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123s sa Tagalog by Jaxily123s sa Tagalog

Rated 4.05(63) — Jaxily

Help your little one learn to count to 10 with this fun little application.I made this little app to help my little one learn how to count in Tagalog since she is part Filipino. Please try our other applications at arcdroid.com! Thanks and enjoy!

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AirGo by JaxilyAirGo

Rated 4.00(5) — Jaxily

AirGo is a bird bashing, rock flying, jewel crazy action game where you need to get to the nest to be safe. This game is for all ages and has many levels as your skills improve. This is a great game for passing time or testing your gaming skills.

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BlackJack Casino Card Game by JaxilyBlackJack Casino Card Game

Rated 4.16(2,076) — Jaxily

Blackjack is a friendly casino card game that you can try to get the most chips compared to other blackjack players. This Blackjack app is designed for phones and tablets so Enjoy on any device. Enjoy the large playing cards and voice comments as you...

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Bongo Drums by JaxilyBongo Drums

Rated 3.58(69) — Jaxily

Bongo Drums is a great way to play a quick beat on some bongos.

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Burp Burp Burp by JaxilyBurp Burp Burp

Rated 3.80(124) — Jaxily

Burp burp burp is an app which you can quickly fire off as many burps you need as quickly as you want. Keep it simple, keeping it fun!

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Cake Maker Cooking for kids by JaxilyCake Maker Cooking for kids

Rated 3.59(107) — Jaxily

Become a master cake maker. Have your kids creativity take off by making magical Cakes and sharing their creations with friends.Start your cake experience by adding the four main ingredients to the mixing bowl. Then gently stir your ingredients with...

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Cherry Slot Machine by JaxilyCherry Slot Machine

Rated 4.10(1,128) — Jaxily

Casino Cherry Slots If you like slots, well its your lucky day. This is a lucky cherry slot machine which I hope you find very enjoyable. Compete with your friends to see who can win the highest score.

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Cookie Maker Free for Kids by JaxilyCookie Maker Free for Kids

Rated 3.84(61) — Jaxily

Become a master cookie maker. Have your kids creativity take off by making magical cookies and sharing their creations with friends.Start your cookie experience by adding the four main ingredients to the mixing bowl. Then gently stur your ingredients...

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Crazy Eight Slots by JaxilyCrazy Eight Slots

Rated 5.00(4) — Jaxily

This Classical casino slot machine features sounds from the original slot machines and even the real life bounce of the slot machine wheels. Try your luck and see if you can keep the high score. You can post your high score on the leaderboards and directl

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Dice Roller by JaxilyDice Roller

Rated 3.22(118) — Jaxily

Simple dice for playing any type of board or card game. Roll two or one at a time. Includes sound effects and animation. Enjoy! Please email me suggestions at jake@arcdroid.com

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Abc's by JaxilyAbc's

Rated 3.59(75) — Jaxily

ABC's is a great way to help your child learn the alphabet with words and pictures. This is a fun little way for kids to get repetition with letter and pictures that help build relationships for each letter in the alphabet. This is for very young children

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Alienoid by JaxilyAlienoid

Rated 4.36(11) — Jaxily

Stop the alien invasion from attacking the city. The only way to stop them is by firing asteroids with your slingshot. You only have three shots per level to to try to shoot the flying aliens and aliens already on the ground. Some aliens are already...

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Blue Diamond Slot Machine by JaxilyBlue Diamond Slot Machine

Rated 4.07(183) — Jaxily

Blue Diamond Slots is a three line slot machine to test your luck with slot machines. Play against the other high scores to see if you can win the top spot. Best of luck!

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Bubble Pop by JaxilyBubble Pop

Rated 2.90(262) — Jaxily

Easy on the mind or stress relief...yes popping plastic bubbles only virtually on your Android phone.

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Burp Picker by JaxilyBurp Picker

Rated 3.97(92) — Jaxily

Burp Burp and more Burps. Play pranks on your friends and family with tons of burps.

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Casino Sevens & Stripes Slots by JaxilyCasino Sevens & Stripes Slots

Rated 4.25(1,036) — Jaxily

Casino Sevens and Stripes Slots is a classic casino slot machine with improved graphics which are tablet friendly. Challenge other players high scores if you dare.This app is tablet friendly. Please email your phone model and issue if you have any. Thanks

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Compass & GPS by JaxilyCompass & GPS

Rated 3.48(33) — Jaxily

COMPASS & GPS CAN HELP FIND YOUR WAYCompass view with location display can put you in the right direction. It is helpful for camping, boating, hiking, or just learning with your kids. Your location will automatically display your street address, degrees..

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Crazy Chicken Slots by JaxilyCrazy Chicken Slots

Rated 4.19(16) — Jaxily

Lucky slots are here with the Crazy Chicken Casino Slots which is a great game for lucky players and passing time. Try your luck and you will see you are a winner!Crazy Chicken Slots full of luck with this new lucky casino slot machine! This lucky slot...

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Dating Friends and Match Oosap by JaxilyDating Friends and Match Oosap

Rated 3.74(355) — Jaxily

Date and Friend finder by Oosap is a great way to meet and chat with new people all over the world! Find new friends all over the work with search features and even use private messaging for personal notes.

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Double Diamonds by JaxilyDouble Diamonds

Rated 4.78(9) — Jaxily

Slots are a great casino game for all ages. This Double Diamond casino game is easy to play for hours on end. Try to beat other players and see if you can keep the highest score.Enjoy the auto spin feature to easily play with ease. We hope you like the...

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