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Banana Attack - Muay Thai Game by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Banana Attack - Muay Thai Game

Rated 3.75(537) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Mr.Tone, The Great Muay Thai Fighter, has to attack these rampant bananas.How many bananas can you defeat?Can you survive from the super crazy banana army?Is it going to be the end of the world!?This special Muay Thai game with new style of Street Fighter

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Christmas Box by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Christmas Box

Rated 3.32(19) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Christmas is a very important festival during winter.Every children are waiting are for presents from Santa ClauseLets come and collect them from the Christmas tree!Just keep pressing and we can all get present from the Santa Clause! Hohoho!

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Color Shoot Game by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Color Shoot Game

Rated 5.00(2) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Fun with color UFO spinnerSwitch UFO coloring for switch colors to match enemiesfight colorful enemiesHow to playTap the UFO to switch the color codeSwitch colors to match enemies to block or hit enemies to destroyTap to switch color with red to yellow...

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Cute Kitten by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Cute Kitten

Rated 3.29(21) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Have fun with the cute kittenTouch and Listen to cat's response!Have fun with your friends or your familyEveryone can enjoy this free gameThe cute cat is on your hand. So why are you waiting? Install now!

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Fix The Road by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Fix The Road

Rated 3.29(7) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Oh God ! What happen with that road! It's too many car and a lot of hole on the road.fix it now you are the Builder just swipe to walk beside the holeand double click to fix the road !becareful the car.. you will die if you hit it in 3 last...

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Jelly Tap by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Jelly Tap

Rated 3.84(31) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Cute and super fun game for everyone in your familyGame play is very easy, just tapping the jelly as fast as you can.The time is limit at 1 minute. How much you can do, this is challenge!Kid will be enjoy playing with friends or parent.Cute Strawberry...

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Kaiju Minis Destruction Game by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Kaiju Minis Destruction Game

Rated 3.32(331) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Control your very own Mini Kaiju and set out on a path of endless destruction.Action packed fun full of explosions!Strategize your way through missiles and unleash your fury!How much of the city can you destroy?Kaiju Minis is an epic endless game that...

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Loop Like by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Loop Like

Rated 4.60(14,684) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Do you ever imagine yourself as a net idol? Do you ever dream of getting a large number of “Like”? Thousands, Millions even Billions, it can happen in this game.In this game, you just touch touch touch touch and touch, and earn like as much as you...

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Mysterious Egg For Kids by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Mysterious Egg For Kids

Rated 3.71(31) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Easy and Free to playTap the eggs as much as you canChallenge with your friends or play with your familyHave fun with mother and father

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SistaCafe by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.SistaCafe

Rated 4.53(2,362) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

•SistaCafe คือแอปพลิเคชั่นรวบรวมเทคนิคดีๆ สำหรับผู้หญิง ทั้ง รองเท้า ทรงผมผู้หญิง ทั้ง ทรงผมสั้น...

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Cabbage Game by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Cabbage Game

Rated 3.43(70) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Need a fun new way to pass the time? Too lazy to play complicated games? Like Cabbages?Well Look no further!Back again with the latest popular hot hit Cabbage Peeling Game in Thailand, Japan and America."It's a Pretty fun Cabbage game" Is now twice the...

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Coco the Fish! -Cute Fish Game by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Coco the Fish! -Cute Fish Game

Rated 3.89(4,376) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Coco's sweetheart was kidnapped by the Great Squid King!?The brave little fish, Coco, has to venture into the open sea to save his lovely girlfriend in this new casual action adventure game!You can read Manga, "Coco Doko!?" from here!"Coco the Fish!...

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Crazy Taxi Boy in Bangkok by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Crazy Taxi Boy in Bangkok

Rated 4.09(274) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Here comes the adventure of Pon Pon and his hamster, Ham Ham!Pon Pon and Ham Ham take the wheel in this new crazy fast Taxi game!Let's race around Sukhumvit and explore many famous places of Bangkok, Thailand!"Thailand Crazy Taxi Boy" Game SystemRemember.

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Daruma Doll by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Daruma Doll

Rated 2.83(23) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Cute game for childrenPlay with Daruma, the fortune dollEasy and free for everyone to playTap Daruma and pray for luck!

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Hot Crepe by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Hot Crepe

Rated 3.00(2) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

This game is free to play, you will cook delicious crepe with prepared recipe, you will be able to practice your skills in a crepe cooking techniques and exciting steps.Choose your own toppings - desserts, meat, cereal, etc. Cooking has never been so...

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JobcanTH by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.JobcanTH

Rated 0.00(0) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

* ระบบจัดการการเข้างานผ่าน Cloud system ที่มีบริษัทเลือกใช้งานกว่า 10,000 แห่ง!- [หลากวิธีตอกบัตรเข้างาน]...

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Koinobori (craft fish flag) by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Koinobori (craft fish flag)

Rated 4.43(7) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Children's Day in JapanIts time for Koinobori festival!Koinobori flags are everywhere!make full of energy and powerthat it can fight its way up swift-running streams and cascadesJust keep tapping and they will appear.Lets see how many flags you can make..

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Monkey Surfer by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Monkey Surfer

Rated 3.79(262) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Do you love the sea or a banana? Bunch of bananas have fall into the sea! This is a big present. Let's go surfing and collect it all. But beware of the bad fish, trying to attack you.Endless surfing game that will challenge you to go as far as you can...

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Nipple Twister by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Nipple Twister

Rated 3.06(159) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Boring for play normal casual game? Try this Nipple Twister!Have you ever imagine that you can twist someone nipple? Now, it is time to make it real happen in your phone.This guy is lonely who need someone make him happy. We can not make him feel lonely..

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Taiko Dojo by Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.Taiko Dojo

Rated 2.62(413) — Donuts Bangkok Co., Ltd.

Very easy to playEven child or adult can enjoy this free game.Try to hit Taiko drum as much as you can!!Try to make longest combo streak!!Challenge and have fun with your friends!or with your mother and father!

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