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Bakery Bash Match 3 by Fun Match 3 GamesBakery Bash Match 3

Rated 4.47(55) — Fun Match 3 Games

If you are a fan of match-3 games, then this treat is simply perfect for you! Bakery Bash Match 3 is a fun addicting puzzle game with challenging sweet levels and delicious graphics and effects. It’s an awesome game you can spend hours playing without...

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Blossom Blitz Match 3 by Fun Match 3 GamesBlossom Blitz Match 3

Rated 4.53(299) — Fun Match 3 Games

Blossom Blitz Match 3 is an addicting and fun puzzle game, free to play straight on your Android or Tablet device. Spend a relaxing day at the lovely flower garden, explore hundreds of beautiful levels, swap the flowers and win! Link the flowers and...

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Bounty Blast by Fun Match 3 GamesBounty Blast

Rated 4.29(21) — Fun Match 3 Games

Explore the cave of wonders filled with riches and bonuses and collect the treasure!Play the awesome Bounty Blast puzzle game for free and join the amazing adventure.Move and match the shiny jewels, clear the challenges and advance along hundreds of...

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Bubblegum Mix by Fun Match 3 GamesBubblegum Mix

Rated 4.45(145) — Fun Match 3 Games

Bubblegum Mix is an exciting match-3 space themed game featuring some cool sweet items and fun puzzles. Matching candy in space is fun and addictive so you better download for free today and start the adventure! You need to make lines of 3 sweet items...

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Cake Quest Match 3 by Fun Match 3 GamesCake Quest Match 3

Rated 4.32(41) — Fun Match 3 Games

Get ready for some cake matching time fun! It’s a delicious match-3 adventure in the magical candy wonderland with loads of sweet levels and fun surprises.Cake Quest Match 3 will take you to a journey across hundreds of exciting levels filled with...

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Candy Fun Match by Fun Match 3 GamesCandy Fun Match

Rated 4.21(82) — Fun Match 3 Games

Match and collect delicious treats in the amazing Candy Fun Match puzzle adventure that is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth! Match 3 or more candies to collect them, and create delicious combinations to blast the candy away. Candy Fun Match takes...

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Candy Mix Match 3 by Fun Match 3 GamesCandy Mix Match 3

Rated 4.69(80) — Fun Match 3 Games

Match and collect sweet candy in this fun Candy Mix match-3 puzzle game. It’s the best game to play when you want to relax and enjoy awesome levels filled with delicious candy treats to satisfy your sweet tooth! Set on a fun quest and explore hundreds...

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Cookie Crusher by Fun Match 3 GamesCookie Crusher

Rated 4.50(66) — Fun Match 3 Games

Make combinations of at least 3 items in this awesome match-3 game, collect sweet cookies and explore new, exciting levels!Cookie Crusher is a cool new match-3 game with hundreds of delicious levels, colorful biscuits and incredible graphics and effects..

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Cosmic Crush by Fun Match 3 GamesCosmic Crush

Rated 4.50(32) — Fun Match 3 Games

It’s time to crush gems in space!Collect matching diamonds to earn points in this awesome match 3 game. Start your adventure today! Play the amazing Cosmic Crush game for FREE and experience hours of endless fun and entertainment.Journey through hundreds.

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Cream Crush Match 3 by Fun Match 3 GamesCream Crush Match 3

Rated 4.42(53) — Fun Match 3 Games

A brand new match-3 flavor is now available for free on the app store!Play the awesome Cream Crush Match 3 puzzle game, crush the sweet cones and become the ultimate ice cream master!Indulge yourself in the most delicious puzzle adventure, match and...

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Battle Match by Fun Match 3 GamesBattle Match

Rated 4.38(56) — Fun Match 3 Games

Download Battle Match for free now and enjoy an epic match 3 game! Go back in time on a medieval battle and combine 3 items or more of the same color to get the chance to unlock special surprises and clear the board. Make combinations to create big explos

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Blueberry Bash by Fun Match 3 GamesBlueberry Bash

Rated 4.47(135) — Fun Match 3 Games

Download for free Blueberry Bash, the most exciting fruit match puzzle game. Match three fruit to burst and remove them from the board. There are hundreds of fun levels to enjoy in this addicting match-3 puzzle game so play now and get ready to beat...

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Bubble Planet by Fun Match 3 GamesBubble Planet

Rated 4.13(32) — Fun Match 3 Games

Join the adventure now with Bubble Planet, and defend the planet from all the colored space bubbles! Win all the levels by popping all the bubbles in limited shots. You can swap bubbles without limit, just tap on your bubble to change its color. Use...

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Burger Mania by Fun Match 3 GamesBurger Mania

Rated 4.83(59) — Fun Match 3 Games

Welcome to the match-3 diner party!Play the best online puzzle game, swap and crush food and complete the missions in this exciting kitchen adventure. Match the ingredients and create delicious combos to win. Burger Mania online game is free to play...

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Candy Craze Match 3 by Fun Match 3 GamesCandy Craze Match 3

Rated 4.73(37) — Fun Match 3 Games

Join the candy craze match-3 party and collect all the sweets!Swap, switch and match 3 or more same candy pieces to clear the board and master all the match-3 sweet challenges. Explore hundreds of colorful levels filled with yummy candy, cool bonuses...

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Candy Link Smash by Fun Match 3 GamesCandy Link Smash

Rated 4.38(112) — Fun Match 3 Games

Are you a true candy lover? It’s your lucky day! You have reached the right place. Start your sugary adventure today, download for FREE and play the sweet Candy Link Smash match-3 game! Join the sweet adventure inside the sugary kingdom and enjoy hundreds

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Candy Rush Match by Fun Match 3 GamesCandy Rush Match

Rated 4.50(2) — Fun Match 3 Games

Candy Rush Match is a sweet fun puzzle game set in the luscious kingdom of jelly candy, gummy bears and sour sweets! This addictive board game is completely free and has hundreds of fun levels packed with intriguing puzzles and challenges. Move and match.

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Cookie Maker by Fun Match 3 GamesCookie Maker

Rated 4.65(40) — Fun Match 3 Games

Welcome to the world of sweet candies and yummy treats!Get this super fun app now and SWAP & CRUSH your way through hundreds of delicious levels wrapped with cool surprises and boosts. Cookie Maker is a FREE addictive match-3 game with beautiful graphics.

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Crazy Sweet Match 3 by Fun Match 3 GamesCrazy Sweet Match 3

Rated 4.34(32) — Fun Match 3 Games

Crazy Sweet Match 3 is a fun time killer puzzle game with hundreds of sweet levels, awesome boosts, candies and surprises! Crazy Sweet Match 3 is for everyone to play and enjoy, with hundreds of sweet levels filled with awesome boosters and items!Now...

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Cupcake Candy Island by Fun Match 3 GamesCupcake Candy Island

Rated 4.25(81) — Fun Match 3 Games

Cupcake Candy Island is a fun and exciting match-3 game, taking place in the luscious island of delicious bakery goods. Play today and join the sweet madness. Your goal is to match 3 cupcakes and win levels!There are hundreds of awesome levels to enjoy...

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