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nkt cables’ Solutions by I3Dnkt cables’ Solutions

Rated 3.83(6) — I3D

nkt cables is a global front-line supplier to the energy sector. We develop, manufacture and market high quality cables and solutions to the electrical infrastructure, the construction area, the railway and the automotive industries. We supply creative...

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Żory Asystent Inwestora by I3DŻory Asystent Inwestora

Rated 1.00(1) — I3D

Aplikacja przeznaczona na telefony komórkowe wyposażone w czujnik GPS, pozwalająca na geolokalizację terenów z oferty inwestycyjnej. Application designed for mobile phones with GPS sensor, allowing for geolocation areas of investment offer.

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NKT Product Catalogue by I3DNKT Product Catalogue

Rated 2.00(1) — I3D

Our easy-to-use product app provides quick and efficient access to detailed information about nkt cables’ full range of products on your phone or mobile device, wherever you may be. HOW TO USE THE APP
To find the product you want, simply enter its...

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Żory Mapa Miasta by I3DŻory Mapa Miasta

Rated 2.60(5) — I3D

Aplikacja przeznaczona na urządzenia mobilne, do jej działania wymagana jest mapa zawierająca znaczniki. Application designed for mobile devices, for action is required map containing markers.

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