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AB De Villiers VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95AB De Villiers VIDEOs

Rated 4.77(108) — Jay Dedaniya 95

AB De Villiers is a South African Cricketer. The full name of AB De Villiers is Abraham Benjamin ‘AB’ de Villiers. AB De Villiers is a captain of South African Test and One Day International (ODI) teams. AB De Villiers is very famous all over the...

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Bike Stunt VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Bike Stunt VIDEOs

Rated 3.14(7) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Bike Stunt VIDEOs App is collection of Videos for Bike Stunts, How to do Bike Stunts, Bike Stunt Guidelines, tips and Tricks, Easy Way for Bike Stunts, Custom Street Bike Stunts, Learning How To Wheelie, and all kinds of Street Bike Stunts all over the...

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Chudidar Cutting Stitching App by Jay Dedaniya 95Chudidar Cutting Stitching App

Rated 3.82(154) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Watch Latest HD Video of Chudidar Cutting Stitching in different languages. Chudidar Cutting & Stitching video collection is for all to cut and stitch at home easily. Chudidar Cutting and Stitching HD Video are in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malaya

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Fighting VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Fighting VIDEOs

Rated 3.50(4) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Fighting VIDEOs

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Karate VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Karate VIDEOs

Rated 4.17(72) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Karate VIDEOs is the App with Lots of Karate Exercise with a complete training, Karate Step by Step Tutorials. Karate Videos App also contains all the basic and Advanced Lessons to practice Karate. Here you can see Videos of Workouts for beginners to...

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Kissing VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Kissing VIDEOs

Rated 3.85(53) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Kissing VIDEOs App is useful app from which you can learn How to Kiss First Time, Kiss Learning Tutorial are also available here. We all Know that Kissing is not bad Thing. Kiss is not only between Girl and Boy. Kissing is also Between Father and Daughter

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Magic Tricks VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Magic Tricks VIDEOs

Rated 3.90(209) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Magic Tricks HD video is in different language with props and without props. Magic Tricks videos are by professional that can be done at home easily by all. Best and top magic tricks video for kids, girls, boys, adult, young, etc. which can be done at...

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Navratri Raas Garba VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Navratri Raas Garba VIDEOs

Rated 4.30(23) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Navratri is a Gujarati festival devoted to the Hindu Goddess Durga. Navratri means nava means nine and ratri means nights (nine nights). Navratri is a festival or celebration of 9 days. Garba players or Khelaiya plays raas garba and dandiya for nine...

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Salad Decoration VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Salad Decoration VIDEOs

Rated 4.45(11) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Watch latest and amazing Salad Decoration videos to decorate it for Party, Lunch, Dinner, Wedding, Festival, Birthday Party, Diet, Gym, Cultural Function, Marriage, Engagement, Sagai, Mehndi, Reception, Occasion, Anniversary, School Competition, College..

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Wedding Car Decoration VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Wedding Car Decoration VIDEOs

Rated 4.09(55) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Video collection of Wedding Car Decoration with different items according to theme and colour combination. Learn how to decorate the Wedding Car by yourself at home with all new new ideas and style. Wedding Car Decoration HD Videos to decor the Branded...

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Ayurvedic Gharelu Upchar VIDEO by Jay Dedaniya 95Ayurvedic Gharelu Upchar VIDEO

Rated 4.30(20) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Ayurveda Means Science of Life. Ayurveda is the oldest and the holistic way of curing various kinds of diseases, sickness, Syndromes from the time of Ancients.This Ayurvedic Gharelu Upchar VIDEO application contains several ayurvedic Therapy, Tips, Treatm

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Chalisa Sangrah VIDEOs All God by Jay Dedaniya 95Chalisa Sangrah VIDEOs All God

Rated 4.52(29) — Jay Dedaniya 95

All Hindu Gods and Goddesses Chalisa Sangrah HD Videos collection in all different Indian Languages. Chalisa means 40 Chaupais or Verses. Chalisa Sangrah Videos is a collection of all Bhagwan for the devotees.Hindu God and Godess Full Chalisa Version...

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Exercise for Pregnant Women by Jay Dedaniya 95Exercise for Pregnant Women

Rated 4.33(3) — Jay Dedaniya 95

You may be happy as well as excited to find out that you're pregnant. It’s good news for every Women and Her Family Members, Husband etc. And you may be litter nervous about how to care for your upcoming Baby or Fetus Growing in your Womb. Exercise...

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Head Massage Therapy VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Head Massage Therapy VIDEOs

Rated 4.13(8) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Head Massage Therapy video collection is of different method and techniques. Head Massage for Small Kids, Girls, Boys, Men, Women, Ladies, Senior Citizen, Gents etc. Head Massage is the best Therapy to get relax and refreshment.Watch latest and new video.

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Kids Nursery Rhymes VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Kids Nursery Rhymes VIDEOs

Rated 4.24(125) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Kids Nursery Rhymes Videos App Is Collection Of classics, designed especially for toddlers, preschoolers and kids of all ages, Kids Nurshery Poem, Rhymes Videos. Nursery Rhymes Video & Lyrics Is A Best Companion For Kids Of Any Age. This App Have The...

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Ladies Hair Cutting VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Ladies Hair Cutting VIDEOs

Rated 3.87(169) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Hair Cutting video is of different style and fashion for girls, ladies, Girls and Babies. Different types of hair cutting for Short Hair, Long Hair, Thin Hair, Thick Hair etc. Hair Cutting Video collection is of all types of hair cut.Different haircut...

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Morning Workout Exercise WOMEN by Jay Dedaniya 95Morning Workout Exercise WOMEN

Rated 3.45(11) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Do you really want to get strong body with good Health and Fitness? This is best app for body building, to make strong Muscles, Smart Powerful Body. Morning Workout Exercise WOMEN app is very useful for Ladies, Girls for Exercise and workouts. Download...

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Prank Videos Funny & Viral by Jay Dedaniya 95Prank Videos Funny & Viral

Rated 3.50(12) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Prank Videos Funny & Viral app is The Best And The Biggest Collection Of Fun And Short Videos That You Can Enjoy On Your Android Phone. You will find all kind of free funny videos for Whatsapp to share spicy humour videos, funny babies, pranks, jokes...

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Skatting VIDEOs by Jay Dedaniya 95Skatting VIDEOs

Rated 3.80(20) — Jay Dedaniya 95

Skating Videos is set of different Moves, Stunts, Tricks, Method to learn how to ride Skating. Skating Videos for Kids, Boys, Girls, Baby, Ladies, Children, Women and Men. Watch Skating Videos and learn in simple and easy step by following instruction.The

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