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Alwaraq الوراق Arabic Books by Electronic VillageAlwaraq الوراق Arabic Books

Rated 3.74(264) — Electronic Village

Alwaraq ( الوراق ) mobile application showcases the most important arabic books and resources that have influenced the arab-islamic civilization.This application contains around 1200 free arabic books and resources categorized into wide range of...

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Jenan Arabic Poet الشاعرة جنان by Electronic VillageJenan Arabic Poet الشاعرة جنان

Rated 4.38(16) — Electronic Village

Poet Jenan( الشاعرة جنان ) application portrays the classical works of the Emirati poet JenanIt contains arabic poems, arabic articles, audio gallery, photo gallery of the poetess Jenan in Arabic language.Poet Jenan :A distinguished Emirati...

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منازل القمر by Electronic Villageمنازل القمر

Rated 3.68(68) — Electronic Village

منزل القمر هو جزء من مسار الشمس (غالبا ما تسمى محطة، أو بيت) التي من خلالها يتحرك القمر في مداره حول الأرض، وغالبا ما تستخدم من قبل الحضارات...

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Arabic Audio books كتب مسموعة by Electronic VillageArabic Audio books كتب مسموعة

Rated 4.03(495) — Electronic Village

This is early version of audio books (in Arabic),which gives users access to the audio materials available in Almotanabbi (www.almotanabbi.com) and Almasalik (www.almasalik.com) websites.This project is sponsored by Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Khalifa Al-Sowaidi..

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Waha Almotanabbi واحة المتنبي by Electronic VillageWaha Almotanabbi واحة المتنبي

Rated 4.49(736) — Electronic Village

This application is for Almotanabbi Arabic classic poems (in Arabic Language). It is founded by The Poet Mohammed Ahmed Khalifa Al-Sowaidi.Al-Motanabbi was born in Kufah(Iraq) in 915 AD, He is considered as one of the greatest poets in the Arabic language

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