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Ambulance Rescue Sim 2017 by Confun GameStudioAmbulance Rescue Sim 2017

Rated 3.96(71) — Confun GameStudio

Play as a ambulance rescue simulator driver in NYC Ambulance Simulation game and run into injured patients to save there lives.This game have good rescue mission game, play as rescue ambulance driver and recover the patients.The NYC city is in thrill...

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Angry Wild Shark Sim by Confun GameStudioAngry Wild Shark Sim

Rated 4.83(6) — Confun GameStudio

ANGRY SHARKTake control of a very Hungry Blue Shark and go on a frantic ocean rampage! Welcome to the one of the most popular, dangerous shark attack and Angry Wild Shark Sim game on android market. Enjoy Hungry Extreme Shark and grow the real experience.

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Ant Hero Battle: Micro Transformation by Confun GameStudioAnt Hero Battle: Micro Transformation

Rated 4.30(535) — Confun GameStudio

Ant Hero Battle: Micro Transformation is a stunning extension for the game fans in the massive arena of survival games. It enables the member to happenstance a live pleasure of rescue games wherein, he is settled toward ant hero to complete his task...

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Arctic Wolf Simulator by Confun GameStudioArctic Wolf Simulator

Rated 3.61(1,188) — Confun GameStudio

Get ready to play Ultimate Arctic Wolf Simulator game to raise your baby wolves in snow and protect mate from predators.This ultimate wolf simulator game includes fantastic snow environment and epic cut scenes to make thrilling gameplay. Build your own...

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Bus Drive Simulator 17 by Confun GameStudioBus Drive Simulator 17

Rated 5.00(1) — Confun GameStudio

Do you like bus driving games? Bus Drive Simulator is the first coach driving game that will teach you to drive like a real coach across different adventure places and challenging environment! This 3D bus driver game will satisfy all your bus driving...

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Car Robot Valet Mall Parking by Confun GameStudioCar Robot Valet Mall Parking

Rated 4.36(238) — Confun GameStudio

Crazy valet parking madness is here with Multilevel Car Robot Valet merged with fantastic cars and robots. Entertain yourself with robots driving cars and parking them with driving skills in extreme extraordinary car parking simulator that have been...

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Cheetah Attack Sim by Confun GameStudioCheetah Attack Sim

Rated 3.67(9) — Confun GameStudio

Protect your family from predators in this Cheetah Attack Simulator game .African lion , wolf and big cats are dangerous for your cubs cheetah and mate.Fight against different forest animals using super fast attack in this wild attack of cheetah simulatio

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Crazy Santa Stealth Survival Mission by Confun GameStudioCrazy Santa Stealth Survival Mission

Rated 4.42(134) — Confun GameStudio

Welcome to the new Santa prison survival game and escape mission’s strategy where you play as Crazy Santa in this Crazy Santa Stealth Survival Mission. Santa Hero wandering in the jail carefully and try to escape from the police custody. Your love...

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Dead Hero City Battle by Confun GameStudioDead Hero City Battle

Rated 3.67(3) — Confun GameStudio

Here comes the new fully action packed game with the story of a Dead Hero who knows how to fight against bad guys. No one can just beat him because of his dual swords, he's the legend in city. This fighter hero will go out from his house and will fight...

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Dino World Bike Racing by Confun GameStudioDino World Bike Racing

Rated 0.00(0) — Confun GameStudio

Experience realistic jungle water beach bike stunt race with exciting motor bike racing in dino world.Dinosaurs are chasing you and you have to save yourself from dangerous predators by riding racing moto bike to the destination.Fast motor bike racing...

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Angry Stick Fighter 3D by Confun GameStudioAngry Stick Fighter 3D

Rated 5.00(6) — Confun GameStudio

Angry Stickman Warrior has arrived in 2017 to show power and dominate all other little poor stickmen in stickman city. In this unique experience, you’re an angry Stick Fighter ready to mark your territory and defend your honor and to dominate in stickman.

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Animal Battle Simulator by Confun GameStudioAnimal Battle Simulator

Rated 4.44(9) — Confun GameStudio

Live the wild life of vicious animals, fighting fierce animals in a battle and surviving in the wilderness.Just Choose your favorite animal and fight with wild animals in a ring.Become the ultimate carnivore in a wild animal simulator unlike other animal.

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Apes Survival by Confun GameStudioApes Survival

Rated 4.41(44) — Confun GameStudio

Apes Survival is adventure game where you play as angry ape and your own destiny is to go back your home, which is huge open forest. Survival here will be not a simple task in this adventurous game. Play classic battle simulator ape hero escape safely...

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Bat SuperHero: Legend Rises by Confun GameStudioBat SuperHero: Legend Rises

Rated 3.33(9) — Confun GameStudio

BAT SUPERHEROYou are a superheroes fighter against the Evil ! You play as a bat in a new exciting game with an open 3D world. Want to know what kind of life is living a true hero? It’s a new sequel of the superheroes fighting good vs. evil story. Bat...

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Camaro vs GTR Drift Simulator by Confun GameStudioCamaro vs GTR Drift Simulator

Rated 4.67(6) — Confun GameStudio

Drive your Dream cars in Camaro Vs GTR Drift Simulator with smooth car controls in different beautiful environment. Drift against the any of the car you want and test the limit of your car. The most thrilling racing tracks on hilly roads to race and...

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Cat Survival At Home by Confun GameStudioCat Survival At Home

Rated 3.78(23) — Confun GameStudio

Meoww! Crazy Kitty Cat time at home with this delightful creature that changes into a little monster but you can’t be punished when you’re too cute! Cat Survival At Home will put you into the eyes of the glorious cat! You will love this marathon...

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City Mouse Simulator by Confun GameStudioCity Mouse Simulator

Rated 3.40(2,192) — Confun GameStudio

Live the life of a Mouse and Survive in city !!Do you love animal simulators?Are your ready for a challenging new mouse games?Squeak and squeal with City Mouse Simulator!Become a fugitive mouse – a white mouse surviving in rush city life in search...

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Cute Mermaid vs Sea Animals by Confun GameStudioCute Mermaid vs Sea Animals

Rated 4.44(16) — Confun GameStudio

Let’s enter the world of mysterious creatures of cute mermaids and sea Animals adventure in this underwater surviving simulator. Fight with dangerous sea animals and save the innocent kids in the Cute Mermaid Vs Sea Animals game. This thrilling game...

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Derby Monster Car Destruction by Confun GameStudioDerby Monster Car Destruction

Rated 5.00(2) — Confun GameStudio

MONSTER TRUCK ARENAWelcome to Monster Truck Arena, full of fun and exciting monster trucks & cars. Amazing jumps, loop-the-loops in this big stunt arena. Smash your opponent in this arena battle. This is not only stunt game or super car stunt driving...

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Dinosaur World Simulator 2017 by Confun GameStudioDinosaur World Simulator 2017

Rated 4.24(42) — Confun GameStudio

Get ready for an adventure with the dinosaurs in the grand city.The Jurassic beast strikes the modern city again. Dinosaurs are back from the Jurassic Age! Here comes the best game of Dinosaur World 2017 with incredible simulation features which you...

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