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Addon Micro Cars for Minecraft PE by BestOFFAddon Micro Cars for Minecraft PE

Rated 3.74(43) — BestOFF

Radio-controlled micro-vehicles allow you to arrange epic car races in Minecraft! You drive and control an RC car with a help of an MCPE throw mechanism. Just point with a throw where you want to go, and your car will immediately bear up for the desired..

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Defeat The Concrete Minecraft Map by BestOFFDefeat The Concrete Minecraft Map

Rated 4.27(15) — BestOFF

Defeat The Concrete is an absorbing parkour map with 16 levels of varying difficulty. Your main goal here is to complete all the levels and get to the winners' stand. This map is quite challenging, even impossible at times, but on the whole, everything...

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Map Bikini Bob for Minecraft by BestOFFMap Bikini Bob for Minecraft

Rated 3.93(237) — BestOFF

The Bikini Bob Minecraft Map is one of the most recognizable maps in the world. It is loaded with everything one could imagine: from a quaint house of the main character to the legendary Bikini café. In this underwater city created for Minecraft Pocket...

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Map PokeBalls for Minecraft by BestOFFMap PokeBalls for Minecraft

Rated 3.54(490) — BestOFF

Originally, the PokeBall Map was an item in PokeCraft that is used as a training area to catch and store caught PokeMobs. This map features command blocks, which add PokeBalls to Minecraft PE, and you are to use them for catching PokeMobs such as cows...

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Mod Tank War for Minecraft by BestOFFMod Tank War for Minecraft

Rated 4.05(43) — BestOFF

The Tank War Addon for Minecraft PE comes with one of the most lifelike tanks ever created for MCPE, and in this context, the tank is genuinely tailored to Pocket Edition. This simulated tank is built upon a real German tank called Tiger, and their simila

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The Halloween Minecraft Map by BestOFFThe Halloween Minecraft Map

Rated 4.36(14) — BestOFF

This mini-game for Minecraft PE is features 11 different levels, and in each one, you have to find a secret button that will throw you to the next level! This addition is devoted to one very popular October holiday, resulting in most of the map looks...

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The Pink House Map for Minecraft by BestOFFThe Pink House Map for Minecraft

Rated 3.64(580) — BestOFF

The Pink Dream House is a map Minecraft for girls, featuring a large beautiful mansion surrounded by picturesque landscapes and lovely scenery. The whole map is made in tender rosy tones that will definitely be appreciated by girls. A spacious, two-storie

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The Titan Ship Minecraft Map by BestOFFThe Titan Ship Minecraft Map

Rated 3.73(181) — BestOFF

We offer you an incredible adventurous map for Minecraft – the legendary passenger cruise liner. It is a true-to-life replica of the original ship called Titanic that was the largest cruise liner in the world in its day. The board can accommodate up...

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War Tank Minecraft Mod by BestOFFWar Tank Minecraft Mod

Rated 4.00(19) — BestOFF

This cool add-on comes with five different war tanks for Minecraft PE. To design them, the developers took inspiration from the real tank prototypes of five different countries. These tanks are the German Leopard tank, the American M1A2, and T90, the...

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Clown Minecraft Addon by BestOFFClown Minecraft Addon

Rated 4.02(88) — BestOFF

This add-on replaces one of the mobs with a clown in Minecraft. The most prominent part of this add-on is a lifelike model of the clown. The Killer Clown is not counted as the Big Boss because it got only 10 hearts. It is best suited to certain horror...

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Map Batty and Killing Machine for MCPE by BestOFFMap Batty and Killing Machine for MCPE

Rated 3.80(174) — BestOFF

Batty and Killing Machine MCPE map was created by the devoted Bendy fans. This map is the first chapter, and if you like it, we promise to release four more chapters. In this Minecraft map, you take on the role of a cartoon artist who worked at the famous

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Map Last Day on Earth MCPE by BestOFFMap Last Day on Earth MCPE

Rated 3.73(45) — BestOFF

Last Day on Earth is an exciting Minecraft map featuring traits of both survival and adventure. In the map, you will be one of the few survivors rubbing through yet another World War. The lucky survivors have already escaped off the Earth and took a...

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Mission Minecraft to Mars by BestOFFMission Minecraft to Mars

Rated 3.45(55) — BestOFF

Perhaps, you already flew to the Moon in Minecraft, and it was great fun, wasn’t it? Now get ready to take a longer journey – you are going to an absolute different planet called Red Planet or Mars. There are some amazing facts about your mission...

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The Furniture MCPE Mod by BestOFFThe Furniture MCPE Mod

Rated 3.66(140) — BestOFF

It is really a cool add-on that comes with 17 different pieces of fashionable furniture suited for any of your house rooms. Each furniture item has its specific functional use. Such as the radio is used to play your favorite music, and the refrigerator...

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The Neighbor Minecraft Map by BestOFFThe Neighbor Minecraft Map

Rated 4.04(76) — BestOFF

This map where your wicked neighbor is keeping watch over you comes with an inbuilt mod, which makes this MCPE mini-game extremely popular and exciting. The storyline is as following: for some reason, you find yourself inside the house of your insane...

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The School Minecraft Map by BestOFFThe School Minecraft Map

Rated 3.76(705) — BestOFF

This Minecraft map includes a small town with a school, theater, and some other constructions. This map can be used for role plays, or you can switch on your imagination and expand the neighborhood’s territory with more buildings turning the map into...

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The Wall of the North Minecraft Map by BestOFFThe Wall of the North Minecraft Map

Rated 4.45(11) — BestOFF

Now, it is your turn to protect the world from the universal evil. So, go to the Wall and serve in the army of the Minecraft night warriors! Your brotherhood is based in the Black Castle standing near the Wall. The Wall itself is a colossal fortification.

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