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/system/app mover ★ ROOT ★ by j4velin/system/app mover ★ ROOT ★

Rated 4.01(8,424) — j4velin

REQUIRES ROOT! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!If you don't know what "root" means, don't install this app!This app moves apps from and to the /system/app folder, making them a system app or a user app. System apps can get more privileges, so some apps get more...

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Delayed Lock by j4velinDelayed Lock

Rated 4.05(2,881) — j4velin

This is a 7 days trial version! License can be bought through an in-app purchase (1.99 EUR / 2.99 USD + tax).Not using any pattern-, PIN- or password lock is a huge security problem, but reentering your PIN code a hundred times a day to unlock your locksc

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Delayed Lock RemoteLock Plugin by j4velin-utilitiesDelayed Lock RemoteLock Plugin

Rated 4.01(236) — j4velin-utilities

This plugin automatically locks your device when receiving a SMS* containing a defined keyword.If you lost your phone, you can prevent others from accessing your private data by simply sending a SMS to your phone.This is just a plugin and requires the...

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Delayed Lock WiFi Plugin by j4velin-utilitiesDelayed Lock WiFi Plugin

Rated 3.89(1,074) — j4velin-utilities

This is just a plugin and requires the 'Delayed Lock' app version 2.0.8 or newer to run!!This is a plugin for Delayed Lock which automatically disables the pattern, PIN or password lockscreen when connected to a specific Wifi network so you don't have...

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Hue Notifier for Philips hue by j4velinHue Notifier for Philips hue

Rated 3.50(2) — j4velin

This app lets your Philips hue lights flash in a predefined color, whenever one of the selected apps posts a new notification.For example, your living room light blinks in red, if you receive a new e-mail and your office light flashes in blue when you...

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Lucid - DayDream Screensaver by j4velinLucid - DayDream Screensaver

Rated 3.82(2,349) — j4velin

On the free version, the modules will stop after 30 mins of continuous usage!Full version is available through an in-app purchase for only 0.99 EUR / 1.49 USDLucid automatically starts when you put your device in the dock or when you charge it. The app...

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Media-Mute by j4velinMedia-Mute

Rated 4.47(259) — j4velin

When enabling the "silent mode" (Android 4.x), the "priority mode" (Android 5.0) or just switching to "vibration mode", apps are still able to play sounds through the "music" audio stream.So music or video apps and games can still play music, even when...

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Pedometer by j4velinPedometer

Rated 4.13(2,630) — j4velin

Lightweight pedometer app using the hardware step-sensor for minimal battery consumption.This app is designed to be running all the time without having any impact on your battery life! It uses the hardware step detection sensor of devices like the Nexus..

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Simple Calendar Widget by j4velinSimple Calendar Widget

Rated 4.22(2,324) — j4velin

Have all your appointsments directly on your home screen!Simple Calendar Widget is a simple but elegant widget which displays upcoming calendar events on your home screen. It is very customizable to perfectly fit your homescreen design.If the widget...

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Vibration Notifier by j4velinVibration Notifier

Rated 4.04(2,471) — j4velin

Maybe you know this situation: Your phones lays on your desk, you're in the kitchen and you get called. You do not hear your ring and when you come back to your desk, you don't notice that you were called because your device has no notification LED or...

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Circles - Wear Watch face by j4velinCircles - Wear Watch face

Rated 4.02(83) — j4velin

The watch face consists of up to 3 circles, each either displaying the current hour, minute, second or battery level. All circles are fully customizable (color, thickness, padding, length, gradient), however customization for the inner circle is limited..

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Delayed Lock Location Plugin by j4velin-utilitiesDelayed Lock Location Plugin

Rated 4.00(244) — j4velin-utilities

Disables or enables the lockscreen based on your current location so you don't have to enter your PIN, password or pattern code while you're at home.You can also specifiy locations where you don't want to delay your lockscreen so the device locks immediat

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Delayed Lock Unlock Key by j4velinDelayed Lock Unlock Key

Rated 4.46(1,288) — j4velin

This app acts like an Unlock Key for version 3.1 and newer of the "Delayed Lock" app.If you are a new user: Please install "Delayed Lock" instead and buy the license through the in-app purchase option: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.j4ve

Fingerprint Encrypter by j4velinFingerprint Encrypter

Rated 4.11(9) — j4velin

Fingerprint Encrypter is a simple, leightweight and open source file encryption app, which uses your fingerprint to access the encryption key on your device.The app stores its cryptographic key locally on your device, protected with your fingerprint...

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Lockscreen Calendar by j4velin-utilitiesLockscreen Calendar

Rated 3.98(673) — j4velin-utilities

You don't want to unlock your device each time to see your upcoming calendar events? Then you should install LockscreenCalendar!This app puts your upcoming appointments directly on your lockscreen! It works on every lockscreen, that normally displays...

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Maps Measure by j4velinMaps Measure

Rated 4.20(8,037) — j4velin

Simple app to measure distances and areas in Google Maps.Just click on the map to add different points - Maps Measure will then calculate the distance, area or elevation* between those points.This app does not calculate a route or something like that...

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Notification Toggle by j4velinNotification Toggle

Rated 4.41(67,846) — j4velin

Notification Toggle creates notifications in the Android status bar to let you quickly switch WiFi, Bluetooth, Silent mode, Screen rotation and Flight mode on and off or to adjust the screen brigthness (and many more...)You can also add shortcut to your..

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RotationLock by j4velinRotationLock

Rated 4.75(4) — j4velin

This app is kind of a lockscreen: It prevents accidental screen touches when the screen is on. It uses the devices rotation sensor to automatically lock or unlock the device: In portrait mode, you can use your device as usual but when tilted for more...

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Simple Search Widget by j4velinSimple Search Widget

Rated 4.07(332) — j4velin

Like the style of the Google search widget on ICS?Then you should try "Simple Search Widget"! It looks like the standard Android 4.0 search widget, but you can change the search provider to any site you want: Wikipedia, Google, Bing, Amazon or anything*..

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Wallpaper Changer by j4velinWallpaper Changer

Rated 4.22(31,183) — j4velin

This app allows you to quickly change your wallpaper with one single click on a widget!Additionally, you can enable a timer to automatically change your wallpaper on a predefined time or when entering a specific location.This app is optimized for battery.

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