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3G to 4G Converter Simulator by Best Prank App3G to 4G Converter Simulator

Rated 4.16(198) — Best Prank App

Most of the competing 4G conversion software require you to do hardware modifications but 3G To 4G Changer Simulator will let you reach the top of what your mobile can do by unlocking hidden features. This app will update 3G to 4G without touching nothing

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Anti Mosquito Prank by Best Prank AppAnti Mosquito Prank

Rated 3.46(39) — Best Prank App

Anti Mosquito Prank is a prank app which is used to make mosquitoes keep away from you. Anti Mosquito Prank is such a nice app. Sonic mosquito repellent generates powerful high frequency sounds that mimic sounds of mosquitoes natural predators.Anti Mosqui

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Dude Fire Car Prank by Best Prank AppDude Fire Car Prank

Rated 5.00(5) — Best Prank App

Dude your friends will be so mad when you'll damage their car with Dude Fire Car Prank app. Official Fire your car app! You all have been waiting for the Android version, and here it is! Enjoy! Play pranks on your friends, family, and colleagues putting..

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Ghost Radar Scanner Prank by Best Prank AppGhost Radar Scanner Prank

Rated 3.75(89) — Best Prank App

Ghost Radar Scanner Prank is a professional radar application designed to provide the user a way to measure prank electromagnetic field radiation levels through ghost detector camera app radar, it uses your mobile device sensors to measure radiations...

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Hologram Dinosaur 3D Simulator Prank by Best Prank AppHologram Dinosaur 3D Simulator Prank

Rated 3.48(62) — Best Prank App

Hologram Dinosaur 3D Simulator a simulation game where you can play on your phone like a 3D hologram. The game uses a camera for a more realistic effect! Make fun and play your friends and loved ones with Hologram Dino Park simulator. 3D hologram dino...

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Love Test Fingerprint Scanner prank by Best Prank AppLove Test Fingerprint Scanner prank

Rated 3.47(38) — Best Prank App

Love Test Fingerprint Scanner is a real love fingerprint scanner is the love calculator which is most advanced development in love test which will show you couples compatibility perfectly behind all scientific reason in fun love calculator real free...

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My Futur Baby Face Prank by Best Prank AppMy Futur Baby Face Prank

Rated 2.80(5) — Best Prank App

My Future Baby Face Prank app will show you the pattern of your upcoming baby and gives beautiful thinking about your future baby. This best future baby predictor app is clear all the questions in your mind like how will my baby looksMy Future Baby Face..

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Real Moto by Best Prank AppReal Moto

Rated 3.29(7) — Best Prank App

Real Moto sounds puts you in control of gear-shifts, brakes, and accelerator speed, incorporating sonic models of real engine sounds with real-world mechanical physical parameters including speedometer, tachometer, accelerator, brake, drive ratios, drive.

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Remote Control for TV by Best Prank AppRemote Control for TV

Rated 2.55(557) — Best Prank App

Remote Control for TV is the app that allows you to use your phone or tablet as a universal remote app control for your television. The difference between remote control and other applications of this style is that with this remote you can use the IR...

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Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank by Best Prank AppTime Bomb Broken Screen Prank

Rated 4.11(27) — Best Prank App

Want to plant powerful bombs and set off the great explosion? Our Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank is one of the exploding games which simulates powerful time bomb to burst and crack your screen in this time bomb broken screen prank app. Don't worry it...

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Air Horn Sounds - Sound Effects by Best Prank AppAir Horn Sounds - Sound Effects

Rated 3.50(8) — Best Prank App

Air Horn Sounds - Sound Effects is an amazing app that gives you a variety of horns and sirens sound, you can select from them according to your taste. Air Horn Sounds - Sound Effects app offers some of the most interesting and loudest phone alerts that..

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Blow Battery Charger Prank by Best Prank AppBlow Battery Charger Prank

Rated 2.99(92) — Best Prank App

Blow Battery Charger Prank app is latest prank app with which you can fool your friends by telling them it’s the latest technology introduced that now charge your smartphone with a simple and continuous blow. It is time to fool or prank your friends...

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Face Scanner Prank by Best Prank AppFace Scanner Prank

Rated 3.40(10) — Best Prank App

Face detection and recognition is a good application to detect and train the real time facial recognition with this Face Scanner Prank Prank. This face scanner app provides age of the person from camera face age detector and to check if how tall is for...

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Hair Trimmer Electric Shaver Prank by Best Prank AppHair Trimmer Electric Shaver Prank

Rated 3.26(61) — Best Prank App

Turn your smartphone into a real hair trimmer/clippers/razor now with this Electric Shaver Prank! When you have a good time and want to play a prank, an electric razor will give you a lot of fun. Do you want to collect a lot of laughter, amusement and...

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Laser 100 Beams Flash Prank by Best Prank AppLaser 100 Beams Flash Prank

Rated 2.00(16) — Best Prank App

Laser 100 Beams Flash Prank is a fabulous laser simulator with great magnetism and laser pointer. It looks great in entire screen of mobile with pointer laser light. This wonderful game has been designed magnetism. The laser pointer has fabulous sound...

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Microscope Zoom Camera Prank by Best Prank AppMicroscope Zoom Camera Prank

Rated 3.70(20) — Best Prank App

Real Microscope Zoom Camera Prank is a helpful application you can use easily to watch things and objects deeply. this application can be used as virtual microscope, telescope or magnifier through using your smartphone zoom camera.This application is...

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Night Vision Camera Simulation by Best Prank AppNight Vision Camera Simulation

Rated 3.44(39) — Best Prank App

Night Vision Camera Simulation tries to simulate night visions device. With this app you should see items and people at night which you would not see using standard build-in camera software. This tool uses high technology algorithms for image enhancement.

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Real Razor Prank Hair Trimmer by Best Prank AppReal Razor Prank Hair Trimmer

Rated 2.93(15) — Best Prank App

Real Razor Prank is a cool app that simulates the sound and buzzing of a salon hair trimmer. Press the image of the Hair Clipper in the center of the screen and watch your Android device transform into a realistic salon style hair clipper and watch the...

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Ring Doorbell Sound Prank by Best Prank AppRing Doorbell Sound Prank

Rated 2.50(6) — Best Prank App

Ring Doorbell Sound Prank There's nothing like the sweet sound of company arriving at your doorstep! With this collection of doorbell sounds, you'll be sure to find the doorbell sound that matches your home and doorbell sounds for dogs. From old-fashioned

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