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Animal at Doctor by bxapps StudioAnimal at Doctor

Rated 3.55(843) — bxapps Studio

You have four animals that you have to take care of. The lion , the monkey , the dog and the elephant need your doctor skills to repair their face. Foloseste instrumentele medicale care le-am primit de la medicul veterinar pentru a salva aceste animale...

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Autumn Princess Dress Up by bxapps StudioAutumn Princess Dress Up

Rated 3.60(4,854) — bxapps Studio

In this game we have to prepare our girlfriend for the Friday night party. She has many dresses and accessories and does not know which ones to wear, so she appeals to you. You have to choose between simple dresses blue, pink, scarlet, white or green...

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Baby Bath Bed Time by bxapps StudioBaby Bath Bed Time

Rated 3.88(42) — bxapps Studio

Hi, how are you? Do you want to have fun with us today through this game for children? Do you want to make new friends? If you want to have a very beautiful day we will help you through this game to care for children, you'll be able to test your most...

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Baby Doctor Care by bxapps StudioBaby Doctor Care

Rated 3.47(1,966) — bxapps Studio

John and Richard are children of our family friends are is having some gorgeous boys. They cooled very hard and had to go to hospital but unfortunately anyone can't take it and move to hospital because they are home alone. We have to go after they to...

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Baby Feeding and Care by bxapps StudioBaby Feeding and Care

Rated 3.85(166) — bxapps Studio

Hi, if you are here definitely you want to have fun with us through this baby care game for girls. This game is what you need, it is very nice and certainly you will make a new friend. Mary is our friend and soon she was born a beautiful and healthy...

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Baby Foot And Hand Hurts by bxapps StudioBaby Foot And Hand Hurts

Rated 3.75(36) — bxapps Studio

Hi, we all know how painful are some wounds and how important is the help of a doctor. Today you will be able to be doctor for a few minutes, you'll be able to help a girl to feel better because recently she had an accident and now she has sores on hands.

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Baby in bathroom by bxapps StudioBaby in bathroom

Rated 3.47(117) — bxapps Studio

Every family has or had a baby. It's pretty hard to take care of a small child knows not to walk because his feet do not know how to speak, knows almost nothing, and you have to learn everything and show them what is right and what is wrong. Today, his...

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Baby Pimple Care Treatment by bxapps StudioBaby Pimple Care Treatment

Rated 3.66(1,205) — bxapps Studio

While preparing for the school, our friend Janice noticed that appeared a black point on the face. She tried to remove the nail, but failed and has done more harm. He started defends bridge over the face and very scared. She can not walk this way to...

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Baby toilet cleaning by bxapps StudioBaby toilet cleaning

Rated 3.43(875) — bxapps Studio

In older homes or apartments, there are two bathrooms. One is the main bathroom, where everyone goes and makes his needs and the second bathroom is used for storing the washing machine, or for situations where the main bathroom is occupied. In this game..

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Babysitter Daycare Practice by bxapps StudioBabysitter Daycare Practice

Rated 4.00(2) — bxapps Studio

Hi! What are you doing? Do you want to spend this day with us through this game for girls? Want to have fun and make new friends? You have to take care of two kids, you'll be able to play with them and learn many beautiful things.This kids care game...

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Animal Hairstyle Salon by bxapps StudioAnimal Hairstyle Salon

Rated 3.55(190) — bxapps Studio

Hi, welcome! You are exactly where you need! Every day you can play with us only through this game with animals. You like animals? If you like them you will be very happy here because you will know three very beautiful and playful animals. They need...

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Baby Angel Spa by bxapps StudioBaby Angel Spa

Rated 3.57(202) — bxapps Studio

Hi, do you want to have fun with us today? Do you want to help us to take care of our child and also to have fun? If you want to help us through this game for children you will like it very much.You will have to prove that you're able to take care of...

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Baby Doctor by bxapps StudioBaby Doctor

Rated 3.21(112) — bxapps Studio

All children are bad, naughty and full of energy. At the same time, children get sick and faster but hit and hurt and faster faster. We have to do something to prevent this, but we do not know why. Have you an idea? We have thought to apply their little..

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Baby Dream Bicycle by bxapps StudioBaby Dream Bicycle

Rated 3.20(65) — bxapps Studio

Hi, we all want to have a bike to have fun with our friends. With a bike we can go in hiking, we can meet new people and places. When we are small we want to have a small bike but also often our parents can not give us a bike so this game for children...

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Baby flu games for girls by bxapps StudioBaby flu games for girls

Rated 3.56(1,943) — bxapps Studio

Hi, when we are our mom take us the temperature, she makes tea and stays with us until we feel better, an important role it has the pediatrician, this kind of doctor specializes in caring for children. You of course the age at which you are right now...

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Baby Goes To Nursery by bxapps StudioBaby Goes To Nursery

Rated 3.55(146) — bxapps Studio

Hello, when we are going to do something very important we have great emotions and we want to do everything perfect to be able to finish our mission. Are you a responsible child who can do a lot good things? If you want to prove to everyone that you...

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Baby in Kitchen by bxapps StudioBaby in Kitchen

Rated 3.72(958) — bxapps Studio

When children are hungry do need to give them something really good to eat because they grow very healthy food and stimulates well. You have to do what they want, so we need a little help for a short time we can not do a very good meal. In this game...

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Baby Sally Newborn Brother by bxapps StudioBaby Sally Newborn Brother

Rated 3.90(319) — bxapps Studio

Hi, if you're here then you're ready for fun with us. Do you want to have a beautiful day? If you want to have fun you can do so through this game with babies. If you do not have brothers we are sure that you want to have someone to love and someone...

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Baby Vampire Doctor by bxapps StudioBaby Vampire Doctor

Rated 3.56(420) — bxapps Studio

Today Mark and Emily had a carnival where they had to dress in vampires. During the carnival, the two children had a sketch outdoors and got sick by the outside cold and wind. They need to go to hospital to treat this disease. This game have four levels..

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Babysitter Newborn Baby Care by bxapps StudioBabysitter Newborn Baby Care

Rated 4.07(3,710) — bxapps Studio

Hello, we are happy that you came to visit us and moreover we hope you will help us with everything we need. If you want to have part of a beautiful day you will manage to get it through this game just for kids. Through this game for girls you'll be...

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