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InFace - Send LinkedIn Anonymous Massages. by Doron HarelInFace - Send LinkedIn Anonymous Massages.

Rated 5.00(5) — Doron Harel

InFace enables you to send anonymous messages to any LinkedIn user!How to send a message:1. Click on "Compose" in the main screen.2. Enter the id of the user you want to send a message. For a example, if the url of the user is "

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Pendulum Clock - Vintage Clock by Doron HarelPendulum Clock - Vintage Clock

Rated 3.56(9) — Doron Harel

This pendulum clock will make you relaxed and sleepy! Watch the natural movement of the pendulum, and the repeating tick sounds.- You can drag the pendulum and decide how high the pendulum will go.- Work in the background.- Chime sound.- Control volume.-.

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