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Sarkandaugavas kods by JBIBSarkandaugavas kods

Rated 4.60(5) — JBIB

Apkaimes reinkarnācijas tunelis „SARKANDAUGAVAS KODS” ir jauna radošā kvartāla veidošanas svētki. Aplikācija ietilpst maršruts, saraksts un vizualizāciju apraksts.Sarkandaugava ir Rīgas urbānās un industriālās kultūras dzimtene. Tunelis...

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UniCon 2015 by JBIBUniCon 2015

Rated 5.00(6) — JBIB

Dear friend, welcome to UniCon 2015 - the biggest multigene convention in the Baltic states and the event which unites most notable geek and popular culture phenomena! UniCon is the place where fans of comics, anime, books, movies, cosplay, crafting...

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WinterCon by JBIBWinterCon

Rated 4.88(8) — JBIB

WinterCon is a cosplay fair in the end of the year in Riga. It is a small celebration for geeks and all the people who are interested in various ways of modern entertainment.

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UniCon 2013 by JBIBUniCon 2013

Rated 4.23(31) — JBIB

UniCon is a two-day festival which encompasses all kinds of modern cultural phenomena and hobbies. The goal of this event is to show the visitors and the entire society that every hobby has a wide range of fans, to introduce these people to each other...

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UniCon 2016 by JBIBUniCon 2016

Rated 4.62(13) — JBIB

Greetings! We are delighted to welcome you at UniCon 2016 – the biggest multigenere convention in the Baltic States! UniCon is an event which unites- the most notable geek and related popular culture and technological phenomena!This is the fourth time...

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