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Eudokia Apps published 8 applications on Google Play, 246 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.95!

Banana Vs Zombies Forest Trek by Eudokia AppsBanana Vs Zombies Forest Trek

Rated 3.57(100) — Eudokia Apps

Embark on an epic platform adventure as Mr Banana as you trek through the forest and fight against hordes of the undead and monsters only interested in destroying you. Start your journey in a wonderful forest, jumping and fighting your way through monster

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Crab Match - Reflex Fun - Free by Eudokia AppsCrab Match - Reflex Fun - Free

Rated 4.33(6) — Eudokia Apps

Crabs are shooting down the screen at a rapid're beginning to get sweat dripping from your're so close to beating your high-score and resting at the top of the leaderboard...and then you have one lapse in concentration and you...

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Flaming Yatzy - Ignited Dice by Eudokia AppsFlaming Yatzy - Ignited Dice

Rated 3.67(9) — Eudokia Apps

From the fiery depths of the board come the ignited dice in an old age classic - YATZY! Throw out the flaming dice from their pot and try to make the perfect combinations to set alight the leaderboard. Is it Yahtzee or Yatzy or even Yahtzy. It doesn't...

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Three Peaks Pyramid Solitaire by Eudokia AppsThree Peaks Pyramid Solitaire

Rated 4.33(12) — Eudokia Apps

Be mindful of the dinosaur that lurks in the shadows. If you're a fan of Solitaire or Patience you'll love this pyramid game!Enter a prehistoric, medieval world, where you must work through the pyramids where the deadly dinosaur lives! Also known as...

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Brick A Break - Brick Smash by Eudokia AppsBrick A Break - Brick Smash

Rated 3.90(58) — Eudokia Apps

Smash, bash, and destroy the bricks to progress just like the classic brick breaker game. The quicker you do the more you can show off to your friends and share! Slide the paddle to make the ball bounce and break the bricks in order to complete the level.

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Farkle Free - Roll the Dice by Eudokia AppsFarkle Free - Roll the Dice

Rated 4.26(27) — Eudokia Apps

We've decided to keep the great sale on even after Christmas so you can continue to enjoy the fantastic offers!Download the best dice game now and start winning big with this Farkle game. Enjoy Farkle today and challenge your friends!Get hooked and become

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Frozen Farkle - Ice Dice by Eudokia AppsFrozen Farkle - Ice Dice

Rated 3.83(12) — Eudokia Apps

Once upon a time some magic swept over the land of Farkle and made everything frozen or frosty! Can you roll the icy dice and topple the leaderboards without being frozen yourself?Experience this special edition version of Farkle where the ice has taken..

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Yatzy Mania - Dice Roller by Eudokia AppsYatzy Mania - Dice Roller

Rated 3.68(22) — Eudokia Apps

The ultimate dice game is now available to download! Yatzy, Yahtzy or even Yahtzee! However you might spell it, start rolling the dice today and see if you can rise the ranks as a Yatzy master!If you're a fan of Farkle, or any dice game for that matter...

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