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Anti Cat Repellent NEW by deva swisAnti Cat Repellent NEW

Rated 2.68(81) — deva swis

The Anti Cat Prank app is specially designed to make Cats away from you. Anti Cats is such a nice app. Cat Repellent uses high frequency sounds, ultrasounds in this app. Which can't hearing sense of human ears.Cats Repellent is entertainment purpose...

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Anti Lizard Repellent by deva swisAnti Lizard Repellent

Rated 3.04(270) — deva swis

The Anti Lizard Prank app is specially designed to ward off lizards in your home. If you are one of those who go scurrying away in opposite direction with the sight of lizards then you might be facing Herpetophobia which 57% of the world population face.T

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Anti Rat Repeller - Mouse by deva swisAnti Rat Repeller - Mouse

Rated 3.77(79) — deva swis

Anti Rat Repellent – Mouse Prank app is not confirmed by science. Treat it as a prank!You can find a lot of apps which are trying to scare Rat! But do they afraid of them? Rat is rodents nuisance for everyone every family and every famer. Rat destroy...

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Front Flash Camera App by deva swisFront Flash Camera App

Rated 2.67(6) — deva swis

Front Flash Camera App or Front Camera Flash Light for Night Selfie is an awesome way to take the best Selfies in low light. If you love to take selfies but have always been disappointed with low light then Front Flash Camera App or Front Camera Flash...

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Real Guitar - Free Guitar Game by deva swisReal Guitar - Free Guitar Game

Rated 4.15(67) — deva swis

REAL GUITAR is a free application for the Android system that simulates acoustic and electric guitar on your phone/tablet screen. A fun, lightweight and easy to use app. Ideal for those who enjoy or want to learn to play.You can get a taste of being...

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Whistle Phone Finder PRO 2017 by deva swisWhistle Phone Finder PRO 2017

Rated 4.24(303) — deva swis

If you have ever lost a phone in your room, bag, desk or car and you couldn't find it; this program is just for you. This application detects sounds similar to whistling and then informs you about the location of your lost phone. You only have to whistle.

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Anti Cockroach Repellent by deva swisAnti Cockroach Repellent

Rated 3.83(46) — deva swis

Anti Cockroach Repellent Prank app is not confirmed by science. Treat it as a prank!You can find a lot of apps which are trying to scare Cockroach! But do they afraid of them? Cockroach is nuisance for everyone every family. Anti Cockroach Repellent...

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Anti Rat Repeller by deva swisAnti Rat Repeller

Rated 3.75(44) — deva swis

Anti Rat Repeller is a prank application which used to make Mice, Rats away from you or your house. Anti Rat Repeller is such a nice app. Anti Rat Repeller uses high frequency sounds in this app. Which can hearing sense of human ears. Anti Rat Repeller...

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Eye Color Changer Ultimate by deva swisEye Color Changer Ultimate

Rated 3.93(14) — deva swis

Eye Color Changer Ultimate is an ultimate app for you to try out hundred plus of eye colors and lenses on your own photo. You can have green, blue, brwon or multiple color eyes! You can even have one of each! Do you want to try out cat eyes? How about...

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Night Mode - Eye Protector by deva swisNight Mode - Eye Protector

Rated 4.49(105) — deva swis

Do you feel the light of your mobile screen is too strong?Do you feel your eyes fatigued after watching the phone screen for a long time? Does the glare of the screen make your eyes uncomfortable when you play phone in the bed at night?Do you feel your...

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Vibrator Massage Pink NEW by deva swisVibrator Massage Pink NEW

Rated 1.50(8) — deva swis

Vibrator Massage Pink is a very simple app for massage! Install Vibrator Massage Pink and get a free massage using the vibration of your phone.You also can choose the intensity of the vibration plus using the range button.Vibrate can help you relax...

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