Gizmomake published 4 applications on Google Play, 2,366 people rated these apps with an average rating of 3.29!

Comebacks! by GizmomakeComebacks!

Rated 3.52(187) — Gizmomake

The ultimate pocket tool for any hostile conversation. Get all kinds of comebacks like Funny, Sarcastic, Mean, and Witty. Man, with this, people won't know what hit them.

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MLG Piano by GizmomakeMLG Piano

Rated 3.36(970) — Gizmomake

A simple Airhorn Piano for all your MLG needs. Play your favorite songs in true MLG style with 3 full octaves to choose from!

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Doorbell Prank by GizmomakeDoorbell Prank

Rated 3.36(1,193) — Gizmomake

The better, and more fun doorbell! Doorbell is certainly one of the best prank apps out there. Trick friends and family into think there's someone at the door. In Doorbell, you get a variety of cool doorbell chimes. There's a fancy one, a scary one...

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School Tone and Bell Prank by GizmomakeSchool Tone and Bell Prank

Rated 2.94(16) — Gizmomake

Use this app to fool others at your school that the bell has rung. You can select whether you want to play a solid tone or a ringing bell, then change the sound with the slider so that the app will play the exact sound of your school bell.

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