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ArkCraft Minecraft PE Map by craftinio muchoArkCraft Minecraft PE Map

Rated 5.00(8) — craftinio mucho

ArkCraft is a beautiful world with an astonishing amount of picturesque landscapes and lovely places, whose heavenly beauty cannot be expressed by mere words. You must see everything with your own eyes! Only by downloading this magnificent map, you will..

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Find the Button Minecraft Map by craftinio muchoFind the Button Minecraft Map

Rated 3.84(19) — craftinio mucho

Try this logic minigame for Minecraft where your objective is to find a secret button. The map includes 8 different levels (rather challenging, by the way) and encourages you to search for all hidden levers and buttons. Such a minigame is great to play...

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Jungle Escape, a Minecraft Map by craftinio muchoJungle Escape, a Minecraft Map

Rated 4.56(9) — craftinio mucho

This is a super interesting minigame for Minecraft, taking place in an ancient temple buried in the heart of the jungles. There are several small challenges and a great lot of hidden death traps, which you need to overcome in order to escape. The lion’s..

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Map Bikini Bob for Minecraft by craftinio muchoMap Bikini Bob for Minecraft

Rated 4.06(186) — craftinio mucho

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the underwater universe Bikini Bob and have a look at its sea dwellers in an amusing game for Minecraft PE. Probably, there is no such a man who has never heard about this city located at the very bottom of the ocean.

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Moon Colonization MCPE Map by craftinio muchoMoon Colonization MCPE Map

Rated 3.83(6) — craftinio mucho

It is a very interesting Minecraft map featuring a huge Moon location. The humanity, at last, started colonizing the nearest planets. You as one of the explorers took a flight to the Moon with a research mission, whose aim is to examine the lunar soil...

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Spiral Parkour Minecraft Map by craftinio muchoSpiral Parkour Minecraft Map

Rated 4.18(51) — craftinio mucho

Parkour Spiral in Minecraft is an enormous and, surely, beautiful parkour map loaded with a plethora of different biomes, structures, and landscapes, and all this is packed into one spiraling tower! Due to versatile parkour elements, this MCPE map is...

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The Mansion MCPE map by craftinio muchoThe Mansion MCPE map

Rated 3.50(4) — craftinio mucho

We are happy to offer you a sumptuous mansion, whose price is over several millions of Minecraft coins. Only outrageously wealthy people can afford to buy such a magnificent house in MCPE and enjoy not only its modern furniture, home appliances, expensive

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The Ritual MCPE map by craftinio muchoThe Ritual MCPE map

Rated 4.86(7) — craftinio mucho

The Ritual is an adventure MCPE map with a great load of unexpected teleportation and movements throughout the location. The storyline of this Minecraft map is somewhat complicated, so you will have to get to the bottom of this. Map StorylineIt is a...

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Western House Minecraft Map by craftinio muchoWestern House Minecraft Map

Rated 3.89(18) — craftinio mucho

The Western House Minecraft Map features a huge, colorful hunting seat situated in the very heart of a dense forest. A three-story hunting box is designed to accommodate hunters. On the first floor, there is a big room with a feast table, a small fridge..

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Egg Wars Minecraft map by craftinio muchoEgg Wars Minecraft map

Rated 4.27(37) — craftinio mucho

Egg Wars in Minecraft is an exciting multiplayer map, in which your main objective is to protect the sacred eggs from enemies (the opposite team). Since this map is classified as PvP, you need to find other participants who would like to take part in...

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Horror in the Hospital-2 MCPE Map by craftinio muchoHorror in the Hospital-2 MCPE Map

Rated 4.17(1,547) — craftinio mucho

Hospital-2 is a horror Minecraft map. Though it is not so big, it is incredibly interesting to complete. If you like the first chapter of the Horrors in the Hospital, then you will definitely appreciate its continuation. Are you ready to experience that..

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Map Batty и Killing Machine for MCPE by craftinio muchoMap Batty и Killing Machine for MCPE

Rated 4.13(16) — craftinio mucho

Batty and Killing Machine, a Minecraft Map, is an absorbing minigame with multiple horror elements. It is just the first chapter, but if everything is getting along all right, there will be not less than 5 maps about Batty and Killing Machine.In this...

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Map Thimble for Minecraft PE by craftinio muchoMap Thimble for Minecraft PE

Rated 3.00(2) — craftinio mucho

Thimble is truly a cool multiplayer minigame in Minecraft where the players in turns jump off different high-dives and try to safely land in the water. But when you reach the water surface, you leave a block behind yourself. After dozens of jumps, the...

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Mysterious Island, an MCPE map by craftinio muchoMysterious Island, an MCPE map

Rated 5.00(3) — craftinio mucho

We offer you a new MCPE creation called Mysterious Island. Legend has it that the island is located somewhere not far from Japan, and only a few people managed to get to this wondrous place. Your objective here is to explore the island and complete all...

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The Los Dangeles City MCPE Map by craftinio muchoThe Los Dangeles City MCPE Map

Rated 3.48(25) — craftinio mucho

Los Dangeles is a huge metropolis in the Minecraft PE world. It is one of those few cases when a full exploration of a city in MCPE will take you literally several days – owing to its gazillion of different streets, roads, tall buildings, and other...

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The Mutants Minecraft map by craftinio muchoThe Mutants Minecraft map

Rated 4.57(14) — craftinio mucho

What will you think about a brand new MCPE map where your objective is to fight against endless waves of mutated monsters in a closed arena? We bet you will love it! Take part in joyful and dynamic mutant battles in Minecraft. But bear in mind, this...

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Village MCPE Map by craftinio muchoVillage MCPE Map

Rated 4.29(7) — craftinio mucho

Village in Minecraft is a fully automated map. The entire action of this minigame takes place in a medieval village. This game is designed as a multiplayer; the recommended number of players is 3-6 (maximum). In a random manner, all MCPE players will...

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