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Air Safety World by HCILabUdineAir Safety World

Rated 4.57(1,013) — HCILabUdine

From the creators of “Prepare for Impact”, in the context of an international aviation safety project (http://hcilab.uniud.it/aviation/), this first-of-its kind, feature-packed app immerses you in the world of air safety through lots of engaging...

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EmoPaint – Paint your emotions! by HCILabUdineEmoPaint – Paint your emotions!

Rated 5.00(1) — HCILabUdine

The EmoPaint app was created in the context of an international research project, aimed at creating innovative apps for mindfulness, body and emotional awareness.With EmoPaint, you can: • Represent your bodily sensations in a novel way, by painting...

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Learn to Brace by HCILabUdineLearn to Brace

Rated 4.05(1,862) — HCILabUdine

People tend to believe that, in the event of a plane crash, all passengers are going to die. In fact, you can survive the vast majority of aircraft accidents. An important action that every passenger should be familiar with is to assume an appropriate...

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Plane Troubles by HCILabUdinePlane Troubles

Rated 3.48(231) — HCILabUdine

Plane Troubles turns aircraft evacuation into pure entertainment!Unfasten your seat belts and, with a swipe of your finger, manouvre through the plane cabin to reach the safest exit.Become an evacuation master avoiding maddening queues, unruly passengers.

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Cosmic Infinite Relax by HCILabUdineCosmic Infinite Relax

Rated 3.75(8) — HCILabUdine

This app helps you perform a relaxation and mindfulness practice by turning it into an interactive cosmic experience. You focus on a comet in deep space, and you calmly and slowly guide it through a Moebius ring of stardust. As you mindfully move the...

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Help! The Serious Game by HCILabUdineHelp! The Serious Game

Rated 4.13(31) — HCILabUdine

"Help!" Is a 3D serious game designed and developed by the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Udine, Italy, in collaboration with the Regional Council of the Associations of Disabled Persons FVG. The game allows you to test your ability..

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Life Vest App by HCILabUdineLife Vest App

Rated 4.19(913) — HCILabUdine

When a plane needs to perform an emergency water landing (ditching), passengers must be able to quickly wear life vests to survive.The Life Vest app, created by the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Udine, is an interactive game that...

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Prepare for Impact by HCILabUdinePrepare for Impact

Rated 4.35(22,579) — HCILabUdine

This 3D game has been developed in the context of an international, aviation safety research project (http://hcilab.uniud.it/aviation), aimed at exploring possible new approaches to safety education. The game reproduces the experience of real-world aircra

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