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bérenger recoules published 9 applications on Google Play, 87 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.04!

MusicBox3D by bérenger recoulesMusicBox3D

Rated 4.29(17) — bérenger recoules

A simulation of music box : each time a cube executes a full revolution it emits a note.You can explore several synths, musical scales etc.

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PPP-AcidBass by bérenger recoulesPPP-AcidBass

Rated 3.80(5) — bérenger recoules

AcidBass is meant to be used with other PPP instruments.AcidBass is a polyphonic synthetiser/sequencer which allows you to customize each step with gliding parameters. Although its name contains bass it can also be pretty efficients for leads....PPP...

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PPP-Chorder by bérenger recoulesPPP-Chorder

Rated 4.00(4) — bérenger recoules

This instrument is made to be used in the PPP framework.This application is a rhodes synthetizer automata. It features a chord dictionary and a simple mechanism to let you build chord progressions. It also features a playing board and very fun 'dub-delay'

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PPP-Manoury by bérenger recoulesPPP-Manoury

Rated 4.33(3) — bérenger recoules

PPP-Manoury is meant to be used with other PPP instruments.PPP-Manoury is a polyphonic 4 step sequencer ! 4 step is not much, but each step has a probability factor. The synth is a classic additive synth chained to a resonant filter and a 4 tape delay...

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Springs v3 by bérenger recoulesSprings v3

Rated 4.24(29) — bérenger recoules

This application is a unique mutli-touch music instrument to make drone sounds.Springs relies on a spring simulation controlling a bank of oscillators : 8 springs are available each one adjusting the volume of a tuned oscillator.You can adjust some parame

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Phase Pendulum by bérenger recoulesPhase Pendulum

Rated 4.00(16) — bérenger recoules

This app is an audio-visual synthetizer based on harmonic motion, it enables to explore a physical simulation of pendulum oscillations through random motion, beating, travelling waves or standing waves are at the tips of your finger.Parameters of the...

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PPP-AcidDrums by bérenger recoulesPPP-AcidDrums

Rated 4.00(2) — bérenger recoules

AcidDrums is meant to be used with other PPP applications.AcidDrums is a 16 step sequencer offering live controls over repeating effects. It also offers four fully synthetized drum sound.PPP is a framework offering to support midi jamming over wifi featur

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PPP-LooperSynth by bérenger recoulesPPP-LooperSynth

Rated 3.33(3) — bérenger recoules

PPP-LooperSynth is meant to be used with other PPP instruments.PPP-LooperSynth is a polyphonic synth coupled to a hexagonal keyboard layout. The controls allow you either to play it like a classic keyboard, but it can also record the notes you play in...

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Rainstick by bérenger recoulesRainstick

Rated 4.38(8) — bérenger recoules

Rainstick is an audio/visual physics simulation of a rainstick. Several simulations are available with different kind of physical parameters, geometries etc.It has been built with :- libgdx an open source game framework : https://libgdx.badlogicgames.com/

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