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99 to 1 Calculator by JackyAndJustin99 to 1 Calculator

Rated 0.00(0) — JackyAndJustin

99 to 1 Calculator

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Compass by JackyAndJustinCompass

Rated 4.38(24) — JackyAndJustin

• Compass• Latitude and longitude labels• Elevation labels• Level labels• Compact interface• FREECompass,box and needle,Latitude and longitude,Level,FreeEquipment: must have a magnetic sensor, for the correct display, please keep the compass...

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Flashlight - LED Torch Light by JackyAndJustinFlashlight - LED Torch Light

Rated 4.53(95) — JackyAndJustin

Super bright flashlightMobile phone using LED flash, is very useful and simple, the best flashlight applications.FunctionCompass bearing display.The most compact interface, the most rapid use, the use of LED flashlight.Fixed-frequency flash, display...

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Spell Word Game by JackyAndJustinSpell Word Game

Rated 4.20(5) — JackyAndJustin

這是一個豐富的教育遊戲方式,藉由簡單的圖示,找出正確的英文單字,幫助英文單字學習與記憶。 This is a rich educational gameplay, with a simple icon, find the right English words to help the English word learning and memory.

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Unit Converter by JackyAndJustinUnit Converter

Rated 4.47(15) — JackyAndJustin

The Unit Converter turns a smartphone into a universal unit converter.The Unit Converter is a simple way to quickly convert between a variety of units.The Unit Converter have beautiful and simple user interfaceFast and simple conversion of:•length...

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Block Puzzle for Android by JackyAndJustinBlock Puzzle for Android

Rated 4.56(9) — JackyAndJustin

Block puzzle game. Drag block was filled with different shapes to the right place to form a single larger shape.Try to complete fill board.100 Level for game.Time limit 60 seconds.

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Flashlight - LED Flashlight by JackyAndJustinFlashlight - LED Flashlight

Rated 4.53(19) — JackyAndJustin

Super-Bright LED Flashlight - LED Torch LightOriginal design. A brand-new easy-to-use interface. Fast, bright, colorful, beautiful and featuring instant-on startup.It has the standard lowest-permissions-needed and the standard ability to turn on your...

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LedScroller by JackyAndJustinLedScroller

Rated 4.82(11) — JackyAndJustin

This is an useful application Display your input letter like a LED signboard.Led Scroller is a electronic display app in smart phone.Led Scroller has definite interface so that everybody can use easily.You can decorate beautifully your font and size.Also.

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Touch Game by JackyAndJustinTouch Game

Rated 4.50(8) — JackyAndJustin

This is a simple fruit click game, short enough to pass the time.

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