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AKPower Light by insprinoAKPower Light

Rated 4.48(77) — insprino

Brighten up your way in darkness! Does the Justice and Development Party have a special meaning for you? Then download this app for free and make your way lightening by clicking on the bulb. You can turn on and turn off the flashlight feature and you...

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Count Box by insprinoCount Box

Rated 5.00(3) — insprino

You wanna count things and pack them into a box? You wanna count more things and searching for more boxes?Then you wanna use this app and begin with your counting.Here you can simply start a counting scene. A scene consists of boxes. You just have to...

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Fesbaşıma - Bilgi yarışması by insprinoFesbaşıma - Bilgi yarışması

Rated 4.40(30) — insprino

Fesbaşıma İslam, genel kültür, edebiyat, atasözleri, matematik veya fen ilimleri gibi bir çok alanda zekanı yarıştırabileceğin dereceli bir bilgi yarışmasıdır. Her seansta zamana karşı yarışıp bir dakika içinde 10 soruya cevap vererek...

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Island Defender Lite by insprinoIsland Defender Lite

Rated 3.64(11) — insprino

Protect your island from various incoming ships. Survive until all of them are destroyed. Updgrade your weapons and fight with boss ships. Wave after wave your enemys get stronger and harder to beat.Can you make it? Lets try ! This is a demo to give...

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Open the Box (Unit Converter) by insprinoOpen the Box (Unit Converter)

Rated 5.00(4) — insprino

The Open the box app makes the conversion of various units possible. For this, you must only input a value in the main screen. In addition to this, setting the unit is not necessary. Because you get the possible converts in a list with the auto option...

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SellerPort by insprinoSellerPort

Rated 4.83(6) — insprino

SellerPort ist das Händler-App für Händler in ganz Deutschland. Hierbei können sich Händler ganz schnell und einfach kostenlos registrieren und Ihre Produkte mit Bilder, Produktbeschreibung, Preis usw. für Käufer repräsentieren. SellerPortal...

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Click Note by insprinoClick Note

Rated 5.00(10) — insprino

Click Note is a note application for quickly generating, saving and sharing messages. So you can create commonly used "everyday notes" with only few clicks . The user can choose among lots of templates and themes. In addition to Standard-Notes, you can...

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DONT SMOKE ! Free Game by insprinoDONT SMOKE ! Free Game

Rated 4.20(10) — insprino

DON'T SMOKE! All you have to do is not to smoke. Easy to say, when you play a guy who is continiously smoking!So keep the guy as much as possible alive but keep him away from cigarettes.It will cause a huge smog cloud!!This game is a touch-based game...

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Goldfish Ruuun by insprinoGoldfish Ruuun

Rated 4.00(8) — insprino

Run away from a big hungry shark. While escaping watchout for exploding pufferfishes, rocks falling right to the groundand many more. Control your goldfish by a "hover" like gameplay. How far can you run?However the game is still in progress and this...

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My Qadha for Muslim by insprinoMy Qadha for Muslim

Rated 4.44(259) — insprino

Qadha stands for the prayers which you should but didn't perform. So if you did that for years you have a big amount of Qadha prayers. This app will guide you through your Qadha prayers and hopefully it will be helpfull.Key Features:- Counter for all...

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Save The Plush by insprinoSave The Plush

Rated 4.58(31) — insprino

Doing a small trip in a bus or train? Need a little break time? Or simply want to test your brains reaction time?Then indeed this game is for YOU ! But dont hesitate. Even if you dont belong to the mentioned group you still can have lots of fun with...

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