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Easy Calc by Blacksmith DoubleCircleEasy Calc

Rated 5.00(1) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

This is a easy calculator!Fast response!Function・You can make a numerical formula.・You don't have to push the "=" button.・Delete a letter by the "<" button.・Delete all by the "AC" button.

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Elf Run -- 3D Action Game by Blacksmith DoubleCircleElf Run -- 3D Action Game

Rated 3.00(2) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

Simple 3D action game!Control the elf on the lesser panda and reach the goal!There is 24 stages. Let's kill your time!How to play- Go, back, turn right or turn left by pushing the button.- Jump by jump button.- Flick on upper screen and look up or down.BG

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Flappy Ninja by Blacksmith DoubleCircleFlappy Ninja

Rated 5.00(2) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

Touch and fly the ninja!If you touch the screen, the ninja flies.Adjust his height and go without bumping against poles! There is ranking!Make a high score and leave your name!

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Hardest 3D Game by Blacksmith DoubleCircleHardest 3D Game

Rated 3.67(3) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

The hardest 3D Action Game!Very hard, but addictive!Rule is simple. You control the beagle and try to reach the goal.The beagle can run and jump.If you fall under the ground, you fail.You will fail again and again, and find how to clear!The number of...

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How to stop hiccups by Blacksmith DoubleCircleHow to stop hiccups

Rated 3.95(22) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

This application explains how to stop hiccups and the mechanism of hiccups.- Effective way to stop hiccups!- Plain explanation about what are hiccups and why you can stop hiccups!- Pictures help you to understand!

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Jack Became A Cylinder by Blacksmith DoubleCircleJack Became A Cylinder

Rated 3.00(2) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

Lead Jack, who became a cylinder, to the goal.Genre : 3D Action Game.How To Play1. Select a stage.2. You can let Jack move and jump by pushing buttons.3. Lead Jack to the goal.Story One day, as Jack was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that..

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Letter Wallpaper Free by Blacksmith DoubleCircleLetter Wallpaper Free

Rated 3.87(82) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

Using Letter Wallpaper Free,you can write letters on wallpaper.When you touch android,you always see wallpaper.Write favorite words or something to have not to forget.Sorry, this application doesn't support LIVE wallpapers.Please set NON-live wallpapers..

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Magic Calc by Blacksmith DoubleCircleMagic Calc

Rated 0.00(0) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

This app is a calculator for magic.What are a surprising result calculated from random numbers!?People who see this magic are surprised, and do not understand what happened.Although a little practice is necessary, it is an application that anyone can...

Memo to Tweet by Blacksmith DoubleCircleMemo to Tweet

Rated 4.89(9) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

Memo to tweetMake drafts to tweet- FunctionsCount number of charactersFolderCopyShareChange text size

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Once A Day Account by Blacksmith DoubleCircleOnce A Day Account

Rated 4.00(3) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

Let's start Once A Day Account!Input how much you spend once a day and analyze your tendency to spend money.Money is limited.You may hope to spend money for meaningful purpose.However you may hope to spend money as you like it.That means, you should...

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Eating Out Memo Free by Blacksmith DoubleCircleEating Out Memo Free

Rated 1.00(1) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

Memo eating out info using this application!You can make your own eating out list writing name,evaluation,memo.This dish is very delicious!Next I would like this dish!I would like to go to this restaurant someday.And so on, enjoy your eating out memo...

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Fakers Bomb Shooter 3D by Blacksmith DoubleCircleFakers Bomb Shooter 3D

Rated 4.21(14) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

The enemies "Replicas" is invading the Mushroom Forest!They freely change the color and size, combine, change looks as mushrooms and have disappeared into the forest!Only you can beat them!Go! Defeat them with bombs!How to play is simple! Touch the screen

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Fly! Jack! by Blacksmith DoubleCircleFly! Jack!

Rated 4.00(6) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

Let's help Jack fly upper in the sky.How To Play1. Press the start button.2. If you slide your finger, then Jack flies 3. Let's fly Jack as high as possible.Story Jack received the courier service from unknown sender on a clear day . In the cardboard...

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Helloween Bridge by Blacksmith DoubleCircleHelloween Bridge

Rated 3.00(2) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

Go on the bridge and do as many zigzags as you can!Game to kill time for Helloween!Just tap the screen to change the direction of the pumpkin.Try not to fall off the edges!Collectiong lanterns will give you extra points.Achieve the new best score.When...

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Invisible Website Viewer by Blacksmith DoubleCircleInvisible Website Viewer

Rated 4.45(11) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

Application to view invisible websites.Actually, Google makes copies of almost all websites.Those are not the latest, but you can see them instead of the original websites.By using this application, you can see the contents copied by GoogleHow to use1...

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Jump! Cat! Cat Dream by Blacksmith DoubleCircleJump! Cat! Cat Dream

Rated 4.67(3) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

A cat being half asleep finds a cloud like a fish and jumps!How much height does the cat reach?Its dream is innocent and endless!How to play1. If the cat finds a cloud looking like a fish, slide your finger from top to bottom.2. The faster your finger...

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Lock Date Time Memo by Blacksmith DoubleCircleLock Date Time Memo

Rated 4.00(4) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

When you go out and lock your home door, you can use this application and remember date and time by simple operation.If you are anxious about whether the door is locked, you can use this application and confirm the day and time when you have locked and...

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Memo to remember by Blacksmith DoubleCircleMemo to remember

Rated 4.42(110) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

This application is created for the students of the entrance examination or qualification test. If you write what you want to remember in this app, on each time that you unlock your terminal, it will be displayed.If there is more than one memo, one memo..

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Not Matching Search by Blacksmith DoubleCircleNot Matching Search

Rated 5.00(4) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

APPLICATION FOR NOT MATCHING SEARCH!!For not matching search on Google, you have to set a hyphen - on top of search words, but it's a little bother. So I made this.What's Not Matching Search?Not Matching Search excludes pages including the not match...

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Organize Memory Memo by Blacksmith DoubleCircleOrganize Memory Memo

Rated 3.67(3) — Blacksmith DoubleCircle

You can organize your memory by this application.You can add, edit and delete memo items.Write memo in order.Once you create a memo, you can create another having the same items by copying.You don't have to input item's name again!If you would like to...

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