mesmerized with 30 different sanctuaries and 3 different difficulties as you view each masterpiece. Breathe...

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Fruit Baskets Hidden Numbers by Awesome Casual GamesFruit Baskets Hidden Numbers

Rated 4.16(19) — Awesome Casual Games

Pick a fruit of your choice and dunk them into your basket!Get healthy and be energetic as you can be! Grab one fruit and eat it while looking for 20 hidden numbers in 10 fruitful and colorful levels that will keep you in shape! Stay fit and active!Featur

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Ghost Interview 2 HiddenObject by Awesome Casual GamesGhost Interview 2 HiddenObject

Rated 4.05(59) — Awesome Casual Games

Tiara the Ghost Medium is back to share her paranormal encounters, now spookier than ever!Continue learning and understanding about ghosts and what they really do in the mortal world. Get to know more about their existence as you search for hidden objects

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Halloween House Hidden Object by Awesome Casual GamesHalloween House Hidden Object

Rated 3.82(28) — Awesome Casual Games

Trick or treat!The Halloween nights have begun! The kids are excited to wear their spooky costumes and knock on doors for sweet treats! However, they were warned not to go near a certain house...But you're one nosy kid, and curiosity got ahead of you...

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Halloween Special HO by Awesome Casual GamesHalloween Special HO

Rated 0.00(0) — Awesome Casual Games

Going for a trip? What about the Halloween Special?Round up your friends and sign the waiver. Embark into 20 mysterious and spooky places. This is an itinerary especially made for all of you. I wish you enjoy your booking... and may you return whole...

Haunted Rooms Hidden Object by Awesome Casual GamesHaunted Rooms Hidden Object

Rated 3.71(156) — Awesome Casual Games

Each room has its own history... its own personality.Open each door one by one, waiting for the haunted mystery to unravel itself. With over 10 terrifying areas, fitting music and a level select function and profiles for different players! Face your...

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Hid Obj Animals Gone Wild Free by Awesome Casual GamesHid Obj Animals Gone Wild Free

Rated 4.03(39) — Awesome Casual Games

They were more than just exhilarated, they've gone wild. Find the hidden objects left by the overly excited inhabitants of the jungle. 20 thrilling levels await you, meanwhile the creatures pave their way through different regions of the world. Breathtaki

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Hid. Obj. - A Kid's Dream Free by Awesome Casual GamesHid. Obj. - A Kid's Dream Free

Rated 3.67(6) — Awesome Casual Games

Sleep, for it may delude you into a wonderful fantasy.A Kid's dream is one of the precious things that the world will hold on to. The future resides onto their shoulders and their imagination will bring the universe into bliss in twenty (20) different...

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Hid. Obj. - Guardians of Eden by Awesome Casual GamesHid. Obj. - Guardians of Eden

Rated 5.00(2) — Awesome Casual Games

Defend the mysteries of the divine garden.Take the tour and bathe in the godly sceneries of Eden. The guardians will be protecting twenty (20) mythical levels of the heaven. Let the angels guide you through the Arcadia.Be careful! The game starts with...

Fantasy World Hidden Objects by Awesome Casual GamesFantasy World Hidden Objects

Rated 3.83(12) — Awesome Casual Games

Taste the magic of the new world.Take a journey through the Arcadia as you find the hidden objects concealed in the cosmos! Be mesmerized with 30 different settings and 3 different difficulties as you traverse each universe. Walk into the surface of...

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Flower Garden Hidden Objects by Awesome Casual GamesFlower Garden Hidden Objects

Rated 4.07(15) — Awesome Casual Games

Step into the yard and breathe in the scent of nature.Pull up your sleeves and plant colorful flowers in the garden while finding hidden objects through 30 levels of amazing flowerbed sceneries that can be played in 3 different difficulties. Beautify...

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Garage Hidden Objects by Awesome Casual GamesGarage Hidden Objects

Rated 3.87(315) — Awesome Casual Games

Park and Admire.Take a look into diverse busy garages. Stroll into 30 different levels as you feast your eyes into a variety of cars. Prepare to vroooom with your newly furnished automobile.-Features:- Zoom function to find smaller, hard to see objects-..

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Ghost Wanderers Hidden Object by Awesome Casual GamesGhost Wanderers Hidden Object

Rated 3.90(41) — Awesome Casual Games

They have been restless, still wandering in the world of the living, unaware of their tragic fates... They still have an unfinished business before they can pass on, and they need your help!Help the ghosts rest in eternal peace! Find hidden objects in...

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Halloween Pumpkin HO by Awesome Casual GamesHalloween Pumpkin HO

Rated 4.00(1) — Awesome Casual Games

Was that a face you saw? Or was it a pumpkin? Take out your carving materials and sculpt through 20 pumpkin filled locations this Halloween! Be prepared for a heart-thumping adventure among the jack-o'-lantern! Features: - Objects appear in different...

Happy New Year Hidden Object by Awesome Casual GamesHappy New Year Hidden Object

Rated 3.83(18) — Awesome Casual Games

Watch as the dancing fireworks lit up the New Year Eve's sky!Celebrate the New Year as you watch spectacular fireworks display all around the world! Find hidden objects in 20 beautiful levels and start your year right! Search for item to brighten up...

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Haunted Village Free by Awesome Casual GamesHaunted Village Free

Rated 3.67(861) — Awesome Casual Games

An outrageous beauty, but frequented by the sixth sense... Welcome to the Haunted Village.Investigate, probe, explore the haunted village in each level that might give you an idea on how to go back. Equipped with over a hundred objects to find, fitting...

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Hid. Num. Desert Wonders Free by Awesome Casual GamesHid. Num. Desert Wonders Free

Rated 4.29(31) — Awesome Casual Games

Locate the numbers buried under the scorching heat and the rippling sand.Visit different kinds of deserts and search for the hidden numbers. Equipped with 10 heat inducing desert levels with great music and profiles function for everyone's game saves...

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Hid. Obj. - Cutie Kitties Free by Awesome Casual GamesHid. Obj. - Cutie Kitties Free

Rated 4.05(112) — Awesome Casual Games

Watch the feline prowl. Find the objects hidden by the cute and playful cats all over the place. Comical and unique levels await you while the kitties good-naturedly walk around the premises. Look at these little balls of fur jump and roll! Be careful...

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Hid. Obj. - Modern Living Room by Awesome Casual GamesHid. Obj. - Modern Living Room

Rated 4.50(2) — Awesome Casual Games

State of the art and lovely. What kind of modern living room will you live in? There are a wide selections and lots of different operations to choose from! Find hidden objects and special living room functions from (15) contemporary and high tech location