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Big Bear Entertainment published 54 applications on Google Play, 131,556 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.08!

Adventure Escape Ocean Mystery by Big Bear EntertainmentAdventure Escape Ocean Mystery

Rated 3.96(884) — Big Bear Entertainment

Can you solve the mystery and escape the trap under water?Welcome to the Adventure Escape Game. You've been trapped in a strange place and need to get out ASAP. In this Adventure game you have to find all the hidden objects to solve the puzzle and then...

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Adventures in Secret Temple by Big Bear EntertainmentAdventures in Secret Temple

Rated 3.97(2,115) — Big Bear Entertainment

It's a legend that a huge treasure was hidden somewhere in the secret temples. You, as a brave adventurer driven by curiosity, want to know whether the legend is true or not, and you must have a look!When you enter the temple, you find the legend is...

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Best Honeymoon: Hidden Objects by Big Bear EntertainmentBest Honeymoon: Hidden Objects

Rated 4.25(209) — Big Bear Entertainment

Who doesn't love Romantic Hidden Objects Games? Find objects in romantic scenes and play the best free fun love games in Paris! Solve valentine puzzles and riddles in the best honeymoon! No better summer getaway than this!Fancy a wonderful honeymoon...

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Candy Maker Find Hidden Object by Big Bear EntertainmentCandy Maker Find Hidden Object

Rated 4.00(526) — Big Bear Entertainment

Ready to enter a world of colorful mystery and get enchanted by sweet saga? Candy Maker Find Hidden Object is a fun seek and find puzzle game that's filled with word scenes, picture lists, and fun items you can play with one by one! Uncover secrets and...

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Dessert Making. Hidden Objects by Big Bear EntertainmentDessert Making. Hidden Objects

Rated 4.06(1,649) — Big Bear Entertainment

Explore the mystery while seeking for fun in the kitchen! Dessert Making. Hidden Objects is the most delicious objects hunting game combined with tons of free puzzles and riddles.You'll find multiple puzzles to solve and tons of secrets to uncover. To...

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Escape Game: Shopping Mall by Big Bear EntertainmentEscape Game: Shopping Mall

Rated 4.12(668) — Big Bear Entertainment

Let's escape to the mall! You will find some hidden objects, pick up some trendy fashion items, do some shopping, and maybe solve a mystery! Shopping Mall Escape Game is a free seek and find item hunting game that can turn you into an adventurer in one...

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Family Day Find Hidden Objects by Big Bear EntertainmentFamily Day Find Hidden Objects

Rated 4.16(748) — Big Bear Entertainment

Forget about all the gloomy puzzle games, escape to our most relaxing, travel themed seek and find game that's filled with soothing nature scenes and fun riddles. Family Day Find Hidden Objects is the best adventure for you and your kids to untangle...

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Find Everything: Hidden Object by Big Bear EntertainmentFind Everything: Hidden Object

Rated 4.12(467) — Big Bear Entertainment

The cutest hidden objects puzzle game is free on your android phone! Let's play hide and seek with objects, hunt for mysteries, and uncover secrets along adventure games. Toys and everything else are all over the place! It looks like some kids were having

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Grand Hotel Mystery Games by Big Bear EntertainmentGrand Hotel Mystery Games

Rated 4.03(113) — Big Bear Entertainment

The best free hidden objects game for puzzle lovers is now on your Android phones! It introduces countless secrets and puzzles for you to solve! Time to put your detective hat on! Can you find all the hidden items?Grand Hotel Mystery Game is a lovely...

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Hidden Crimes - Secret Escape by Big Bear EntertainmentHidden Crimes - Secret Escape

Rated 4.26(239) — Big Bear Entertainment

This free fun hidden objects game offers a secret escape to the best adventure of solving puzzles and mysteries. Through different places in time where you get to explore and if you're lucky, find all the evidence you need to solve each puzzle card...

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Adventure in Mystery Island by Big Bear EntertainmentAdventure in Mystery Island

Rated 3.97(721) — Big Bear Entertainment

Dive into a mysterious world in Hidden Objects Game: Adventure in Mystery Island, a fun seek and find puzzle adventure game filled with word scenes, picture riddles, and mysterious items. The only way to solve the puzzles in this mystery island is to...

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Beauty Salon's Hidden Secret by Big Bear EntertainmentBeauty Salon's Hidden Secret

Rated 3.87(5,295) — Big Bear Entertainment

"Beauty Salon" is made for all the Hidden Object Game and Salon lovers! Find out all hidden salon products. Can you recognize them all ?Unlock all the secrets of beauty salons!!!!!This AWESOME & FREE Game Features:↗ Endless scenes of hair and salon...

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Cake Recipes - Hidden Objects by Big Bear EntertainmentCake Recipes - Hidden Objects

Rated 4.26(306) — Big Bear Entertainment

The best romantic fun hidden objects game featuring love & food themes is now available on your android phone! And it's all FREE!Cooking is love made visible. Sweet adventure is a must this season! We do not offer dark mysteries but only the enchanting...

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Criminal Case: Kidnapping by Big Bear EntertainmentCriminal Case: Kidnapping

Rated 3.92(3,646) — Big Bear Entertainment

Are you the smartest detective around? Criminal Case: Kidnapping is waiting to challenge your skills of observation and detection. Do you have what it takes to save the day? Find out now!Criminal Case: Kidnapping is a hidden object game that puts your...

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Escape Game: Haunted Circus by Big Bear EntertainmentEscape Game: Haunted Circus

Rated 3.82(1,140) — Big Bear Entertainment

Go on a midnight adventure of solving murder puzzles in the circus! Can you find the hidden object and uncover all secrets to escape? Or will you start a dark treasure hunt right here right now? Only one way to find out! Play this premium escape game!No..

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Escape The Kitchen House by Big Bear EntertainmentEscape The Kitchen House

Rated 4.18(2,096) — Big Bear Entertainment

Hope you are ready for the best kitchen adventure game, cause it's available on you android phone now! Find delicious hidden objects while solving all the fun puzzles and riddles, Escape The Kitchen House presents you the most delicious secrets and myster

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Family Heritage: House Secrets by Big Bear EntertainmentFamily Heritage: House Secrets

Rated 4.21(18,676) — Big Bear Entertainment

This house has a mystery that needs to be solved. Do you have what it takes to find the answers? Hidden Objects - House Secrets is a seek and find puzzle adventure game that takes place in a house full of mystery. Something strange has happened here...

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Free Hidden Objects Ocean Game by Big Bear EntertainmentFree Hidden Objects Ocean Game

Rated 4.01(502) — Big Bear Entertainment

Looking for mysteries to solve? Free Hidden Objects Ocean Game sends you under the sea to explore new puzzles and uncover secrets hidden by the mermaids and their sea animal friends. What mysterious things lie hidden in this watery world? There's only...

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Haunted House: Hidden Secrets by Big Bear EntertainmentHaunted House: Hidden Secrets

Rated 3.93(1,487) — Big Bear Entertainment

Looking for cool hidden object games? Look no further! All the best puzzles and unsolved secrets await inside this haunted ghost house! Find all the missing treasures to escape and save the place! There's an old manor in town that you've heard wild things

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Hidden Mystery in Wonderland by Big Bear EntertainmentHidden Mystery in Wonderland

Rated 4.01(784) — Big Bear Entertainment

Are you looking for hundreds of hidden objects to find and tons of mysterious secrets to uncover? Look no further! Escape to the mysterious wonderland that has all the fun treasure that you are looking for. And it is all Free!Rumor says that there’s...

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