Giuseppe DE PASCALI published 4 applications on Google Play, 370 people rated these apps with an average rating of 4.16!

Bill Light by Giuseppe DE PASCALIBill Light

Rated 4.01(143) — Giuseppe DE PASCALI

With "Bill Light" you can control the consumption of electricity. No more bills to be mind-boggling! This app makes it possible to calculate in advance the amount of your bill. Furthermore, by exploiting the camera or the light sensor can also monitor...

Electricity Meter by Giuseppe DE PASCALIElectricity Meter

Rated 3.82(174) — Giuseppe DE PASCALI

If you have had an electricity meter installed in the last few years, or you have installed a solar PV installation, your electricity meter(s) will be electronic with an LED which flashes. The rate of this flashing is proportional to the amount of power..

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Bolletta Gas by Giuseppe DE PASCALIBolletta Gas

Rated 3.82(51) — Giuseppe DE PASCALI

Con 'Bolletta Gas Metano' potete calcolare il costo della vostra bolletta del gas metano in qualsiasi momento, inserendo i valori letti direttamente dal vostro contatore domestico. Tale applicazione fornisce anche una previsione sulla vostra futura bollet

Pendulum by Giuseppe DE PASCALIPendulum

Rated 5.00(2) — Giuseppe DE PASCALI

With this application you can measure the period of the pendulum using the sensors (camera or light sensor) of your smartphone! No more manual stopwatch and so no measurement errors.

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