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10000 Sudoku by GrupoAlamar10000 Sudoku

Rated 3.74(27) — GrupoAlamar

If you are a fan of sudoku games, you'll love this.There are three levels of difficulty and is incredibly easy to play.Play all the time without getting bored with the ease of thousands of sudokus.Prove yourself in this easy and relaxing solitaire game.Fo

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4 Jewels by GrupoAlamar4 Jewels

Rated 3.82(170) — GrupoAlamar

4 Jewels is a fantastic game where you must get 4 lines or columns matching tiles. No time limit, you can play relaxed, but need to think about the movements or strategy or there will be not space on the board. There are seven different types of jewelry..

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Atlantis Runes by GrupoAlamarAtlantis Runes

Rated 4.36(512) — GrupoAlamar

Your goal is remove all runes from the board. You need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway, but only two matching runes can be removed at a time.They can be removed only if they can be connected by a path through empty spaces which consis

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Aztec Returns by GrupoAlamarAztec Returns

Rated 4.43(689) — GrupoAlamar

Aztec Returns is exactly like Shisen-sho games, but with spectacular graphics based on the ancient Aztec culture. In many places, it is also called "four rivers". The game is based on Japanese tiles, similar to Mahjong tokens, only this time the tokens...

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Blocks by GrupoAlamarBlocks

Rated 5.00(2) — GrupoAlamar

Blocks is an intelligence game, aimed at those people who want to challenge their own mind with incredible puzzles.The earth is abandoned to its luck since in all the bunkers and governmental administrations the nuclear energy has been used in an excessiv

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City of Poker by GrupoAlamarCity of Poker

Rated 3.50(4) — GrupoAlamar

The perfect poker for millions of players is now available on Google Play!Play wherever you want and when you want in the city of betting. Based on the preferred mode of poker in the world. In Poker Texas Holdem you must seek your luck in the poker city..

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Cute Collapse by GrupoAlamarCute Collapse

Rated 3.90(123) — GrupoAlamar

Hello match 3 puzzle players! The Collapse Saga have arrived to Android. Take the bubble exploding experience to the next level with this game. Your goal is to match sets of two or more funny looking bugs of the same color to remove them from the board...

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Digger Kid by GrupoAlamarDigger Kid

Rated 4.00(1) — GrupoAlamar

Digger Kid is a retro game for the 80's fan gamers. If you remember the arcade games of the legendary personal computers, now you can play this classic 8 bit style game without the need for an emulator.Help this boy in this strange fantasy world to get...

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Diner Restaurant (Ad-Free) by GrupoAlamarDiner Restaurant (Ad-Free)

Rated 5.00(1) — GrupoAlamar

Ad-free version of the game Diner Restaurant restaurants. You can serve burgers, sandwiches and food that each customer asks. There will be times when you have to choose you want to do in the morning. You want to start the day cooking or serving? Do...

Diner Restaurant: Summer by GrupoAlamarDiner Restaurant: Summer

Rated 3.76(2,254) — GrupoAlamar

Summer is here! This summer we have brought our fast-food restaurant game to the beach, to be among the palm trees and a lot of sun.Don't miss your moment to choose the ingredients to bring to the boys and girls that are coming.Serve delicious hamburgers.

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2048 Mahjong by GrupoAlamar2048 Mahjong

Rated 3.92(84) — GrupoAlamar

The best and the most addictive 2048 game is here!!A new concept in puzzle games. You must swipe the tiles up, right, down or left. When two tiles with the same pattern touch, they merge into one.When the bigger tile is created, the player wins!With...

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Ancient Mahjong by GrupoAlamarAncient Mahjong

Rated 4.67(3) — GrupoAlamar

Ancient Mahjong is a game you'll love for it's incredible atmosphere. It highlights the shape and softness of the wood tiles, as well as a simple and relaxing music.You bring them in the appeal board game slowly, and you will discover the mental agility..

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Aztec Pyramid Mystery by GrupoAlamarAztec Pyramid Mystery

Rated 4.08(38) — GrupoAlamar

Thousands of years ago, the Aztec civilization concealed an important secret. They kept it hidden in a special place, because it contained the answer to questions that humanity has kept asking itself millennium after millennium. Only the most skilled...

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Baby Bird by GrupoAlamarBaby Bird

Rated 3.25(16) — GrupoAlamar

Bird's mom is out looking for food and the little fowl has fallen from the nest.Help him to perch on the branches for the duration of the fall. alsoyou must be careful with the dangers; you must avoid at all costs. Catch allfruits as possible because...

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Bomb Mania by GrupoAlamarBomb Mania

Rated 4.03(40) — GrupoAlamar

If you're a fan of arcade machines, this is your game. A game full of action, enemies and strategy.Full of dangers and pure adrenaline. Bomb Mania is a classic bomberman game, but highly improved.Tremendous music and great speed of game accompanies each..

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Collapse Jelly by GrupoAlamarCollapse Jelly

Rated 3.50(6) — GrupoAlamar

Your goal is to delete large of blocks of jellies of the same color. Detonate like colored candies to clear the screen. To delete a block of jellies, click on one of the blocks. The more jellies in the block, the more points you will get to reach the...

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Dark Gothic by GrupoAlamarDark Gothic

Rated 3.69(1,541) — GrupoAlamar

If you like the Gothic style and you feel identified with it now you have the opportunity to have fun playing this game to a Gothic girl. Choose from a wide variety of tattoos or piercings. You can also choose multitude of hairstyles in shapes and colors.

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Diner Restaurant by GrupoAlamarDiner Restaurant

Rated 3.97(24,821) — GrupoAlamar

Enjoy with the restaurant game of the year.In Diner Restaurant you can serve your customers the richest burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, chips and any drink they want.Also, at times, you must work at the kitchen and make the burgers as each client likes.As.

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Diner Restaurant 2 by GrupoAlamarDiner Restaurant 2

Rated 3.81(5,026) — GrupoAlamar

Finally, the game is back! The second part of one of the fast-food restaurant games that we've all been waiting for.This time you'll be behind the bar and you'll have to be very adept at picking the ingredients to serve customers in this diner game...

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Dots in a Row by GrupoAlamarDots in a Row

Rated 3.83(48) — GrupoAlamar

This is a game to exercise the brain. You have to get four lines or columns with same color. The only thing that you have to avoid at all costs is that the board is filled with chips, because then the game would end up. Try to also get to reach the highes

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